How To Start A Successful Blog: Tips and Tricks to Rule the Internet


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

Blogging is a crowded field, that's why so many people ask themselves how to start a blog! Whether it’s cooking, travel, technology or something entirely different, you will most definitely see hundreds, if not thousands of talented people writing about their favorite topics. For someone who is just starting their blogging career, it may appear very difficult to know how to start a successful blog. That is because there’s just so much competition! However, getting yourself to the top may not be as difficult as it seems. Here I will provide you with a few tips that will help you become a successful blogger.

How to start a blog

Choose your reader

Is your reader a young person who wants to travel on a cheap? Or is it a middle-aged person looking for more effective ways to do gardening? Pick out the people who are going to read your blog. Don’t be afraid to be specific! You are not going to be suitable for everyone. In fact, there are nearly 4 billion Internet users worldwide! Surely, catering for only 10% of them is still going to give you an audience big enough. And knowing exactly who are you writing for is going to help you choose topics to write about.

Be persistent but have fun

You might ask yourself how to start a blog, and we will help answer that, but remember - nobody knew how to become a blogger overnight. You are unlikely to become a star with buckets of followers from your first post as well! That’s why it is important to have fun! It may sound like a slogan for an egg and spoon race but, in fact, fun is what will drive you forward. At first, blogging will not be very rewarding. You won’t get many sponsorships and instead of earning money from your articles, you may even have to spend it in order to make good content. This is why blogging has to be a good hobby as well. Eventually, with enough great content you will have fun doing, success may finally find you.

Get the technical things done

Before you properly kick off, you will need to plan a lot of the things ahead. First and foremost, you will need to make a website and purchase a domain name. Think of a name that is easy to write, easy to remember and distinguish in both lowercase and uppercase letters. I don't think anyone knows how to start a successful blog without having a name that is catchy and easy to understand. If you're having problems, there are tools that can help you pick a suitable name. Hostinger Smart Domain Checker is one of them. The tool is not only going to check whether the blog name you're looking for is taken. It is also going to offer you original alternatives to choose from. Think of this as a smart brainstorming buddy who knows exactly how to start a successful blog!

how to start a successful blog

Once you pick out a name, it will be a time to choose a hosting provider. A good host is more important than you may think. Good hosting equals a quick website which means happy visitors. You also have to be vary of downtimes - these are periods of time when servers are down and no one can get to read your articles. Some hosting providers are down more commonly than others and you must pick wisely before you start. It is important to choose a provider which will combine both high speeds and reliable performance.

You can check out the current status of top 10 hosting providers by clicking here.

Once you choose your website name and a hosting provider, it will be time to get to the website tools. The most popular CMS (content management system) in the world is WordPress and it is difficult to recommend anything else. It’s simple to use, easy to setup and there is a huge community always ready to help you, should any problems arise. Some may recommend such CMSes as Joomla or ImpressPages or website builders such as Weebly or Vix. These are also rather solid options but in my personal opinion, WordPress combines simplicity and features in a way no others do. It's especially good for less experienced users who still don't have much experience on how to start a successful blog.

Finally, you need to consider SEO (search engine optimization). Write your own content, use original photos and videos. Don't forget to include keywords people may be looking for and make sure to create and link social media pages for your blog. Make sure your website is quick and that your hosting provider offers good response and load times. On top of all of this, there's one little thing you can do to instantly boost your rankings on search engines. That is an SSL certificate. SSL certificate means a more secure exchange of information between the servers. Companies such as Google tend to rank the more secure websites higher - and being higher up in Google searches automatically means more visitors!

Alone by themselves, all of these technical things don't make a huge difference: but when put together, they can be a real difference maker between success and failure. This is why you should choose wisely - check out the top hosting providers by clicking here!

Use different content - experiment!

There is no ultimate key to what content works for you. Some people find success in doing instruction articles. Some thrive in writing short stories or telling their own personal experiences. You can find writers who are great in writing long stories and writers who do best when writing short lists. There are even people who use blogs as a stepping stone to becoming video creators. The best time to experiment is when your blog hasn't properly kicked off yet!

Make sure to go out of your comfort zone to find something that suits you best. It may be something you didn't expect you could do. Take out your phone or camera and start shooting pictures! Get your friends together and make a podcast! There are plenty of ways you can improve your content. Once you finally strike gold and get plenty of visitors, you'll know exactly what you're good at. It is likely that you will get plenty of experience along the way as well.

The final tips

If you want to know how to start a successful blog, there are a few things you should consider. You have to choose your reader and cater for their taste. Writing for a specific audience is going to allow you to build a loyal fanbase that will help you move forward. That won't come easy - it will require persistence and loads of hard work, so while you're at it, make sure to have fun. It may not only be fun, it can help you improve as well. That is possible to achieve if you try varying things, use different formats of content and constantly get better. And finally, all of this can be in vain if your website is going to be slow. So be sure to choose a good hosting provider for your blogging adventures.

With all of the tips I've just told, I am sure that now you know how to start a successful blog in no time. So I bid you farewell and...

Good luck in your blogging adventure!

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