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Fiona O’Connell


2019 December 19th

In this article, I talk about the best high traffic web hosting providers as well as answer the most commonly asked questions about high-traffic sites. 

High traffic website hosting

High traffic is the goal of many website owners. It usually means that you're doing something right as it brings more and more conversions.

Until something goes wrong.

The website starts to crash, loads slowly, and one by one, the visitors bounce taking the success away.

This is the worst-case scenario, of course.

But my point is that website speed has a huge impact on website success. For example, if the website generates 200k traffic with an average 2% conversion rate, and the average order value is $100, the website owner could earn much more by increasing website speed by 1 second. To be exact - $255,291 more.

Website revenue relation to speed

This number shows exactly how good and powerful hosting affects the website's success. With this in mind, I put a bunch of providers to the test to see, which can handle high traffic websites.

To get accurate results, I used a test that generates virtual users that represent real-life visitors browsing the site. My goal was to find the providers that are capable to keep top-level performance even as traffic suddenly peaks.

Let's take a look at the list of the providers that will handle high-levels of traffic.

The Best High Traffic Website Hosting Providers

After thorough testing and analyzing the results, I put together a list of providers that are capable to host high traffic websites.

In the list, you'll find both premium and affordable options - all of which will provide generous amounts of resources.

Here they are, the best high traffic website hosting providers:

  • Liquid Web - premium high traffic website hosting.
  • HostGator - cheap yet powerful hosting option.
  • InterServer - secure and affordable high bandwidth hosting.
  • Hostinger - cheap and scalable high-traffic web hosting.
  • Bluehost - powerful high-traffic WordPress hosting.
  • DreamHost - reliable and secure web hosting.

1. Liquid Web - High-End Hosting For High Traffic

Response time
Price from
Liquid Web homepage

Liquid Web is a pro at hosting high traffic websites. Each of its packages is designed to handle popular websites of all sizes. From managed VPS to dedicated servers - Liquid Web is there to scale and support any project.

And I know that it all sounds just like what any other provider would promise. But in fact, Liquid Web doesn't even offer simple packages. Everything it has is designed for high traffic and speed. 

I picked the cheapest VPS plan for $29/mo to test out its abilities. The performance was stunning even when 50 virtual users joined in to imitate real users scrolling through the site.

Server response time remained stable with the growing number of visitors. It averaged at 11ms throughout the whole period.

High traffic website hosting: Liquid Web Server Performance

This is a brilliant result - servers reacting in under 200ms is somewhat extraordinary. The graph also shows the perfect health of the server - requests rate corresponds to the number of VU's which is always the goal for the well-balanced servers.

There's one drawback, unfortunately. It is difficult to expect that such power will be cheap. So Liquid Web is among the more expensive providers.

Liquid Web High-Traffic Website Hosting Pricing

Liquid Web has various packages including VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server hosting.

  • VPS hosting prices start at $29/mo with standard configuration - 2GB RAM, 2 CPUs, 40GB SSD, and 10TB of bandwidth.

It can be scaled up to 16GB RAM, 8 CPUs, 200GB SSD, and the same 10TB of bandwidth. So if you keep your site relatively small (small sites are 1GB, so I wouldn't call 40GB of disk space "small"), you won't need to spend any extra as bandwidth is generous and remains the same.

  • Cloud Sites for $150/mo is a solution for agencies handling multiple high traffic websites.

It is a highly powerful solution starting at 50GB of SSD storage and 1TB of bandwidth - auto-scaling is built in so resources adapt as needed. Advanced managing platform is included and can be used by multiple users of various levels such as admins, designers, and customers.

  • Dedicated server pricing starts at $149/mo and includes 32 GB RAM, 2x240 GB SSD, 5TB of bandwidth and 1TB of backup space.

It is an enterprise solution that can be scaled as much as needed and can support heavy websites with high traffic levels.

Liquid Web is definitely not a cheap option. On the other hand, it supports websites that demand lots of resources and ensures the highest level of security and performance.

Liquid Web is an advanced high-traffic website hosting solution. With multiple levels of server management and various options for scalability, it is the most powerful provider on the list.


  • Powerful high-end servers
  • Lots of server resources
  • Pro-level customer support


  • Higher pricing

Visit Liquid Web

2. HostGator - Affordable Hosting for High-Traffic Sites

Response time
Price from
HostGator homepage

High-traffic website hosting is not always expensive. HostGator tries to prove that with its unlimited shared hosting packages.

Just one warning - unlimited is not literally unlimited and at some point, server capacity will be reached. That's why I recommend shared hosting plans only to light-weight websites even if they are generating high levels of traffic.

So this is exactly the case with HostGator - it is fast, reliable, and can handle large amounts of traffic. However, heavy sites will exhaust the shared server. So I put together a simple nice website with WordPress and put it to the test.

HostGator was seriously impressive. It's average response time was just 20ms making it the second-fastest provider on the list.

High traffic website hosting: HostGator Server Performance

The stability was also great - response times stayed perfectly stable. However, request rates had some peaks as more VUs joined in. On the other hand, my monitoring tool hasn't found any server health issues.

And the best part about HostGator is that it's very much affordable and easy to use.

HostGator Pricing and Features

The shared plans that I recommend for high-traffic website hosting start at $3.95/mo. Unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and websites are included.

A bit more expensive option, Business plan for $5.95/mo, also includes unlimited bandwidth and storage. Besides that, dedicated IP, Positive SSL, and SEO tool-kit are included so it's an excellent option for an online store.

TIP: By entering the HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code at the checkout, you can save up to 61.5% from the original price.

Each plan is equipped with a free domain, SSL certificate, and cPanel control panel that are website essentials for all web hosting beginners.

Scalability options are also great if you need to host heavier high bandwidth websites.

Cloud hosting is cheap and starts at $4.95/mo, VPS is $29.95/mo, and for the biggest of sites - dedicated hosting starts at $119/mo. 

What I really like, is that you can stay with HostGator from the beginning and upgrade as needed. The support team is helpful and will easily transfer your site across the provider's platforms.

HostGator is an affordable option for high-traffic website hosting. It has scalability options, is easy to use, and includes all the essentials that beginners might need to start a popular site.


  • Beginner-friendly hosting
  • Reliable server performance
  • Affordable pricing


  • Shared hosting plans will need to be scaled

Visit HostGator

3. InterServer - Affordable and Secure High-Traffic Site Hosting

Response time
Price from
InterServer Homepage

InterServer follows the example of HostGator. It is affordable and made very powerful. The provider has a way of making sure that even shared servers can handle high traffic - it utilizes only 50% of server capacity. This means that whatever you get with other hosts, it's double that with InterServer.

And the performance might just prove that. I bought the InterServer's shared hosting plan and thoroughly analyzed the performance.

The host averaged at 73ms response time. For a shared hosting plan, that's an excellent result. Also, it is important to take a look at stability. Results show that there were no peaks as the number of virtual users increased.

High traffic website hosting: InterServer Server Performance

As it seems, the utilization of only 50% of server capacity works wonders for InterServer. No matter if the traffic peaks, server speed remains fast and reliable.

At the same time, InterServer's high-traffic site hosting is affordable.

InterServer Pricing for High Traffic Web Hosting Plans

Beginner users or small website owners with growing traffic can choose the one and only shared hosting plan for $5/mo. It features unlimited storage and bandwidth and will be great if high traffic is occasional and the site is not very heavy.

Extra features include a security package for DDoS and malware protection, automated backups, SSL, caching, and Cloudflare.

Accounts are managed through cPanel - intuitive and easy to use. Also, the pricing can get as low as $4 per month if you pre-pay for 3 years; the pricing will not increase for as long as you decide to use InterServer.

For the more advanced high-traffic needs, InterServer has a lot of options to scale.

  • VPS with 1 CPU and 2TB of bandwidth starts at $6/mo and can be scaled up to 16 slices.
  • Dedicated servers start at $70/mo with 10TB of bandwidth.

So starting with the already one of the industry's more powerful shared hosting plans and growing to dedicated servers is possible.

InterServer is known for one of the best 24/7 support teams, so it should be a pleasure to host a site with the provider.

The provider offers a powerful shared hosting plan for high-traffic website hosting. InterServer has tons of security features, its performance is great, and there are tons of options to scale.


  • Transparent pricing structure
  • High capacity servers
  • Great security measures


  • Only 99.9% uptime guarantee

Visit InterServer

4. Hostinger - Budget-Friendly Web Hosting for Scaling

Response time
Price from
Hostinger Shared Hosting Landing Page

Hostinger is one of the top hosting choices when it comes to cheap hosting. Despite the very low price tag, the provider delivers fast, reliable, and very powerful performance.

Of course, you won't be able to use the cheapest plan to host a high-traffic site, but there are other affordable options to look at.

For example, the mid-tier shared hosting plan can easily support high-traffic sites. And there are options to scale as well - the very powerful cloud hosting or scalable VPS.

Nonetheless, I put on the mid-tier shared hosting plan to the test to see whether it will handle high traffic peaks.

The provider shows great results. The response time remained stable, averaging at around 21ms even with the increase in virtual users representing real-life visitors' activity.

High Traffic Website Hosting: Hostinger Shared Hosting Performance test

This, once again, proves that it is possible to host a high-traffic website without spending hundreds of dollars per month. The issue with that is, however, that the security and privacy levels of shared hosting are much lower when compared to VPS or dedicated servers.

So while it's perfectly fine to host popular blogs, business websites might want to look at the more secure options.

Let's take a look at Hostinger's pricing.

Hostinger Pricing For High-Traffic Site Hosting

Hostinger has a bunch of options for high-traffic website hosting including shared, Cloud, and VPS packages.

Shared hosting is great for startup websites generating lots of traffic but light on weight.

  • The Premium plan for $2.15/mo includes unlimited bandwidth and 20GB of disk space. Weekly backups are included.
  • The Business plan costs $3.45/mo and includes unlimited bandwidth with 30GB of disk space. Daily backups are included.

You can get 10% off by entering HOSTINGREVIEW coupon code at the check out.

Cloud hosting starts at $7.45/mo and is designed for high-traffic h0sting - 2 CPUs, 40GB of disk space, dedicated IP, and unlimited bandwidth are included. The plan is very much scalable.

It is fully managed so even beginners can enjoy the power without worrying about technicalities.

VPS is unmanaged and therefore cheaper - starts at $3.95/mo for 1 CPU and 1 TB of bandwidth. It can be scaled up to 8 CPUs and 8TB of bandwidth for $29.95/mo.

Hostinger also has a 24/7 customer support team that helps with everything - from free transfers to basic setups and more advanced issues. It makes it a great option both for beginners and professionals.

The provider tops this list by offering cheap and professional high-traffic website hosting packages. Hostinger includes both simple shared hosting plans, advanced cloud options, and VPS for the most demanding needs.


  • Incredibly cheap pricing
  • Great server performance
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Is not equipped with a lot of features

Visit Hostinger

5. Bluehost - Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites

Response time
Price from
Bluehost Homepage

For those looking to host WordPress sites, Bluehost is a top choice. In fact, the provider is endorsed by the CMS creators themselves. And the best part is - it can handle really high traffic. 

Let's skip the lowest-tier shared hosting plan and go straight to the Plus plan for $5.45/mo. It features unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Considering that the cheapest plan is 50GB disk space, Plus plan should support much more.

Using load test, I checked how Bluehost's shared hosting servers react to traffic peaks. It generated 50 virtual users imitating the real visitors' activity on the page.

Bluehost's results show that the server averaged at 120ms response time which remained very stable as the VUs joined in.

High traffic website hosting: Bluehost Server Performance

Bluehost is a little bit slower than the competition, but the response time still keeps the highest industry standards. Anything that's lower than 200ms is great. However, stability is what earns Bluehost a place on this list.

Visitors expect speedy pages no matter if it's Cyber Monday or the lazy Sunday morning.

The pricing of Bluehost is attractive as well. It's nice when you can start from the affordable shared plans and scale as the traffic increases.

Bluehost High-Traffic Hosting Pricing

Bluehost has 3 shared hosting plans recommended for high traffic websites. All of them include unlimited bandwidth and disk space as well as free domain names and SSL certificates. Not to mention the optimizations for WordPress.

  • Plus for $5.45/mo ($10.99 renewal) also adds unlimited domain hosting and anti-spam protection.
  • Choice Plus for $5.45/mo ($14.99 renewal) additionally includes domain privacy and automated backups.
  • Pro for $13.95/mo ($23.99 renewal) is equipped with dedicated IP and hosted on more powerful server machines.

As you can see, the pricing is not the lowest and it increases after the first term. However, Bluehost's performance and generous unlimited packages can be compared to some cloud hosting options. Bluehost is not known to reinforce strict limitations on its packages.

There are options to scale as well.

  • VPS hosting starts at $18.99/mo with 2 CPUs and 1 TB of bandwidth.
  • Dedicated hosting starting price is $79.99/mo with 4 CPUs and 5TB of bandwidth.

What makes a really good value for Bluehost's plans is its control panel. The provider uses enhanced cPanel to make the management process easy and intuitive. Support is also working 24/7 to help and solve any issue that might come up.

Bluehost is a premium hosting provider focusing on quality high performance hosting for websites generating high levels of traffic. At the same time, it is easy to use and employs a professional support team.


  • Powerful servers
  • Unlimited plans
  • Intuitive control panel


  • Higher renewal pricing

Visit Bluehost

6. DreamHost - Reliable High-Traffic Website Hosting

Response time
Price from
DreamHost homepage

DreamHost is an affordable host offering high-value packages. For shared hosting, that's unlimited bandwidth to support high-traffic websites. VPS features generous server resources for an affordable price too.

It is a provider that focuses on the most advanced business needs yet still remains budget-friendly.

I skipped the shared hosting plans (although they too can handle pretty steep traffic peaks), for the reason that VPS plans offered by DreamHost are very affordable. In fact, if you expect high-traffic or want to switch from shared hosting, DreamHost's VPS plans are some of the best in the industry.

So the cheapest VPS plan for $10/mo is all set with some simple WordPress site on it. I used a test imitating real visitors to see how DreamHost handles the peaks.

DreamHost averaged a little higher than its competition - at around 337ms response time. However, it is still a very great result. The current average of industry's response time is 553ms and DreamHost scores way better than that.

High traffic website hosting: DreamHost Server Performance

On the other hand, the performance was not as stable with a couple of higher peaks. At the same time, no indication of server health issues was found.

Knowing that with fast performance you'll also get a 100% uptime guarantee, the provider seems like a very good deal.

So what is included in the DreamHost's packages?

DreamHost's High Traffic Hosting Plans' Features

DreamHost is known to include a lot in its packages. For example, even the cheapest shared hosting plan features both daily backups, domain names, and domain privacy - all premiums for $2.59.

So when looking at the more advanced VPS plans, I expected even more:

  • Unlimited bandwidth - included with all VPS packages to handle the highest levels of traffic.
  • Unlimited email account - great feature knowing how much other providers can charge for each additional account.
  • SSL certificates to ensure the data protection of website users.
  • Domain name privacy so no one from the public could see the owner's personal details
  • Daily backups are included with every plan to provide users with a plan B in case a website breaks.
  • 100% uptime guarantee so each and every visitor can access the website uninterrupted by downtimes.

The plans start at 1GB RAM and 30GB disk space and cand be scaled up to 1GB RAM and 240GB disk space.

DreamHost does not increase pricing at the renewal so it is a great long term option. However, it is always cheaper to pre-pay for a longer period.

The provider offers generous packages for high traffic website hosting. DreamHost includes tons of premium features at no extra fee and promises high reliability with its 100% uptime guarantee.


  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Generous premium packages
  • Affordable pricing


  • Custom control panel requires some training

Visit DreamHost

Which Provider is the Best for High Traffic Website Hosting?

In the article, I listed both cheap and premium options for powerful high traffic website hosting. Each of them provides different levels of resources, support, and features.

When it comes to choosing, it will all depend on the needs of your site and budget capabilities. Here is a short overview of the providers and their main features:

  • Liquid Web is a high-end high traffic website hosting option for the most demanding projects. 
  • HostGator proves that powerful hosting doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to maintain.
  • InterServer is a transparent company in terms of pricing that provides secure and highly scalable hosting. 
  • Hostinger is a cheap provider focusing on high performance hosting for the sites generating high traffic levels.
  • Bluehost focuses on high-traffic WordPress hosting and provides a powerful platform for various needs.
  • DreamHost will work for businesses that need 100% reliability, affordable pricing, and scalability options. 

Do you have a popular site that needs powerful hosting? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!

High Traffic Website Hosting FAQs

In this section, I picked the most commonly asked questions about high traffic site hosting.

If you have anything else to add, feel free to do so in the comments.

What is Considered a High Traffic Volume?

People tend to interpret what is considered a high traffic volume differently. For some niches, a couple of thousands of visits are a lot. But in terms of hosting, 5000 visits per day is considered a high traffic volume. 

How Much Traffic Can My Website Handle?

The amount of traffic your website can handle is largely determined by the bandwidth you are provided with. So it is pretty easy to calculate.

The traffic your site can handle is calculated using a simple formula:

Monthly traffic = Bandwidth Resources / Avg. Page Size / Avg. Page Views per Visitor

So if you have 1TB of bandwidth, the page size is on average 2MB and visitors visit around 2 pages, your site can handle 250k visitors. 1TB (1 million MB) divided by 2 divided by 2 = 250 000. 

How Much Does High Traffic Website Hosting Cost?

High traffic website hosting costs depend on the hosting type and resources provided. Shared hosting is the cheapest and some providers can handle pretty high levels of traffic. VPS or dedicated server hosting can cost more than a couple of hundred dollars per month.

To put it in numbers, you can get high-traffic hosting for as low as $5/mo and as high as $1000 per month. 

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