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Fiona O’Connell


2020 May 12th

You always hear: The website has to be fast or you need fast web hosting. So it's only natural to look for the fastest web hosting there is. And I agree - if you can get fast why settle for average?

If hosting is slow, there's nothing much to do to make your site fast. If it's down - so is the website.

Fastest Web Hosting

You get the point - web hosting is what makes your site work and it better be good. Not just in terms of speed but also uptime, features, and pricing.

HINT: fast web hosting is not always the most expensive one.

With this in mind, I tested and monitored a bunch of providers promising to deliver fast speeds. So according to the server speed results, I've combined a list of the 6 fastest web hosting providers.

But how fast the hosting actually has to be? Before we look into the providers, let's see what Google has to say.

How Fast Does Your Hosting Have to Be?

Google has a saying in how fast websites should load. After all, it can push your pages up and down the search results making you gain and lose traffic and hence - the conversions. And the speed of your site highly depends on hosting.

To make it easier to understand how fast your site has to be, Google has released some information on how it evaluates all websites.

In short, it comes down to this:

Your website should display the first bits of content in less that 1 second to be ranked fast by Google.

Imagine if the response time of the server (time which takes the server to react to the browser's request to open a page) is well over 1s. You would immediately fail this test. So it illustrates why the host's speed is so important.

In this table, FCP or the First Contentful Paint shows exactly that. It is a metric that measures the time which takes the browser to render the first bit of content. It's the point of time when the visitor first sees that the site is actually loading and important UX metrics.

Google PageSpeed Recomendations

Achieving 1 second response time is not at all difficult for the providers. But don't forget that the website has to actually load a little to display the first bits of content. This where the importance of fast server hosting becomes obvious. The faster the server reacts, the bigger the gap it leaves for the loading of the site.

Most of the professionals agree that 200ms is the benchmark for the server response time.

There is some sad news, however. Most of the hosting providers fail this immediately because the average server response time in the industry is well over 500ms.

Fortunately, it's possible to find quite a few hosts that can make your site smooth and fast.

With all the benchmarks in mind, I've selected only those providers that scored no more than just a tiny bit over 200ms.

The Fastest Web Hosting Providers

Only the fastest, most reliable, and best value offering providers reached the list. Here are the top 6 fastest web hosting providers:

1. Bluehost - Fast, Easy, and Secure Hosting

Response time
Price from
Fastest Web Hosting: Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost claims to make hosting fast, easy, and secure. The provider mostly focuses on WordPress users, but as I found out - it's a great all-around platform.

It is obvious - Bluehost delivers exactly what it promises and that's why tops this list.

Bluehost's average response time is 148ms - 2 times faster than my benchmark and more than 50ms faster than Google's recommendation. The provider offers truly the fastest web hosting, and it is also reliable.

Fastest Web Hosting: Bluehost Performance

The uptime of Bluehost has remained at a 100% mark with no downtime recorded. However, there's one drawback - the provider does not have an official uptime guarantee. While it's a trust concern, the results speak for themselves - Bluehost is very reliable.

Is it possible to afford such a performance?

Bluehost Pricing and Features

Bluehost pricing is surprisingly affordable. It has 4 shared hosting plans - the cheapest starts at $2.95/mo while the most expensive one is $13.95/mo.

Each of the plans includes unmetered bandwidth, custom domain names, and SSL certificates - the web hosting essentials. The disk space limitations are pretty generous too. The cheapest plan is equipped with 50GB of storage space while the rest of the plans are completely unmetered.

Users also can manage the hosting through the intuitive custom control panel which has cPanel integrated. 24/7 customer support is available via phone, email, and live chat.

There are also features that can make Bluehost even faster.

  • Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be activated on any of the plans. It's a great feature for sites with international users - the servers scattered across the globe can all load the website. The closest one to the visitor steps in and does the job. This way page speed is improved as latency decreases. 
  • WordPress users are in for a treat. Bluehost shared hosting platform is optimized for WordPress. So the CMS users will experience much better performance than using any regular provider.
  • The most expensive plan users are hosted on low-density servers. They get much more resources resulting in better performance.

Bluehost definitely offers great value for money. It is the fastest shared hosting provider you can get for a very affordable price.

Bluehost promises speed and definitely delivers. The provider averages well below 200ms response time. Cheap pricing also ensures anyone can afford such a performance and intuitive platform.


  • Fast server hosting
  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive management platform


  • No uptime guarantee

Visit Bluehost

2. HostGator - Fast Server Hosting for Beginners

Response time
Price from
HostGator homepage

HostGator is the best fast web hosting option for beginner users. Starting with intuitive account controls and finishing with tons of tutorials - it's armed to the teeth. And I haven't even mentioned the 24/7 customer support that's available via live chat, phone, and email in multiple languages.

The performance, of course, is awesome as well.

During the tested, I recorded 257ms response time which remained very stable. Of course, this does not comply with Google's recommendation - but just by a fraction. It is better than most of the industry by more than two times and that's why HostGator makes it to this list.

Fastest Web Hosting: HostGator Performance

The uptime remained flawless. Even though the provider has a regular 99.9% uptime guarantee, it's managed to remain up for the whole time scoring 100%.

Users should also find the pricing and features of a good value.

HostGator Pricing and Features

HostGator has 3 shared hosting plans - Hatchling for $2.75/mo, Baby for $3.95/mo, and Business for $5.95/mo. All of them include unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as free domain names and SSL certificates. Baby and Business plans also can host unlimited sites.

That's quite a lot of features and a generous data allowance for a rather affordable price.

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The features are not over yet too:

  • cPanel is a premium control panel well-liked by professionals for functionality and user-friendliness for beginners.
  • One-click installs will make the setup process much easier. There are over 75 scripts including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.
  • HostGator also has a premium drag-and-drop website builder that's included with all of the plans. If you have no time to master WordPress and web development - it's a great alternative.

All these features are just excellent for beginners but also useful for professionals. They make the whole website setup and development process faster and easier.

HostGator provides some of the fastest web hosting services for an affordable price. It focuses on beginner users and provides them with tons of valuable features for an affordable price.


  • Beginner-friendly hosting
  • Reliable server performance


  • Does not include speed-boosting features

Visit HostGator

3. InterServer - Fast Hosting With Tons of Premium Features

Response time
Price from
Interserver homepage

InterServer really tries hard to be the fastest hosting company - low-density servers, Cloudflare CDN, LiteSpeed, and much more features are included.

So topping this list, it seems that the company does succeed.

Interserver's average response time is barely 200ms and very stable. The maximum does not reach 250ms while the minimum is as low as 174ms.

Fastest Web Hosting: InterServer Performance

However, the uptime of the provider is not as reliable. It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is a standard. And it does perform even better than that scoring a 99.96% uptime rate. However, the 1 downtime of 22 minutes would have me concerned and spamming the customer support tickets.

Still, many providers are much much worse ant it seems that this kind of downtime is just a one-timer.

Let's continue to the costs and features.

InterServer Pricing and Features

InterServer has only one plan and in no way that's a downside. The base price is $5/mo and it includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, SSL certificate and a whole bunch of premium features.

The price can go up to 20% lower if you choose the 3-year pre-pay plan. And it will renew at the same rate - no exaggerated pricing increases the hosting industry is so infamous for.

So what exactly is included to boost the speed and ensure security?

  • 50% server capacity is meant to give users as much server resources as possible without overcrowding them and maintaining optimal performance.
  • Global content caching makes the website load faster for returning visitors. The contents of a website are cached in the visitor's browser and are loaded from there. This way, there's no need for the full set of data to travel to the browser.
  • Cloudflare CDN is by far the best feature if the website receives traffic from different locations. The server closest to the visitor can then load the website and so increase the speed.
  • InterShield security is a set of InterServer's created security tools - DDoS protection, firewall, antivirus, and malware database.
  • Inter-Insurance works to get hacked or compromised sites back online. InterServer investigates the issue, restores the site, and works to prevent such issues from happening again.

That is a lot of features. While the price is not the lowest, it is still quite affordable - considering great performance and tons of features that are included.

InterServer is a transparent hosting company offering fast web hosting and the highest security measures there are. It's a great long-term option both for beginners and small business owners that need a professional service to get online.


  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Tons of premium features
  • Strong security measures


  • Lacks flexibility in terms of resources

Visit InterServer

4. Liquid Web - Premium Cloud VPS Hosting

Response time
Price from
Fastest Web Hosting: Liquid Web VPS Landing Page

Liquid Web is a premium hosting option providing the fastest cloud hosting. Its cloud VPS packages are packed with features to ensure speed, stability, and security.

Dedicated 24/7 customer support, cPanel Pro, and 100% uptime SLA are just a few.

But as you may have already guessed, it's one of the more expensive options. Because Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting, cloud VPS becomes the cheapest service available.

While the price might be a drawback, the performance isn't.

Liquid Web averages at 151ms response time - basically the same as Bluehost. Just with much more resources you are allowed to use.

Fastest Web Hosting: Liquid Web Performance

The uptime, just like the 100% SLA suggests is no issue for Liquid Web too. During the full month of monitoring, it hasn't gone down for a minute. If you checked live monitoring results in the host's introductory table, you would be able to see the current result.

Finally, how much do the performance and all the features cost?

Liquid Web Pricing and Features

Liquid Web has 4 cloud VPS hosting options for the US locations ranging from $29 to $129 per month.

The $59/mo option includes 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 2 CPUs, and 10TB of bandwidth. With the most expensive plan, it's possible to upgrade up to 16GB RAM, 200GB SSD, and 8 CPUs.

By the way, if you're interested in WordPress hosting, Liquid Web has optimized servers for it as well starting at the same $19/mo. And if you need fast Windows hosting, the plans start at $59/mo.

The feature list, just like the number of resources, is also impressive:

  • Cloud VPS infrastructure is much faster than a shared hosting infrastructure because it allocates a dedicated amount of resources for each user. It's possible to scale any time to ensure optimal performance even with increased traffic and site weight.
  • Cloudflare CDN decreases latency that's caused by server location being far away from visitors. It's a network of servers that each can load the site.
  • Load balancer, just as the name suggests, balances the traffic load evenly so the website can function smoothly should there be any spikes.
  • Dedicated IP can work to increase the level of security both for the website and FTP file transfer.
  • Server Secure protection, firewall, and DDoS protection all work to ensure your site is not hacked, broken, infected, and there are no data breaches.

The best part about all these is that Liquid Web always works to ensure the best quality. Everything you may use will work for the benefit of the website.

Although more expensive, Liquid Web is a provider offering the fastest web hosting service. It's cloud VPS plans are packed with features, highly secure, and well supported. Liquid Web is probably the best business and enterprise provider there is.


  • Premium quality hosting features
  • Fastest cloud hosting
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Expensive pricing

Visit Liquid Web

5. Hostinger - Budget-Friendly Hosting Provider

Response time
Price from
Hostinger fast hosting

When it comes to fast and affordable web hosting, Hostinger tops all the lists. It's one of the cheapest providers you can find offering high-quality and performance services both for beginners and pros.

Hostinger includes an intuitive control panel, 24/7 customer support, and a secure hosting environment. Not to mention top-level performance.

The provider averages at 239ms response time which is very stable - the maximum does not reach 300ms while the minimum is in the 200ms range.

Fastest Web Hosting: Hostinger Performance

Hostinger also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The good part is - the host does outperform it. Throughout the month of testing, there have only been 2 downtimes resulting in 2 minutes of outages. The uptime rate evened out at 100%. 

Overall, the performance is great. So how about that affordable pricing?

Hostinger Pricing and Features

Hostinger pricing starts at $0.99 which can even be reduced to $0.99/mo if you enter the HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code. That's by far the cheapest provider that offers such fast server hosting performance.

The plan includes 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth. There are 2 other plans to scale. Both of them include unlimited bandwidth. The Premium plan for $2.89/mo also has a 20GB disk space limit while The Business option for $3.99/mo includes 30GB of disk space.

Unfortunately, Hostinger's cheapest option is not the best equipped - it includes either SSL or a domain name for free depending on the offer which is available at the checkout. Other plans will include both a free domain and SSL.

One of the best features Hosting is able to offer in terms of performance is server location choice. It has 7 data centers worldwide - the US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, and Indonesia.

This way is possible to choose the server to be placed closest to the target audience. It will significantly reduce page loading times resulting in better user experience. It's also rare to see the providers placing the servers in South America - definitely a pro for Hostinger.

So pricing is definitely the cheapest possible. And for that, the provider includes all the essentials as well as premium server location choices.

Hostinger is the fastest web hosting provider you can get for a price like this. It also includes a great control panel, brilliant customer support, and a huge server location choice.


  • Incredibly cheap pricing
  • Great server performance
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Does not include a lot of features

Visit Hostinger

6. DreamHost - Reliable Hosting For WordPress

Response time
Price from
Fastest Web Hosting: DreamHost Homepage

DreamHost promises speed, security, and reliability. From what I can say, that's exactly what it achieves and some more.

The provider has a 100% uptime guarantee. Also, DreamHost includes a bunch of premiums and essentials - domain name + WHOIS privacy protection, unlimited bandwidth, optimizations for WordPress and more.

With all the above included, the performance is also top-notch. Through the whole testing period, DreamHost's performance remained very reliable and averaged at 251ms response time. 

Fastest Web Hosting: DreamHost Performance

Unfortunately, DreamHost did not achieve 100% uptime as promised. The tracker recorded 1 downtime that lasted for 7 minutes - it resulted in a 99.97% uptime rate which is still a great result.

It is worth mentioning, in DreamHost's defense, that scheduled downtimes do happen and there's no way to avoid them.

So all in all, the performance is great. Combined with other features the provider offers for a rather affordable price, it's a great value.

DreamHost Pricing and Features

DreamHost only has 2 shared hosting plans priced at $2.59/mo and $5.95/mo. The cheaper, Shared Starter option includes 50GB of disk space, hosting for 1 site, and 5 subdomains. The Shared Unlimited plan includes unmetered disk space and hosting for unlimited sites.

Both of the plans are equipped with unmetered bandwidth, free domains, domain privacy, and SSL certificates. 

DreamHost is also pretty rich in other features too:

  • WordPress-optimized - DreamHost plans are optimized for the CMS (it's actually one of the 3 hosts endorsed by WP). That comes with instant setup, drag-and-drop builder for WP built-in, automatic updates and more. You'll also notice the increase in performance using WordPress.
  • Daily backups included for free ensure the protection of your site. A snapshot of a functioning website is taken daily so if anything happens, it's possible to restore the website back to its functioning version.

The provider is best for WordPress although it can be used with any CMS you want. And the value for the price is one of the best you can get.

DreamHost is a very fast host that aims to ensure 100% reliability that every website needs. With speed optimizations, great privacy and security features, it's one of the best hosts for business.


  • Great feature value
  • WordPress optimization
  • 100% uptime guarantee


  • No speed-boosting features

Visit DreamHost

Which Company Provides the Fastest Web Hosting?

Hosting speed is some of the most important factors when choosing a provider. But it is not the only one. That's why all of my chosen providers are not simply the fastest web hosts but also reliable, easy to use, and well equipped.

  • Bluehost tops the list for the fastest web hosting and a bunch of other valuable features that are included.
  • HostGator is by far the most friendly fast hosting company with tons of user-friendly features, guides, and customer support.
  • InterServer is one of the best long-term options with its transparent pricing, an abundance of resources, and amazing security features.
  • Liquid Web is the fastest cloud hosting provider offering high-end hosting for business users, professionals, and enterprises.
  • Hostinger is the cheapest fast host on the list - for a budget-friendly price it offers great performance and easy to use platform.
  • DreamHost focuses on reliability and fast server hosting - it optimizes servers for WordPress and includes premium features too.

Which provider matches your speedy hosting needs? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section down below!

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