The Top 5 Multi Domain Hosting Options


Dani Nolan


2019 December 19th

In this article, I talk about the key points of multi domain hosting as well as review the best providers offering the service.

Multi Domain Hosting

Multiple domain hosting refers to a service when one account can be used to manage several websites.

It is one of the best features to get for freelancers or agencies developing multiple sites. Businesses that need to create multiple sites for different locales or projects are also among those that prefer to have multiple domains on one host.

After all, it is much easier and time-efficient to manage everything from one place as you can do that simultaneously.

On the other hand, choosing a sketchy provider can get you in trouble. Unlimited resources are not that unlimited. Server performance will drop if the machines are packed to capacity.

I personally suffered from a provider like this. Without reading the fine print I thought I can host 3 simple WordPress sites with no trouble. How wrong was I!

Imagine if you're trying to host several mission-critical sites and they are unbearably slow and keep crashing all the time.

It's like throwing money down the drain.

So now, I dedicated my time and resources to test dozens of providers offering multi domain hosting. But before we get to the top 5, I wanted to share some key things you may need to know before committing to a provider.

Main Points to Consider When Choosing Multi Domain Hosting

Choosing any hosting, many things have to be thought through. That is the resources, hosting type, features you need, provider's track record and many more.

From my own experience trying, failing, and succeeding to find reliable providers for my own projects, I now have some guidelines to follow. So here are some key points that will make choosing multiple domain hosting much easier:

#1 Data limits.
#2 Ease of use.
#3 Pricing and upsells.

Among these, always check the track record of the provider - speed and uptime are essential for all sites.

#1 Data Limits

Let's take an average WordPress site as an example to illustrate the point - it takes around 1GB of disk space. Add some more visuals and heavy plugins - the number can increase up to 5GB. Let's include an eCommerce platform now with hundreds of products - 20GB are easily reached.

So now imagine that you want to host multiple domains on one account. With each site, the number of resources you need multiplies.

It goes for disk space, bandwidth, memory, and RAM equally.

And I know what you're going to say - picking unlimited hosting solves this issue. Hm, I thought so too until all of my sites started crashing.

Unlimited hosting does not mean unlimited in literal terms. It is a marketing trick that allows providers to keep the actual amount of data hidden. At any time they are entitled to impose penalties for breaking "Acceptable Use Policy."

Unfortunately, many many hosting providers still use this trick. It's rarely possible to get the exact information on how much resources you are allowed to use.

The key takeaway from this - choose a provider with clear data limits or the one that has great customer reviews. Also, you might want to look for VPS or Cloud hosting platforms if eCommerce stores and high-traffic sites are in the plans.

#2 Ease of Use

Taking care of several websites is a challenge in itself. So there's no need to waste time for providers that don't try to make it easier.

There are a number of things to consider:

  • A professional control panel is a must - it will be the main tool to manage all the domains hosted, configure website settings, and more. cPanel or its alternatives are highly preferred for the ease of use, large communities, and functionality. But don't underestimate custom panels - there are some great examples too.
  • Auto-installers for the commonly used apps - whether you need to install WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or any other CMS, one-click installers save a lot of time. This way you don't need to download files to your computer, configure various settings, and to open an FTP client to transfer the files to the server.
  • Customer support - helpful and fast customer support will save you a headache, literally. Without a team of developers, there's no way of knowing every tweak and twitch of the hosting account. Support agents are trained to deal with both issues and help in transferring multiple domains and setting them up.

Multiple domain hosting shouldn't be more difficult than having only one website. Great providers will help with that - from providing intuitive management tools to professional customer support.

#3 Pricing and Upsells

You're going through your cart and notice a huge difference in prices. The final cost is much higher than the one advertised.

Remember that SSL which was "included"? Well, it's actually $1.99/mo. The automated backups? $5 more each month.

It is a common situation. The whole hosting industry is infected with pricing increases and upselling attempts.

I highly disapprove of such behavior and try to avoid shameless hosts that automatically put services in the carts without approval.

But that is not always possible. Even the most reputable providers do that. So what is left is to simply throw items like that out and continue with the original package.

Another trick is to increase prices after the first billing period. While an advertised price seems affordable at first, it can jump up to several times when you are ready to renew.

Key takeaway - always check what you're paying for and how that might change after the renewal.

The Best Multi Domain Hosting Providers

Without any further ado, I shortlisted the providers that will make a good job hosting multiple sites on one account.

Here are the best multi domain hosting providers:

  • Bluehost - the best multi domain hosting.
  • HostGator - multiple domain hosting for beginners.
  • Hostinger - multiple site hosting option on a budget.
  • A2 Hosting - fast unlimited domain hosting.
  • Hosting24 - affordable and user-friendly hosting.

1. Bluehost - Leading Multiple Domain Hosting Provider

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Bluehost Homepage

Bluehost is a great option both for beginners and professionals looking to host multiple websites. It's always been among the top hosting choices. Being in the industry for a long time now and earned a well-deserved reputation as a fast, reliable, and affordable provider.

Unfortunately, the cheapest shared hosting plan can host only 1 website. On the other hand, there are 3 other plans starting at $5.45/mo that support unlimited domain hosting.

All of the plans - Plus for $5.45/mo (renewal $10.99), Choice Plus for $5.45/mo (renewal $14.99), and Pro for $13.95/mo (renewal $23.99) include unlimited bandwidth and disk space. And while I am skeptical about the "unlimited" part, Bluehost assures that the only ones that should worry are those who use hosting for storage or file-sharing purposes.

The provider also throws in a complimentary domain name, SSL certificate, and Pro plan users will also get a dedicated IP.

So I would recommend Plus and Choice Plus plans for small- to medium-sized blogs or business websites. Pro plan will also be great for eCommerce stores.

Multiple Domain Hosting Features

The shared hosting packages are managed through Bluehost's customized cPanel. The control panel is integrated into the hosting management dashboard - it's easy to find both the standard functionality, purchase additional domains, and manage them.

But you won't even need to reach the advanced cPanel settings menu. It possible to easily add extra domains through the main and very intuitive dashboard.

Bluehost multi domain hosting management

As you can see, I already host 2 domains. By pressing +Add Domain, you can register or purchase, assign, redirect, and transfer domains. It's also possible to set up subdomains and configure DNS zones.

It's as easy as filling in the required details and clicking a finish button.

Should something go wrong, Bluehost has a huge section of tutorials and an always-helpful 24/7 customer support. In any case, users are not left alone to deal with problems.

Bluehost is a great multi domain hosting provider offering ease of use, great performance, and seriously powerful plans. Although renewals are rather expensive, it's very much worth it to invest in such a powerful and reliable platform.


  • Great server performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive management platform


  • No uptime guarantee

Visit Bluehost

2. HostGator - Beginner-Friendly Hosting for Multiple Sites

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HostGator homepage

HostGator slogan already says that it makes hosting easy and affordable. I can say exactly the same about its multi domain hosting packages.

Powered by intuitive cPanel, it really makes it easy to add as many domains as you want and manage the sites assigned to them.

The "affordable" part is not a lie as well. HostGator's multi domain hosting packages start at $3.95/mo.

Even better - it's possible to reduce this price even further.

The coupon code HOSTINGREVIEW includes up to 61.5% discount from the original price.

So how do the plans look then:

  • The Baby plan for $3.83/mo already includes unlimited domain hosting, unmetered storage, and bandwidth.
  • The Business plan for $5.76/mo besides unmetered domains and data also includes a dedicated IP, Positive SSL, and tools for SEO.

HostGator is another example that makes "unlimited" hosting as close to the truth as possible. Even after hosting a dozen of small blogs with the provider, all of them functioned flawlessly. And as I mentioned, HostGator makes it really easy to manage multiple domain hosting accounts.

Managing Multiple Domain Hosting with HostGator

HostGator uses cPanel to manage the accounts at no extra charge - it is great as cPanel increased its pricing in the middle of 2019 and many providers have chosen to charge extra for the intuitive panel.

It is very easy to add extra domains using cPanel. In the domain menu, you'll need to locate the "Addon Domains" section and follow the instructions. After that, it's possible to switch to any site that you own on the account and manage them simultaneously.

cPanel multiple domain hosting manager

HostGator is also equipped with other features that will help to save time:

  • It has one-click installs for the most commonly used CMSs and eCommerce platforms - WordPress, Joomla, Zencart, Magento, and others.
  • A drag-and-drop website builder is also free for you to use. HostGator has designed a user-friendly website builder for those that are in a rush to build a professional site.
  • Multi-language phone support is available too - you can call HostGator and as for the help with you setting up websites, configuring the settings, strengthing the security.

The provider really proves to be affordable and easy to use - just as promised. The value of the packages is incredible, especially for the beginners who are not yet sure about every feature they need. HostGator has it all.

HostGator is a fast, beginner-friendly, and affordable provider for hosting multiple domains on one account. The plans are packed with features and the support is brilliant.


  • Beginner-friendly hosting
  • Reliable server performance
  • Affordable pricing


  • Designed for multiple small websites

Visit HostGator

3. Hostinger - Cheap and High-Quality Multi Domain Hosting

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Hostinger Shared Hosting Landing Page

Hostinger is one of the cheapest providers in the industry that's delivering premium user experience, performance, and security. This makes it an ideal option for multiple domain hosting. For a very cheap price, it's possible to get top-notch performance, ease of use, and great customer support.

Unfortunately, just like with previous providers, Hostinger's cheapest plan can only host one website. However, there are 2 other packages starting at $2.15/mo for multiple website hosting.

  • The Premium plan for $2.15/mo includes unlimited site hosting with 20GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • The Business option for $3.45/mo will also host unlimited sites, includes 30GB of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.

If you feel that disk space is rather limited, I can assure that hosts offering "unlimited" packages won't include much more. But if that's not enough for you, Hostinger has very powerful Cloud and VPS packages that are very much affordable as well.

So how easy is it to manage multiple sites using Hostinger?

Hostinger Multiple Domain Hosting Management

Hostinger has a custom control panel that has similar functionality to cPanel. However, the design is much more modern and truly streamlined.

So under the "Add New Website" field, you'll be able to add new websites and assign them with domains. It's possible to either choose a free subdomain or use an already registered domain for your multiple websites.

Hostinger Multi Domain Hosting - Adding New Website

As Hostinger itself states, with the creation of a new site/domain, it will have its own control panel and will work just as a primary domain.

That's an excellent feature for agencies and businesses. Multiple team members can work on different projects simultaneously without interrupting each other. So in terms of ease of use and convenience, Hostinger is doing a really great job.

Hostinger is not just one of the cheapest multi domain hosting providers. The host focuses on quality and offers high-performance hosting with a streamlined control panel making it a breeze to manage multiple websites.


  • Incredibly cheap pricing
  • Great server performance
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Does not include a lot of features

Visit Hostinger

4. A2 Hosting - Speed-Oriented Multiple Domain Host

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A2 Hosting Homepage

A2 Hosting is among those offering unlimited hosting in terms of every aspect - disk space, domain names, and bandwidth. And it is one of those providers I can recommend. It really justifies its unlimited hosting.

Besides the limitless data, A2 also focuses on speed offering tons of features to boost websites' performance.

But just like all of the providers before A2 Hosting, the cheapest plan won't cut it. You'll need to choose the packages starting from $4.90/mo to host multiple domains.

  • The Swift plan for $4.90/mo is equipped with unlimited domains, storage, and bandwidth. Automated backups are also available.
  • The Turbo plan for $9.31/mo features not only unlimited domain hosting but also Turbo servers boosting websites' performance.

From my experience, Swift can handle half a dozen simple websites that are not generating much traffic. Think of small websites for businesses or personal blogging platform. The Turbo plan, on the other hand, is much more powerful and the websites will be able to handle lots of traffic.

The provider makes it easy to handle the sites themselves and tries to do all to make them fast.

A2 Hosting Multi Domain Hosting Platform

A2 Hosting, just like HostGator and Bluehost, employs cPanel to manage all the websites. So it's pretty standard and easy to use - there will be no issues of doing that yourself, getting help from dozens of community forums, or simply contacting the support.

On the other hand, A2 Hosting goes the extra mile in order to offer the best server performance.

  • Server location choice is available - you can place your websites in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, or Singapore.
  • Cloudflare CDN is included for better page loading times across the globe.
  • A2 Optimized server configurations for different popular applications like WordPress or PrestaShop.
  • Turbo plan also features server optimizations, caching, and other tools to boost the performance up to 20 times.

A2 Hosting is the only provider on the list that has so many features that can help to boost the performance of each of the multiple sites you're planning to host.

Looking at all the features, it is obvious that A2 Hosting is the best-equipped provider on the list. Combined with lots of server resources and speed boosters, it will make all of your sites fast.


  • Features to speed up sites
  • cPanel for easy management
  • Generous amount of resources


  • Can get expensive

Visit A2 Hosting

5. Hosting24 - Cheap and User-Oriented Hosting

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Hosting24 web hosting landing page

Hosting24 is a fast and reliable multi domain hosting provider offering two interesting shared hosting options. Users can choose from cheap shared hosting and no less affordable cPanel hosting.

The regular shared hosting is equipped with a custom control panel which is made more modern than cPanel and no less functional.

The pricing for unlimited website hosting starts at $2.15/mo for the Premium plan with unlimited bandwidth and 20GB disk space.

A more expensive option, the Business plan for $3.45/mo includes 4x more server resources, 30GB disk space, and daily backups.

If you're used to cPanel, it has only one multi domain hosting plan for $3.25/mo. It includes up to 5o domain hosting, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth.

So it is pretty clear that managing multiple sites with cPanel is pretty easy. Hosting24's custom control panel is keeping up. Let's take a look:

Hosting24 Multiple Domain Hosting Management

As you can see, the custom panel has a clean modern look with basically the same functions. To add more websites and domains, you'll simply need to press "Add Website" and follow the instruction in there.

Hosting24 control panel for multiple domain hosting

I personally always enjoy using Hosting24 for multiple domain hosting. Each domain is managed from a separate control panel under one account, so there are no accidental misconfigurations for other sites.

Also, Hosting24 trains all of its agents on its custom panel. So even a completely new employee can help with both basic setups and more serious issues without the need of tossing customers around different departments.

So while there are no blows and whistles about Hosting24, it is just a simple, fast, and very reliable provider offering high-quality multi domain hosting.

Hosting24 has 2 types of shared hosting packages to host multiple domains - traditional cPanel hosting and packages with custom made panel. Both of these are hosted on premium level hardware to deliver speed. Ease of use is also there and customer support is highly skilled.


  • Choice of a control panel
  • Great server performance
  • Excellent support


  • Resources might feel limited for bigger sites

Visit Hosting24

Multi Domain Hosting - the Verdict

There's a lot to consider when picking a host that can handle multi domain hosting. But let's admit it - a smart choice will save you money, time, and nerves.

So when I was shortlisting the providers, only those who made hosting into a pleasant experience were picked. Here they are, the top providers for multiple domain hosting:

  • Bluehost - premium yet affordable option to host multiple websites on a fast and easy to use platform.
  • HostGator - all-inclusive host for beginner users that need all the features with complete ease of use.
  • Hostinger - the cheapest provider that delivers high-quality multi domain hosting, ease of use, and fast performance.
  • A2 Hosting - a provider that focuses on speed above all else and provides an easy to manage platform to host multiple domains.
  • Hosting24 - a no-blows-and-whistles provider for a very cheap price including cPanel or a custom panel for the ease of use.

Which of the providers tops your list? Share your experiences in the comment section down below!

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