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2019 February 1st at 5:07


Fast WordPress hosting is important for websites of all shapes and sizes as studies have repeatedly shown a large portion of visitors abandoning pages that don’t load within 3 seconds.

But even if you don’t care about traffic numbers, slow WordPress hosting equals slow control panel operations and therefore a tiresome site-creation experience.

But it's not always easy to determine which company really does offer the fastest hosting for WordPress - the speed stats they advertise often reflect ideal rather that real-world conditions.

That's why I’ve created WordPress pages with over 60 hosts and carried out independent speed tests on each of them to find the 5 fastest WordPress hosting options on the market today. Here they are:

1. SiteGround

From $3.95/month

Fast WordPress HostingPeople often turn to WordPress because it's an awesome CMS. And if you are looking for hosting for your first WordPress site, helpful customer support certainly won't go amiss.

And that's exactly what SiteGround specializes in providing. Like many other hosts, you can access its customer support teams 24/7 through live chat or over the phone. Even better, SiteGround takes meaningful steps like overstaffing every support shift so someone is always available to answer your question the second you call. 

SiteGround also offers a fully managed range of WordPress packages, giving you the ability to scale up your site depending on your storage and traffic needs. Prices start at $3.95/month for which you'll get 10GB of SSD storage and the resources to handle roughly 10,000 visitors a month.

Of course, SiteGround wouldn't be on this list if its WordPress sites weren't blazing fast. Which they are, thanks to its SSD storage, Cloudflare CDN software and advanced WordPress optimization. I found SiteGround load speeds can get down to as low as 81ms, and rarely go over 300ms worldwide.


  •  CloudFlare CDN & SuperCache speed boosting tools
  •  All storage is SSD based
  •  FREE Daily backups & SSL certificate
  •  24/7 Phone, live chat, email and ticket support
  •  Unmetered traffic
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  •  No domain registration included
  •  No unlimited storage plans

2. InMotion Hosting

From $4.99/month

Fastest WordPress hostingIf you want amazing scalability with some of the fastest WordPress hosting on the market today, InMotion is an excellent choice.

InMotion's WordPress plans begin at a reasonable $4.99/month for 40GB of SSD storage and support for a single website. They scale all the way up to 240GB and support for 20 sites.

Thanks to the use of NGINX, advanced server caching techniques and data center location choice, InMotion's WordPress sites load in the blink of an eye - I found load speeds in the USA got as low as 21ms (fun fact - that's actually 1/8 the time of a blink) and rarely topped 70ms.

InMotion WordPress sites are pretty snappy wherever your readers are in the world, but especially in the United States - that's where the company's servers are locatd.

Despite not being the cheapest host in this list, InMotion is still a great choice for money-saving - SSL certificates and a domain are thrown in for free. Those are two important add-ons you'd normally be charged extra for.


  •  Managed, scalable WordPress plans
  •  24/7 customer support
  •  FREE SSL certificate & domain
  •  Unlimited SSD storage
  •  Fast load speeds and great reliability (near 100% uptime)


  •  Starter plan limited to 1 website

3. BlueHost

From $3.95/month

Fastest WordPress hostingIt's a given that all of the fastest WordPress hosts I'm recommending here have excellent WordPress integration - I wouldn't recommend them otherwise.

But if you want the absolute smoothest WordPress installation, Bluehost takes it a step above the rest.

Bluehost WordPress packages come with one-click WordPress installation. And its WordPress support is so good, it's actually recommended by WordPress itself! That virtually guarantees you won't experience any integration issues. But if you do, tech support is available 24/7 by phone and live chat. 

As for the speeds of Bluehost's WordPress sites, you won't be let down there either - storage is all SSD based, and Bluehost's servers are well-optimized to cope with WP content resulting in USA response times as low as 27ms, global speeds that don't top 400ms, and very low overall page load times.

WordPress packages start at $3.95/month (for the first term, then $7.99) which includes 50GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth - perfect if you need hosting for a high traffic website. Even better, Bluehost throws in a free domain for the first year of your plan!


  •  WordPress hosting recommended by WordPress itself
  •  Great server tech results in super low load times
  •  1-click WordPress integration
  •  FREE domain and SSL certificate
  •  24/7 Live Support


  •  Price jumps after the first term

4. Hostinger

From $1.45/month

Fastest WordPress HostingUnlike some of the other hosts in this list, Hostinger doesn't offer a fully managed WordPress plan. However, it still only takes a single click to add WordPress to your site thanks to one-click installation. 

And if you want WordPress speed at low prices, I've found no better choice on the market.

Plans start at just $1.45/month which bags you 10GB of SSD space and unlimited bandwidth.

You can host as many WordPress sites as you can shoehorn into that 10GB. But if you need unlimited space, you can upgrade the premium plan for just $2.95/month.

By pre-caching WordPress plug-ins, Hostinger ensures its sites are no slouches - my USA response times averaged at an absolutely mind-boggling 80ms.

To achieve its super bargain prices, unfortunately, Hostinger does cut corners in the customer support department - no phone support is offered although agents can be accessed 24/7 via live chat. As technical issues are often better tackled by text communication I can forgive the omission of a phone line!


  •  Blazing fast speeds
  •  Extremely low prices
  •  Very reliable with almost 100% uptime rate
  •  One-click WordPress installation
  •  SSD storage


  •  No phone support
  •  No free SSL certificate without a top-tier plan

5. 1&1 IONOS

From $1.00/month

Fastest WordPress HostingWhile Hostinger offers great value quick WordPress hosting for the lifetime of your plan, if you want short-term fast hosting for a WordPress site, 1&1 offers even cheaper rates.

WordPress hosting plans start at just $1/month for the first year (after that, they jump to at least $8/month).

But if you want the best WordPress hosting and fastest speeds for the cheapest rates, take note that (like the starter plan) 1&1's pro-WordPress package also costs $1/month for the first year. After that, it hops up to $15/month.

The pro package packs an intimidatingly impressive spec list - you get 200GB SSD storage (enough to fit large business sites), support for 5 WordPress sites, an SSL certificate and SiteLock protection.

But even better when it comes to speed is the inclusion of RailGun content delivery network software.

What's that?

RailGun is a CloudFlare CDN upgrade (CloudFlare is a package which caches your site at servers around the world to improve loading times for global visitors). RailGun takes that speed boost an extra couple notches by compressing your sites for mobile browsers to make it faster on phones or tablets.

1&1 IONOS is also a super reliable host - I found my test site experienced just 6 minutes of downtime in the last month. 1&1's support teams are also available 24/7 by phone and live chat. And when you sign up, you'll even be assigned a personal consultant to tailor technical answers to your unique needs.


  •  Amazing WordPress features at low prices
  •  Reliable with almost 100% uptime rate
  •  One-click WordPress installation
  •  200GB of SSD storage


  •  Big price increase after the first year

How to Choose The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service?

Out of the 5 options I’ve listed, the best one for you will come down to your unique needs, and what kind of site you need fast hosting for:

  • SiteGround is best if you want great technical support with your fast WordPress hosting
  • InMotion Hosting is awesome if you want some of the most reliable and fastest WordPress hosting
  • Bluehost is a great choice for its slick WordPress integration
  • Hostinger's WordPress hosting is as cheap as it is fast
  • 1&1 IONOS is an awesome option if you want powerful add-ons for budget prices

When looking for the fastest hosting for WordPress, never forget that the content you upload will have an impact on load speeds - streamlining your site data can drastically improve load times no matter which host you choose.

With each host I reviewed, I created a WordPress site and tested how fast it loaded on content-heavy pages. I only included hosts in the final list whose site loaded consistently quickly, and who offered other features to improve your WordPress experience.

If you think I've missed a great host, comment below!

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