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Paul Mahony


2019 January 28th


In recent years, computers have come to occupy an increasingly important place in the classroom - now they are so much more than tools for students to play sneaky sessions of Pinball or Solitaire (ah, the good old days of Windows XP).

Today, digital learning is incorporated into all subjects. It's not uncommon for professors to request projects be presented through educational websites rather than in MS Word documents or old-fashioned PowerPoint slides.

But websites need hosting, and while it's not easy to find free web hosting for students, I'm here to help. Over the last several months we've tirelessly reviewed the best providers, rated them in categories (like reliability and helpfulness of customer support) to find the hosts best suited for students.

Here they are, the best cheap and free web hosting for students and teachers:

  • 000webhost - reliable and totally free web hosting
  • Wix - beautiful, easy-to-create sites for free
  • SiteGround - cheap hosting with great customer support
  • iPage -  fully-featured hosting, great for sharing between students
  • 1&1 IONOS - super cheap blazing fast hosting

1. 000webhost

Recommended for: Totally free and stable hosting 

Free Web Hosting For Students 000webhostIf you've looked into school website hosts before, 000webhost ($0.00 Web Host - get it?) may look familiar to you. It's actually a free subsidiary of famous and well-loved internet host, Hostinger.

There are many snake-oil ‘free’ hosts out there, which can make it hard to know which, as a teacher, are safe to recommend to your students. But thanks to Hostinger's well-established reputation, you know you're in safe hands with 000webhost.

000webhost shares Hostinger's platform which means your free site will be as reliable as a paid one. 000webhost’s sites are managed using CloudLinux so they're assigned a virtual environment with separated physical resources. 

That secure management platform means 000webhost is able to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

All 000webhost plans include a ton of free software, giving you (or your students) the chance to practice making sites with common software packages like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

The free plan doesn't include domain registration but does come with a free subdomain. Of course, you can add a domain purchased elsewhere, but a subdomain is likely to be perfectly adequate for school projects. The plan also includes just 1GB of storage and 10GB bandwidth, but unless your students need to upload high-def video content, that should be plenty.


  •  Reputable free hosting service
  •  99.9% uptime guaranteed
  •  Free subdomain


  •  Heavily limited storage and bandwidth
  •  SSL certificate free with a Business plan only

2. Wix

Recommended for: Beautiful free and easy-to-make sites 

Free Web Hosting For Students WixWix is a unique hosting provider. By nature, it's primarily a website builder that just so happens to host your site when you're finished building it.

It's a great web hosting for students option thanks to its completely free starter plan, which will let pupils try out a fully-featured hosting package for nothing.

Wix's free hosting plan comes with 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth (how much data can be downloaded from your site per month). Although that storage is probably enough for school projects, do watch out for the bandwidth which will get used up quickly if multiple people view the site.

It also includes Wix's own ads though again, that may not be a problem for school project sites. If you do want to get rid of that, and have the freedom to upgrade to a paid package, I highly recommend the $11/month combo plan which will net you a domain, 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth.

But let's talk about the feature that makes Wix so well suited to use in an educational context - the amazing site builder. It's incredibly easy-to-use with a drag-and-drop design and hundreds of templates so students can easily find one that suits their project.

There's even a big selection of education-themed templates to pick from!

Free Web Hosting For Students Wix Themes


  •  Totally FREE plan
  •  Slick and straightforward site builder
  •  Education themed templates available


  •  No 24/7 support options
  •  Bandwidth limiting, even for school projects
  •  No domain included

3. SiteGround

Recommended for: Amazing customer support

Free Web Hosting For Students SiteGround PlansThere's a good chance that as a student or teacher, you're creating the first website you've made.

That means you're likely to run into technical issues you've never faced before.

When that happens, having a helpful customer support team to rely on is important.

And that's exactly what SiteGround offers.

Not only are it's friendly support staff available 24/7 by phone or live chat, they stand out from the competition by overstaffing every shift so someone is always on hand to answer your question. 

That overstaffing policy actually means SiteGround is able to enforce a zero-wait-time policy for its support phone line.

Free Web Hosting For Students SiteGround Support

Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn't a free hosting - plans start at $3.95/month. But with free hosting, you always face a certain risk. Sure, you don't pay anything, but the resources are very limited and may not be enough for any bigger projects.

So if your college, university or high school is willing to pay for an upgrade, there's no reason that a single hosting package can't be split between multiple students - the GrowBig plan is $5.95/month and offers 20GB and hosting for unlimited websites. That's good value right here.

SiteGround's plans include SSD storage and unlimited traffic, ensuring pages will load quickly when shared with fellow students, family or educators, and sites won't be limited to a set number of page views per month.


  •  Daily back-ups included
  •  24/7 Phone and live chat support with no wait-time guarantee
  •  Unmetered traffic
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  •  Storage limited even with the  top-tier plan

4. iPage

Recommended for: cheap hosting with all the bells-and-whistles

Free Web Hosting For Students iPage PlansFor most use-cases in educational contexts, a sub-domain ( is perfectly adequate. That's why most of the hosts I selected for this list only offer a sub-domain in order to keep overheads low.

However, if your student or educator web page absolutely needs its own domain, iPage is the way to go. Domain registration is included even with the cheapest package, as well as an SSL certificate and a website builder.

While the website builder isn't as fully-featured as Wix's, it's still simple to get started with and comes with a great selection of templates to base your site on.

And despite the add-ons, iPage hosting won't break the bank. prices begin at just $1.99/month (discounted from $7.99). And like SiteGround, there's no reason not to split a single package between multiple students - the $1.99 plan comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth and actually supports multiple domains as well as multiple websites.

What's more, if you are creating an example business website (or teaching your students how to make one), iPage's unique differentiator is that it throws in $200 of ad credits to help up your sites page views - awesome for teaching or learning about real-world marketing techniques!


  •  Totally FREE domain registration
  •  SSL certificate included
  •  FREE Ad credit for major search engines
  •  Storage and bandwidth is UNLIMITED
  •  24/7 support by phone and chat


  •  No free hosting plan available

5. 1&1 IONOS

Recommend for: Reliable, fast hosting for WordPress-based school sites

Free Web Hosting For Students 1and1 PlansLike 000webhost, one of the benefits of choosing 1&1 IONOS is its reputation. If you want a reliable student or teacher site, look no further than 1&1 - it’s a well-known company that operates 90,000 servers catering for 8 million+ customers worldwide.

I personally examined the consistency of 1&1's service and verified that my test site had experienced less than 6 minutes of downtime over the past 30 days.

I particularly recommend 1&1 for use in school because class project sites typically only need to temporary hosting, and 1&1 IONOS offers $1/month hosting for the first 12 months of your plan along with FREE domain registration.

That's epic value, but if you do only want short-term hosting, don't forget to cancel your plan before prices jump 8-fold to $8/month at the end of the first year.

The $1 shared hosting plan includes 100GB of SSD storage resulting in super fast load times, especially if you are based in the USA or Europe - I found sub-200ms load times for both my test websites when tested by European and American connections.

1&1 is also an excellent choice if you want to manage your student or teacher site using WordPress - the managed WordPress plan costs $1/month for the first 12 months, but its storage is limited to 25GB. However, that cut in space may be worth it for the automatic installation of WordPress updates and security features.


  •  Solid hosting
  •  Cheap managed WordPress package
  •  Free domain for a year
  •  24/7 Phone and live-chat support and personal support consultant!


  •  Big price jump after the first year

Which is the Right Student Web Hosting For You?

That all comes down to your personal needs - are you a teacher looking for hosting for a class resource site or a student that wants hosting for a site that you'll submit as part of a project?

  • 000webhost offers entirely free web hosting based on a rock-steady server architecture
  • Wix has a free plan that lets students design their own beautiful websites
  • SiteGround's hosting is supported by an amazing technical team
  • iPage is best if you need a school website host that won't charge extra for a unique domain
  • 1&1 IONOS has dirt-cheap hosting for WordPress-based school sites

Is Free Web Hosting for Students Really a Thing?

In one word -YES!  Free web hosting for students certainly is a reality. Both 000webhost and Wix offer completely free hosting packages. They come with restrictive storage and bandwidth limits, but should still be useful for school assignments.

Think I've missed out a great option? Tell me about them by commenting below!

It's not easy to find a good and free web hosting provider for students and teachers and that's where you can learn something from our review! These 5 web hosts are great budget options.


Written by Paul Mahony

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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Sharon Clark picture
Sharon Clark

2020 February 6th

Thank you! This review is very informative and easy to read and understand as an educator who is ABSOLUTELY (as you said) doing this for the first time! I cannot... Read more

Thank you! This review is very informative and easy to read and understand as an educator who is ABSOLUTELY (as you said) doing this for the first time! I cannot say thank you enough!!

David berndtsson picture
David berndtsson

2019 June 27th

Hi there Paul. We plan to offer free webhosting whilst you are a student via GitHub and such(currently applying). Maybe you are interested in adding us as well. Thanks :)

Hi there Paul. We plan to offer free webhosting whilst you are a student via GitHub and such(currently applying). Maybe you are interested in adding us as well. Thanks :)

    Suz Remus

    2019 July 6th

    Hey David,. I checked out GitHub Education and it looks great! I agree Paul should check it out. I have free web hosting through another provider but am interested in... Read more

    Hey David,. I checked out GitHub Education and it looks great! I agree Paul should check it out. I have free web hosting through another provider but am interested in Bluestrap Studio, and I'm sure the other tools are quite useful. Thanks for your comment!