Host Excellence Acquired by Site5 – What Happens Now?


Paul Mahony


2019 July 23rd at 5:16

For more than a dozen years, Host Excellence was hosting thousands of clients' websites and storing their files. This year, the journey has reached its end.

In late August 2018, the company has officially stopped its operations and migrated the services to Site5, Verio, and Dotster.

Why has this happened? What should you do - and what does it mean for your projects? Let's find that out.

What Happened To Host Excellence?

The basis for Host Excellence getting shut down was laid a long time before. In fact, it happened back in 2015, when Endurance International Group (EIG) has acquired Ecommerce, LLC. The company had assets such as IX Web Hosting, Host Excellence, and Cloud by IX.

From here, Host Excellence followed a common template we've already seen previously. Assets acquired by EIG were merged with the existing bigger EIG companies. It happened before, with Ixwebhosting being shut down and added to Site5 back in March.

And right now, it was time for Host Excellence to move.

What Does This Mean For You?

The first changes will be evident once you visit the Host Excellence site - in August 2018, it was shut down and replaced by an announcement that it's closed for business.

Update July 2019: Now, when you visit Host Excellence site, you are redirected to Bluehost - one of the best EIG hosting provider website.

On Host Excellence's inactive Twitter page, the last message was done on March 20th, 2018.

And it is the exact carbon copy of the message the now-deactivated IX Web Hosting's Twitter account has shared on the very same day.

IX has proudly joined forces with Site 5, more details on this are available in your account helpdesk. As part of this transition, this page is no longer monitored but you can still contact us by visiting the @site5 Facebook and Twitter pages.

— IX Web Hosting (@IX_Web_Hosting) March 20, 2018

Interestingly enough, you can clearly see that nothing was really done until August - as the only replies to Host Excellence shutting down tweet have only been done then.

And looking at the people sharing their experiences on Twitter, it looks pretty clear that the company has left thousands of its clients dead in the water.

Long story short, a lot of people are in trouble now. And the migration seems to be completely following the story of IX Web Hosting - so you can expect a lot more people voicing out their concerns.

And if migration goes well for you, your Linux Host Excellence website will now be hosted by Site5.

You may not have signed up for this, but that's what happened. And quite frankly, we can't really tell you what it means in the long run.

Update 2019: Many users have voiced their stories about unsuccessful migration to Site5. You can see in our comment section below that many Host Excellence customers were not able to access their control panels or that the websites have been completely lost.

Differences Between Host Excellence & Site5

Host Excellence was primarily a shared Linux hosting provider - and the bulk of users will be moved to a respective Site5 hosting plan. By looking at the two entry-level plans, we may get a clearer image as to why Host Excellence was shut down, and all of its clients got moved to Site5.

Host Excellence Basic Plan ($3.95/month) Site5 hostBasic ($6.95/month)
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited 1
Email Accounts 2500 Unlimited
SSL Free Not Included
Website Builder Included Not Included

Looks simple from here: for a lower price, Host Excellence used to offer a much more complete package. By comparison, in Site5 you would be paying more, and getting less.

For example, with the Basic Host Excellence plan for $3.95/mo, you used to get unlimited data as well as websites, a website builder and an SSL certificate. Considering the price, that's a lot of features and services.

In comparison, Site5 hostBasic plan for $6.95/mo only gets you 1 website without an SSL and website builder. More expensive and you get less. And still, Site5 acquired Host Excellence and not vice versa.

Why Has Host Excellence Closed Down?

Host Excellence hasn't released any further statement as to why the project is being closed down. However, looking at the data, the answers look pretty clear. HostExcellence simply wasn't performing.

Add that together with the low hosting prices and you can see - there weren't many new users, and those that were around weren't paying much.

And since Endurance International Group has plenty of hosting providers under its belt, it's simply optimizing its resources and increasing Site5's customer base. Which, after the merger with Ix web hosting and Host Excellence, is now really hefty.

This practice isn't new - EIG has done it before IX Web Hosting and before Host Excellence. Back in 2017, eHost, one of the business' veterans, was merged together with EIG's iPage.

And really, to be fair, all of these companies belonged to EIG way before they were merged. It's not the first big hosting company closing down, and it definitely won't be the last. This is the reality of this business, and in it, the regular users are the losers.

Update 2019: It seems, dark times are coming for Site5 as well. Although both IX Web Hosting and Host Excellence users were transferred to Site5, their websites both redirect to Bluehost. What can we tell from this? Site5 has done several mistakes with the transfers and the host is not the focus of the EIG. Also, Site5 is not performing well when compared to other hosts. The outcome?

We know for sure that EIG will take good care of Bluehost. But will it do the same with Site5? As of now, it seems that they won't.

What Should The Users Do Next?

If you're one of the people suffering issues with Host Excellence, our advice is simple - jump ship as soon as you can. As history has shown, issues with migration are often painful and lengthy, so they're simply not worth enduring.

Of course, the migration processes can be painful - so if you decide to leave Site5, definitely choose a non-EIG (so it doesn't shut down in the middle of migration) host with a dedicated in-house support team ready to help you with your problems. We've put our own list of the best hosting providers. And as far as we know, at least the top 10 are not closing any time soon.

But now, I write this to all of the Host Excellence users reading this - we'd love to hear from you now. Have you experienced problems with Host Excellence closing down? Was the migration process smooth and were you properly informed? Tell us all of your experience in the comments below.

Paul Mahony

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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Scott Schlichter picture
Scott Schlichter

2019 June 5th

What the hell happened to site 5? no support through any means – phone, email, chat. Sites are up but I have an issue and they are like ghosts? Any idea what is going on?

Mike Hamel picture
Mike Hamel

2019 March 21st

Paul, the domain names I had registered with Host Excellence were transferred to Site5 and they’ve since been poached. I can’t access either one and Site5 says it isn’t their fault. Whoever has them now has a locked-down entry with Tucows. I don’t know what to do next.

    Paul Mahony

    2019 March 25th

    Hello Mike,

    Do you have a brand name tied to that domain? As in, you’re an owner/representative of the company named the same, as the domain? If so, you can contact ICANN and write a complaint.

Alec Wright picture
Alec Wright

2019 January 10th

Hi, Paul. Thanks for this enlightening and helpful article. We have had our business websites and corporate email all killed by this badly-managed sale. The prior superb support from HostExcellence is contrasted by Site5’s inpenetrable barricade. Finally one chat man told me what I had to do – by myself. Then all was to be propagated in 5-6 hours. Two weeks later: nothing! All our business inbound emails were bounced and destroyed! What a disaster this Site5 is. Still nothing, but they are taking my credit card autopayments!

Thomas Blessing IV picture
Thomas Blessing IV

2018 December 6th

Now Site5 is gone and those of us that were moved from there are in limbo! It’s ridiculous.

Debra Doss picture
Debra Doss

2018 September 21st

I had over 10 sites hosted with Host Excellence and luckily I changed them over before it was too late. I received emails on September 5 stating they had refunded money back into my credit card. As of September 21st no refund. I’ve tried to contact them but I can’t get in help. Not sure if I will ever get this refund over $200. Has anyone else received theirs?


    2018 October 2nd

    We received the same email on September 8 stating we would get a refund and nothing here either. What a scam. No way to contact by phone, email, or anything.

Riva Rios picture
Riva Rios

2018 September 16th

OMG. I just tried to login. I have nothing. I received no news about this. I had over 15 domains. I had my HE account for ten years! What am I supposed to do about the data?! I don’t even know how to login to Verio. They are saying they don’t even see an account with my old login email. I am going to have heart attack.

Michael Ragsdale picture
Michael Ragsdale

2018 September 13th

Paul, so how can we who have Name Accounts with Hostexcellence get control of our Web Records so we can change the forwarding records. Mine are locked and hidden so I can’t get to them. thanks, for your good work covering this Nightmare…

CZD picture

2018 September 11th

No warning of closing down and not refund at all. Since the hostexcellence control panel is down, how do we move our site to another hosting company? Thanks for advice in advance.

peter brighton picture
peter brighton

2018 September 5th

The first i heard of the “migration” closure was a phone call from a client to say their email was down.
I logged onto the site and was presented with a screen that said site currently being migrated.
Why would anyone select one of the EIG stable.

Interestingly I received notification from a host excellence email address this morning saying they had refunded some money into my visa account. I’ll have to look.