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Paul Mahony


2019 January 22nd


If your site receives a large number of daily views and users, you need a hosting service that can handle a large amount of traffic, allowing each and every one of your visitors to load your content quickly.

The reason is quite simple - new visitors can decide that it's not worth to wait for your site to load and choose a similar website of your competitors in a matter of seconds.

Not every hosting provider can facilitate good response time and speed. And even if they could, there are a few that would still stand out far above the rest.

So, to save you the time, I've been testing plenty of providers to determine the best hosting plans on offer to help you communicate with a large audience.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 high traffic website hosting solutions and their highlights:

1. Hostwinds

Recommended for: Cheap unmetered hosting

High Traffic Website Hosting HostWinds PlansHostWinds' shared and business web hosting packages are affordable and can handle high traffic sites really well.

That's because they include unlimited storage and, more importantly, unlimited bandwidth metering, which is crucial for handling large volumes of traffic.

Shared hosting prices begin at just $3.29/month (offer price, normally $6.99 /month). However, that only covers one domain. But there is another option...

The Advanced Business Hosting plan ($6.58/month) covers 4 domains and it's much better for high-traffic sites in general.

You see, unlike shared hosting plans, business plans include SSD based storage and Litespeed software. HostWinds claims those are good for up to 500% faster page loads.

Be aware of Hostwind's pricing conditions...

Hostwinds prices scale with contract length. So if you pay monthly, your fees will shoot up.

Pay annually, bi-annually or tri-annually, and you'll save a fair amount of money! (61%, 67% and 72% respectively)

High Traffic Website Hosting HostWinds Billing


  •  Cheap unlimited storage and bandwidth plans
  •  Unmetered bandwidth with shared hosting
  •  SSD based storage with business hosting
  •  Free SSL certificate
  •  Free domain registration


  •  Cheapest prices only available with lengthy contracts

2. Hostinger

Recommended for: Fixed cost cloud hosting

best web hosting for seo hostinger prices

Hostinger's cheapest hosting plan is priced at an amazing $1.45.

But you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan to receive the unlimited and unmetered bandwidth your high traffic website needs.

Prices for premium hosting plans begin at $2.95 /month for which you'll also get unlimited SSD based storage.

Hostinger is also a great route to managing high-traffic sites through its cloud hosting offerings, which begin at $7.45/month.

It's fully scalable and fully managed by the company's experts, so you won't have to worry about anything.

Unlike many cloud hosting providers, you are not charged for hourly usage, so there won't be any additional costs from a high number of page views.

Cloud hosting has many advantages over traditional servers when it comes to dealing with high-traffic sites:

  • Your site will be assigned dedicated resources
  • Cloud environments are engineered to minimize downtime

High Traffic Website Hosting Hostinger Cloud Hosting
If you want the benefits of cloud hosting with fixed costs, I recommend Hostinger's enterprise $27.45 /month plan. That will provide you with 12 GB of RAM which, by my rule of thumb, should be able to handle around 180,000 monthly page views. However, it should be able to handle even more, if you apply plenty of optimization.


  •  24/7 live chat, ticket and email support team
  •  Cheap unlimited bandwidth and storage shared hosting plans
  •  Affordable cloud hosting options


  •  No phone support
  •  SSL certificate not included with Premium shared hosting plan

3. InMotion Hosting

Recommended for: High traffic WordPress hosting

High Traffic Website Hosting Hostinger PlansIf your WordPress site attracts a large audience, consider InMotion's dedicated WordPress hosting package.

Thanks to the unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, and 1-click WP installation included in all plans, this is an excellent way to get convenient WP hosting that can handle a great deal of traffic.

Prices begin at $4.99 /month (discounted from $7.99) for which you'll receive a single website and 40 GB of SSD storage.

But wait! Make sure you check out the fine print before choosing a plan though because...

InMotion WordPress Plans Are NOT Unmetered!

Instead of suggesting its sites can handle an unlimited number of page views, which isn't often true for many hosting providers anyway, InMotion helpfully estimates the monthly visitors each WP plan is able to handle.

For example, the WPS-4000 package which costs $29.99 /month ($36.99 without discounts) InMotion estimates can handle around 300,000 visitors per month.

To verify InMotion's estimates, I tested the launch plan $4.99 /month launch plan which InMotion suggests can handle 20,000 monthly visitors using Load Impact's response time test.

High Traffic Website Hosting InMotion Load Impact

The test above scales to roughly 219,000 visitors per month, ten times more than InMotion claimed the package should be able to handle.

Response times did spike at an unacceptable 3.44 seconds but then dropped apparently as the servers assigned more resources to handle the traffic.

As I was testing a package at a traffic level far above its recommended upper limit, I'd suggest this means InMotion's estimated maximum traffic figures are quite reliable!

Watch out for long-term contracts

One flaw in InMotion's plans is that monthly payments aren't offered, so you'll need to pay for 1-3 years of hosting up front. This may deter some users...But may also be a good option to others. Who needs a month of website hosting anyway?


  •  Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  •  90-day money-back guarantee
  •  High-traffic WP dedicated plans
  •  24/7 Skype, phone, live chat, email, and ticket support


  •  Cannot pay monthly

4. Liquid Web

Recommended for: High traffic dedicated hosting

High Traffic Website Hosting Liquid WebWhen it comes to performance, there's nothing better for handling high traffic demands than a dedicated server.

Liquid Web offers you the opportunity to take full advantage of dedicated hosting, with fully supported hosting, and 100% uptime rates included in service level agreements.

That means you'll be provided with dedicated hardware and the support to respond to changing traffic levels.

All storage is SSD based and numerous high-end software packages like CloudFlare and ServerSecure are included.

No matter how much traffic you receive, Liquid Host has a dedicated server that can handle it. The top end package includes a whopping 64 GB of memory.

Performance Doesn't Come Cheap

That top-of-the-line 64 GB server is priced at $247.38 /month for 4 months, then $399 /month. However, prices do begin at a more reasonable $79.98 /month (then $129) for 8 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage.


  •  100% uptime guarantee
  •  Fully supported hosting
  •  Incredible dedicated memory capacity


  •  Expensive starting price

5. HostGator

Recommended for: Scalable and secure VPS hosting

High Traffic Website Hosting Liquid WebI recommend Hostgator's VPS hosting for high traffic sites because of the instant scalability it provides.

That means resources can be added instantly, allowing your server to respond to traffic spikes in real-time. 

Because you don't pay for those resources in times of lower activitythese plans are more cost-effective than dedicated hosting options.

Plans begin at $29.95/month which includes 2 GB of RAM. But I recommend at least 8 GB which is included with the $49.95/month plan.

That higher end plan comprises 2 TB of bandwidth and 240 GB of storage.

More to add, if you're looking for high traffic hosting, you may well be running an eCommerce site that also needs cutting-edge security. In this case, Hostgator is perfect, because...

Hostgator's VPS Hosting Provides Excellent Security Features

Hostgator offers multiple layers of network security, RAID 10 storage, and weekly offsite backups, giving you confidence your data is in safe hands.


  •  Advanced security features
  •  24/7 by Skype, phone email and live chat
  •  Free SSL certificate
  •  Affordable VPS hosting


  •  Not as cheap as shared hosting

Which Is The Right Option for You?

When deciding on the best hosting option for your high traffic website, it's about choosing a type of hosting that matches your traffic and scalability needs.

  • HostWinds provides cheap unmetered shared hosting
  • Hostinger is a great option for hosting high traffic sites on the cloud
  • InMotion is perfect for high traffic WordPress hosting
  • Liquid Web is ideal for dedicated hosting
  • Hostgator offers affordable VPS options

I chose the best-in-class performers for a range of hosting types and the 5 that made the list each maintained superb stability through both speed and uptime despite the stress applied.

If you think I've missed a great high traffic web host, let me know in the comments below!


Written by Paul Mahony

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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