Top 7 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers In The Market


Bart Keating


2019 December 12th

This article will review the fastest WordPress hosting providers, their features and help you choose the right hosting company to build a fast WordPress website. 

Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

No matter what website you have in mind - be it a WordPress blog, an ecommerce store or a business site - speed is always important.

Slow-loading websites were always annoying. Nobody likes to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load. And that's completely normal because a good user experience is the main thing that makes us come back to a website.

There are tons of advice on how to speed up your WordPress website on the internet, but the main reason why a website can be slow is its hosting provider. And believe me, while I was testing different WordPress hosting providers I noticed massive differences in speed.

Problem is that there is such a variety of "fast" WordPress hosting providers that it can be confusing to find a good one. So how to make the right choice?

Well, there are some important features to look at when choosing a good and also speedy WordPress hosting provider: uptime, response time, reliable support, performance, etc. 

To make things easier for you, I tested a bunch of WordPress hosting providers and chose the ones that met all the requirements to be considered as fast hosting options.

Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

Here are the fastest WordPress hosting providers that I tested out and personally recommend:

1.Bluehost - beginner-friendly WordPress hosting provider
2.HostGator - fast and secure WordPress hosting service
3.Hostinger - cheap and super-fast WordPress hosting solution
4.WP Engine - fast WordPress hosting provider for medium to large businesses
5.DreamHost - speedy and stable hosting company for WordPress
6.Kinsta - fast managed WordPress hosting company
7.A2 Hosting - feature-rich and speedy WordPress hosting service

1. Bluehost - Easy to Use Hosting Provider

Response time
Price from
best web hosting - screenshot of Bluehost homepage

Bluehost should be your first pick on a list for hosting providers if you want to host a fast WordPress website that is easy to handle. It has servers optimized for WordPress, trained support, impressive performance and is beginner-friendly.

After all, Bluehost is promoted by itself.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost is an affordable provider. Even with the cheapest plan that starts at $2.95/month, you get a free domain name, SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth.

If you choose a plan for $5.45/month, you'll additionally be offered unmetered SSD storage, unlimited domains, and websites. 

Bluehost is Beginner-Friendly

Bluehost has a lot of features that make it easy-to-use fast hosting provider. Such features as preinstalled WordPress, automatic updates, tutorials in the dashboard, and well-trained support. 

Bluehost automatically installs the latest WordPress version after you are done with signing up. This hosting provider also will automatically update WordPress each time, so you don't have to worry about your WP being outdated.

Moreover, Bluehost has a friendly dashboard, where you can do step after step tutorials to manage and create a website. It helps you write your first blog, introduces search optimization (SEO) tools and how to use them wisely.

Bluehost Dashboard Checklist Tutorials

Even if you run into any issues - they can be resolved fast by Bluehost support that is available via phone or chat 24/7.

So Bluehost is a nice choice if you wish to build a fast website because of its fast-responding support, automatic updates, and easy to use dashboard that guides you through the process of creating your site.

Bluehost Performance

Bluehost is known for having fast and reliable servers. Since they are optimized for WordPress that means your website will load even faster. A website that I tested had 254ms response time on average, while anything under 500ms is a great result. These numbers speak for themselves.
Bluehost performance over a week

What's crazy that over a whole week my WordPress website did not experience any downtime. I believe we can agree that Bluehost really shines in the performance department as well.

Overall, Bluehost is a great choice for a fast WordPress hosting provider because it's easy to use and navigate, has great support, outstanding performance and is quite affordable.

Visit Bluehost

2. HostGator - Secure and Fast Performance

Response time
Price from
HostGator Homepage

If you're looking for an all-inclusive fast WordPress hosting provider - HostGator is a good pick. It has more than just hosting, there's a website builder and domain registrar offered as well. Not only it is easy to use it's also quite cheap and performs well. 

HostGator Pricing

For WordPress oriented plans, the cheapest "Starter" plan is $5.95/mo. There's also the "Standard" plan that costs $7.95/mo and the priciest one is the "Business" plan that comes for a $9.95/mo.

All three of those plans have free SSL certificate, free domain and unmetered disk storage. Also, you get unlimited email addresses in all of your plans.

So HostGator offers great performance for quite a small price. This provider includes a lot of free stuff and unmetered disk storage is a great thing to have while hosting a WordPress website.

Website Essentials

HostGator offers a free package of website essentials that help your website to stay not only fast, but safe as well. It includes CodeGuard, SiteLock, and SSL Certificate. There's also Domain Privacy that can be purchased separately after checking out.

HostGator Website Essentials

CodeGuard is responsible for automatic daily backups, so your website is prevented from losing its data. In case of any virtual attack - you're safe because a backup is already done and CodeGuard will be able to restore a website to what it was before the issue.

SiteLock is a service that scans your website daily to identify threats and protect a site from viruses, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and email blacklisting. So you and your visitor will know when a website is dangerous to visit.

SSL Certificate is a security protocol that secures a safe connection between a website and a server. It also makes sure that transactions that are happening on your website are safe and you can accept user's payments.

All in all, HostGator allows you to have not only fast but secure performance as well. You are being prevented from virtual attacks, that can slow you down or even shut down the website.

HostGator Performance

HostGator uses cloud hosting for their WordPress hosting plans. That is one of the reasons why this provider has great uptime and response times.

During a week of testing my website had an average of 386ms response time, which is still great because it's less than 500ms that is considered an average for a fast website.

HostGator Performance over a week

I believe, that thanks to cloud hosting that they use my website didn't suffer any downtime throughout a whole week.

This hosting provider offers features that secure your website. Also, it is quite affordable and performs decently. HostGator uses cloud servers for their hosting services which makes them deliver fast and stable performance.

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3. Hostinger - Super Fast WordPress Experience

Response time
Price from
Hostinger Homepage

Hostinger is a hosting provider that is affordable and has fast WordPress performance. It has the best quality-price ratio in the market today. This hosting company promises 99.99% uptime and reliable customer support as well.

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger's offers are so tempting it's hard to say no to it. Pricing starts at $0.80/mo with Single WordPress Hosting plan. There's also the Premium plan that costs $2.15/mo and the Business plan for $3.45/mo. 

What's in there for you? Well, Hostinger's Premium plan offers 2 times faster WordPress optimized servers' and the Business plan provides 4 times faster performance for WordPress servers.

Also, all three of those plans include a free SSL certificate, powerful control panel, user-friendly access manager.

So you can notice how Hostinger's plans promise faster WordPress website performance with each upgrade.

Custom Control Panel

If you're not a beginner in working with hosting and its services you should have heard about cPanel. Basically, Hostinger developed its own cPanel, redesigned, and named it hPanel.

For some it may be a pro, for some it may be a con because hPanel is a bit different from cPanel. All comes down to your preference.

Hostinger hPanel screenshot

Also, hPanel was developed so it would be more comfortable to use and easier to read. Icons in hPanel are bigger, some unnecessary features were taken out. It's simple to read and fast to navigate panel that helps you to be faster not only in loading speed but in creating and developing your website as well.

Hostinger Performance

Hostinger promises good performance and keeps its promise. You can see that throughout a whole week of monitoring my website I had an average of 253ms response time. Response time had a few spikes but mostly stayed stable.

Hosting Performance over a week

My website's uptime was 99.99% just like Hostinger claims. There was only one minute of micro downtime throughout the week, so it shouldn't even bother the website's performance at all. Mostly, because micro downtimes tend to happen with other hosting providers as well and they aren't a crucial issue.

All in all, Hostinger is a fast and cheap solution for a WordPress website. It has its own custom panel redeveloped, decent performance and affordable plans. All these features can easily label Hostinger as a fast WordPress hosting provider.

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4. WP Engine - WordPress Experts Hosting Your Business Website

Response time
Price from
WP Engine Homescreen

WP Engine is a specialized WordPress hosting provider, which offers fast and advanced server solutions for businesses. It's a fast WordPress hosting company that is more suitable for medium and large businesses than personal projects. WP Engine is a great choice if you want to be supported by WordPress experts themselves.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine plans start at $29.17/month for the Startup plan and reach $241.67/month with the Scale plan. However, if you own a huge online business that needs more resources, you'll be able to negotiate a price that fits you using a Custom plan.

All of the plans include Global CDN boosters, SSL security35+ premium themes, and 24/7 chat support.

At first glance, WP Engine might look pricy, but consider the fact that they're aiming for bigger websites. Such webpages generate a lot of traffic and are more business-based so it requires more resources. And that's exactly what WP Engine offers.

Professional WordPress Oriented Hosting

Since WP Engine is a hosting provider that supports WordPress only it has its managed servers for WordPress. That means everything will be set up for you already. Technical issues shouldn't be a problem.

Even if you bump into some technical difficulties you always have well-trained WordPress oriented support that will answer your questions via chat or phone 24/7.

WP Engine also offers lightweight themes for your WordPress website. Using lightweight themes is a smart way to make your website faster since they are easier to load.

WP Engine Themes

Managed WordPress hosting and easy to load themes are a good combination to have a fast and stress-free WordPress hosting experience.

WP Engine Performance

WP Engine claims to be experts at managing WordPress servers and that really shows. They also offer a global CDN that helps your website to stay alive.

Over a week of testing and monitoring my website had an average response time of 259ms, which is a good result.

WP Engine Performance Over a Week

Also, my website didn't suffer any downtime for a week.

While monitoring a website Global CDN was on. It creates a network of servers around the globe and delivers the static content from the closest server to the user's location.

CDN will ensure you have 100% uptime switching from one server to another if one server accidentally goes down. And, as you can see, the CDN works quite well.

All in all, WP Engine might be quite a pricy yet professional choice for a WordPress website. It has WordPress oriented team that can help you build a fast business website. Remember, that this provider is better for medium and large projects more than small blogs or portfolios.

Visit WP Engine

5. DreamHost - Stable Managed WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
Best Web Hosting for Small Business - DreamHost Homepage

DreamHost is a hosting provider that offers a fast, stable and affordable WordPress hosting experience. It has one-click WordPress install, CDN, layers of caching, SSD storage and WordPress guides that result in fast website performance.

DreamHost is also known for being a really stable and feature-rich hosting provider.

DreamHost Pricing

Dreamhost offers 5 WordPress hosting centered plans - 2 of them are based on shared hosting and the other 3 are using high-performance cloud servers.

Shared hosting plans start at $2.59/mo with the "Shared Starter" plan. There's also a "Shared Unlimited" plan which costs $4.59/mo. Both of these plans are good for fast WordPress hosting since they use SSD storage. They also include free SSL certificate, have unlimited traffic and offer domain privacy for free.

Both of these shared hosting plans are a good choice if you're wondering about a small to medium size website, where you won't experience intense traffic.

However, if you're thinking about an enterprise-level website or an ecommerce store, then I would recommend checking out their cloud hosting plans that start from $16.95/mo since they're more WordPress oriented.

DreamHost's Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamHost has one of the fastest WordPress hosting solutions and that would be their managed WordPress cloud hosting.

DreamHost's managed WordPress hosting plans offer a lot of features that optimize a website. Those features deliver a stress-free hosting experience. Dreamhost's team takes care of everything - from migrating your website (if you already have one) to automatically updating your WordPress and optimizing their servers for the best possible performance.

DreamHost Managed WordPress Hosting

They also have built-in caching that speeds up a website's loading speed while memorizing static files of that website and loading them faster next time that your users visit.

Another cool feature that DreamHost offers with their managed WordPress hosting is their 1-click staging. It's an efficient tool that you can use to try out plugins or new features on your website's copy while not slowing down your original website on live.

All in all, all features offered in managed WordPress hosting plans are worth the price and can be a key to a fast and stable WordPress website.

DreamHost Performance

I was testing my DreamHost WordPress website for a week. The average response time was 419ms, which still is better than 550ms - the internet's average. 

Dreamhost performance over a week

DreamHost kept its promise about being a stable hosting provider with 100% uptime and that shows in a graph above as well. My website didn't suffer any downtime throughout the whole week.

An extra thing to mention: this test was done on shared WordPress hosting plans, WordPress managed hosting plans should perform even better than this.

Overall, DreamHost is a stable hosting provider that excels in managed WordPress hosting. It's a feature-rich, fast, WordPress oriented hosting provider that keeps its promises and delivers pleasant performance.

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6. Kinsta - Advanced Managed WordPress Hosting

Response time
Price from
kinsta homepage

Kinsta is a hosting provider that specializes in managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta works with Google Cloud Platform data centers, so its main goal is to deliver fast performance. This hosting provider also offers easy to use interface and 24/7 WordPress oriented support.

This hosting provider is on a pricier side, but that's because it mainly focuses on enterprise-level hosting.

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta offers a variety of plans and they start at $30/mo and can go up to as pricy as $1500/mo. The main differences between plans are how much resources are provided for your hosting needs.

All of Kinsta's plans include a possibility to choose their data center's location, highly secure network, daily backups, a staging area, and powerful administration.

Kinsta also offers free migration from other hosting providers if you already have a website somewhere and want to host with Kinsta instead.

You can also get 2 free months of hosting if you choose to pay for your plan annually and not monthly.

Informative Management Dashboard

Kinsta offers simplified site management where you can access and analyze nearly anything on your website. It's a feature-rich dashboard with loads of information and tools that helps you observe the website's progress and tinker its settings.

You can easily create a staging website, where you can try out plugins without slowing down your original website. When the staging website is finished in developing, you can just push all the changes to live with one click.

Kinsta Dashboard

MyKinsta Analytics page also provides access to clear metrics regarding your website. There is the Performance Monitoring section that puts your response times in a graph. It also shows you what error codes your users get if something wrong happens to your website.

All in all, Kinsta's dashboard gives you the possibility to track your website's performance in-depth. Using this information wisely is a big step towards having a fast WordPress website.

Kinsta Performance

I was monitoring my website for a week and the average response time was 148ms which is great because not only it's less than average 500ms it is also less than 200ms that is considered a fast website by Google standards.

Kinsta performance over a week

What surprised me that such a speedy performance was followed by a 100% uptime as well.

Considering that Kinsta offers quite expensive plans it's nice to see that it delivers its promise to stay fast and perform well.

In conclusion, Kinsta is a quite expensive hosting provider that has a very informative and easy to use dashboard. Using information from your website's metrics can give you a massive boost in performance.

Visit Kinsta

7. A2 Hosting - Fast and Reliable

Response time
Price from
Best WordPress Hosting: A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Landing Page

If you're looking for a cheap and fast web hosting solution - you should take a look at A2 Hosting. Not only it's fast and cheap it also offers optimized solutions for any kind of website you're thinking of building.

A2 Hosting provides a list of custom software solutions, where you can find software packs for nearly any type of website.

A2 Hosting Pricing

A2 Hosting offers 3 shared WordPress hosting plans that start at $2.96/mo and 3 managed WordPress hosting plans that start at $9.78/mo. 

All of A2 Hosting plans include one generous feature - anytime money-back guarantee. Extra to usual 30-day money-back guarantee you can also ask for a refund after 30 day period is over. How does it work?

Well, after your 30 day period for refund is over, you can still ask for a refund and get a partial refund for the service that you paid for. For example, if you paid for a plan that is going to last three years and after a year you want to refund - it's possible. You will be paid back for unused time, so in this example, for those two years that weren't used for hosting services.

Software Solutions Tailored for Your Website

Not only this provider is fast and performs well for a decent price, but it also saves your time with these software solutions. You don't have to spend hours learning how to specifically tinker your website.

A2 Hosting is ready to help not only the ones who want regular hosting but also to users who want to host a specific type of website. This hosting provider offers nearly 50 custom type projects.

A2 Hosting features

Doesn't matter if you want to build an ecommerce store, host a music website or just a simple portfolio - A2 Hosting has you covered.

In the end, even if some issues pop up you can always contact their support that works 24/7/365 via chat, email, and phone. 

A2 Hosting Performance

Over a week of testing my A2 Hosting WordPress website I noticed that the average response time was 255ms. That's great response time, though there were a few spikes throughout the whole performance.

A2 Hosting Performance Over a Week

Also, my test website suffered 1 minute of micro downtime. But uptime still didn't fall below the market's promised average which is 99.99%.

All in all, A2 Hosting offers good response time, decent uptime, and affordable pricing. Its custom website software solutions is a nice extra to have when hosting a fast WordPress website.

Visit A2 Hosting

How to Choose the Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider?

Not every option out of all 7 that were listed above may fit you. You have to be sure what kind of a website you're aiming for. Is it an ecommerce store? Or a blog? Portfolio, photography site, business website? All these factors dictate what kind of a fast WordPress hosting provider to look for.

  • Bluehost is a great choice for its slick WordPress integration and is beginner-friendly;
  • HostGator is a secure and fast WordPress hosting provider, optimized for small to medium websites ;
  • Hostinger is a cheap and super-fast WordPress host for small to medium personal projects;
  • WP Engine is a bit pricy yet fast WordPress hosting choice that is better for medium and large projects;
  • DreamHost is quite fast and stable WordPress hosting company for medium and large businesses;
  • Kinsta is an expensive managed WordPress hosting provider that is better suited for large enterprises and offers deep insight on a website's performance;
  • A2 Hosting is a fast WP host that offers a lot of software packages specifically tailored for any type of website.

When looking for the fastest hosting for WordPress, never forget that the content that's uploaded will have an impact on loading speeds - streamlining your site data can drastically improve load times no matter which host you choose.

In the end, I hope this list helped you find what you were looking for. Good luck with further web developing!

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