The 5 Best MySQL Hosting Options – Some Are Even Free!


Bart Keating


2019 November 19th

When we create a dynamic website it needs to have a database to store all of your valuable information. These databases are used for everything on your website, from generating pages to storing important user data.

Think of them as bones in the human body, you don't see them, but they hold everything up. So when you're looking to host your website or specific database hosting it's important that you find the best offers.

MySQL Hosting

And for our money the best relational database management system is MySQL.

Why MySQL?

You want your databases to be fast, reliable, and scalable. While there are a few options you can use, like Oracle and MS SQL, by far the most popular and easiest to use is MySQL.

The reliance on MySQL for big-name content management systems such as WordPress has led to the vast majority of web hosts deciding to support it in recent years.

MySQL is also open-source, so you can change and modify it if you need it. And since it's free and popular, you will find tons of tutorials and forum posts if you run into any trouble.

Best MySQL Hosting

We've reviewed different MySQL compatible hosts to find these 7 best options. Some of these offer specialized MySQL hosting and others offer great deals with MySQL support.

1. Bluehost - Scalable MySQL Hosting Plans

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Bluehost is mostly known for its WordPress hosting, even to the point of being recommended by WordPress itself. But it does offer a wide variety of quality hosting services, from VPS to dedicated servers.

All of Bluehost plans support MySQL. The cheapest shared hosting plan will cost you 2.95$/mo and will give you 50GB SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth and unlimited databases.

If you need more power and unlimited SSD storage you will need to buy the Choice plan for $5.45/mo, which comes with unlimited domains and spam filter.

All of Bluehost hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and a free domain name for the first year. 

Bluehost has 24/7 phone and live chat support, and you also get both toll free and international phone numbers. If that's not enough it offers a vast knowledge base full of useful articles and videos to help you out.

Bluehost Performance

When it comes to performance, Bluehost delivers on both decent speeds and stability. We didn't experience any downtime during our testing period.

Bluehost response time

Our response time clocked in at an impressive 180ms, beating the golden standard of 200ms. Overall, with Bluehost, your website will be fast and stable.

Bluehost Advanced Features

Bluehost takes your website security and resources seriously, that's why they offer advanced features like SiteLock, CodeGuard, and unique IPs. Of course, these are add-ons that are available if you need them.

It keeps an eye on your shared hosting resources, managing everything in the server so your website performance would be intact. It always tries to make shared hosting users feel like they have a dedicated server.

And if you want to do some marketing yourself, Bluehost offers both Google ads and Microsoft advertising credits. These add up to a 100$ free credit when you spend $25.

Overall, Bluehost offers impressive performance and scalable shared hosting plans with unlimited MySQL databases.

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2. Hostinger - MySQL Hosting On A Budget

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Hostinger is an excellent choice for cheap MySQL hosting: plans start at just $0.99/month. The base package gets you 10GB of storage space and one MySQL database.

If you need more databases, we recommend the still extremely affordable $2.59/month Premium Shared Hosting plan. It supports an unlimited number of databases and comes with limitless SSD storage space.

The Premium plan will also be a great option because it comes with free domain registration. Of course, you have to choose to pay annually to get that.

Hostinger makes it extremely easy to set up MySQL. You'll find numerous Hostinger support tutorials that explain what MySQL is and how to create a MySQL database.

Hostinger Performance

Hostinger is really fast, our website with default WordPress installation loaded in just 0.6 seconds. And we got A's in both PageSpeed and YSlow score, so your website and servers will be optimized for quick loading times.

You also get a 99.9% uptime guarantee provided with each plan, and Hostinger keeps its word on this one. We actually didn't experience any downtime during our testing times.

Hositnger's response time was as low as 20 ms and the overall average was just 87ms, which is the fastest response time in this list.

Hostinger Support And Features

One thing to be aware of is that Hostinger doesn't offer phone support. It does have a 24/7 live chat and ticket support system though, so you will still get fast and effective help.

With Hostinger you get database management and storage software InnoDB and PHPMyAdmin. You also get the ability to access and manage your MySQL databases remotely.

If you're considering Hostinger's MySQL package but are in the market for entirely free MySQL hosting, consider Hostinger's subsidiary, 000webhost

MySQL Hosting 000WebHost

It doesn't offer as many features as Hostinger, but its bottom tier plan includes 1GB storage and is completely free. 

All in all, Hostinger offers impressive performance and plenty of features for a wallet-friendly price.

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3. A2 Hosting - Eco-Friendly MySQL Hosting

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A2 Hosting is committed to environmental friendliness. It partners with the Carbon Fund to offset all emissions created by its servers and has a strong focus on recycling.

Its best feature is that it offers a range of plans all dedicated to MySQL hosting. Providing excellent scalability and allowing you to just pay for the resources you need.

The starter $2.96/month Lite plan comes with unlimited storage but is limited to just 5 MySQL databases. We recommend the slightly pricier $3.70/month Swift plan which can host an unlimited number of databases.

And don't forget that A2 Hosting offers anytime money-back guarantee, so you can try its services without any risk.

A2 Hosting Performance

A2 Hosting guarantees you a stable server and a 99.9% uptime. But do they deliver on these promises?

Our website didn't experience any downtime, and for most parts, our response time was very stable.

There was a spike in our response time, a moment where it jumped to 1000ms. But apart from this, the average speed of 180ms is a solid indicator that your website will run fast and smooth.

MySQL VPS Hosting and Advance features

If you need a bit more speed or features A2 Hosting offers special VPS MySQL plans. These are specifically designed for MySQL, so you get root access and turbo servers. The price for these plans starts at $5 a month.

The cheapest VPS plan comes with 20 GB of storage, 2TB transfer limit and 512MB of RAM. And you can get 50GB of storage for $15/mo. But sadly, bandwidth is always limited to 2TB.

Whichever package you go for, you'll be able to make use of developer-friendly database languages like PostgreSQL and MariaDB in addition to MySQL 5.6.

MySQL Hosting A2 Hosting Languages

Plus, A2 Hosting is known for its rapid load speeds. It's achieved through a combination of SSD storage and a custom SwiftServer architecture.

All in all, A2 Hosting has both MySQL support and plans specifically created for MySQL database hosting. It's a good choice for more tech-savvy users.

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4. InterServer - All-In-One MySQL Hosting Plan

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InterServer only offers one shared hosting package for $4, which includes an unlimited number of domains, email accounts, bandwidth, and even storage space. With all of that included you don't need to spend time investigating what plan has what features.

If shared hosting isn't your thing, InterServer offers a wide variety of hosting services. From reseller web hosting to ASP.NET hosting, it even has a free 1-year hosting option for students around the world.

The InterServer support team is ready to answer your questions 24/7. You can choose the best method for you, either by live chat, ticket system or by phone.

And if you want to chat with support over the phone, InterServer has 5 locations around the world - The USA, UK, Brazil, Isreal, and Mexico.

InterServer Performance

Interserver boasts about its speed and stability, guaranteeing us a 99.9% uptime rate. It does offer compensation for downtime, but we absolutely didn't need it, because our website was up 100% of the time.

The average response time for our website was just 214ms. And there were no major spikes in performance, so users won't have to play the speed lottery when visiting your website.

All The Features In One Package

Having just one plan means that everything you need will be there from the very start. You get both Cloudflare CDN and global content caching for better performance and speed.

InterServer also has its own Intershield security running on every website. It includes machine learning firewall, automatic virus scan, and malware removal. And all of that is already configured and ready for action.

Even better is the Inter-insurance, a free service that will restore and clean-up compromised or hacked accounts for free. It's even available for new customers when migrating to InterServer, the team will fix and clean your website before moving it.

While InterServer has just one plan, it has everything you need for good performance, security, and MySQL management.

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5. DreamHost - MySQL Hosting Provider With Experience

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DreamHost was established in 1996, and by now has 1.5 million websites and more than 20 years of experience in hosting. All that experience made it focus on 3 S's - speed, security, and stability.

Shared hosting here starts at $2.59 for 50GB of fast SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and up to 6 MySQL databases. And if you want unlimited databases you will have to choose the Unlimited hosting plan for $5.95/mo.

You also get domain privacy protection completely free with your hosting plan, with most providers you have to pay extra for it.

Note, that these prices are only available if you choose to buy shared hosting for 3 years. If you want to pay monthly the price for the Starter plan will increase to $4.95/mo. But if you're thinking about the future it will help you save money.

For those who need customer support, Dreamhost offers 24/7 ticket support. Unfortunately, the live chat option is only available from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific time, and you can only schedule a phone callback for a nominal fee. 

DreamHost Performance

DreamHost statement is very clear - your site will be always up. And it states that for a good reason, we had a 100% uptime rate throughout our testing period. The speed, while not lighting fast, was still great averaging at 276ms.

Overall our response time was very stable, the highest it got throughout our tests was 357ms. So, even with the slowest response time, our website loaded faster than the average.

DreamHost Uptime And Money-Back Guarantees

The two key features that set DreamHost apart are 100% uptime guarantee and 97-days money-back guarantee. The stability and uptime of our website were top-notch and achieved that 100% mark easily.

The 97-day money-back guarantee applies to shared hosting up to, well, 97 days. If you cancel your plan within this period, you will be automatically refunded. So if you feel unsure about DreamHost shared hosting plans you can test the water safely.

Note, that this refund option is only available for shared hosting plans.

All in all, every hosting plan with DreamHost will give you fast speeds, stability, and great security.

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6. HostGator - Hosting With Free Website Transfers

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HostGator is one of the biggest hosting providers on the market, it offers a wide variety of hosting services that are tailored to fit most users needs. You can choose from shared or dedicated hosting, VPS, or just the Gator website builder.

The shared hosting plans here starts at $2.75 a month and goes up to $5.95. With the cheapest plan, you are limited to only 1 domain name, but storage space and bandwidth are unlimited from the start. And don't forget the free SSL that is included with each plan.

If a website transfer is giving you a headache, HostGator offers you a free website, domain, or MySQL transfer by its team of specialists.

HostGator actually gives you a free domain name for one year with every plan you choose. But be aware that you have to choose an annual billing option in order to be able to use this feature.

HostGator Performance

While showing more stable results and giving us a 100% uptime for our website, HostGator was a bit slower than most of the competitors. The average response time was about 453ms, which is more than two times the recommended 200ms.

The slowest our server got was 658ms, and we didn't experience any major response spikes during our testing. So while not the fastest HostGator shows a stable performance.

HostGator's Solid Customer Support

What HostGator lacks it more than compensates with its customer support. They offer a premium 24/7 support by email, live chat, or phone line. And they have local, toll-free, and international numbers for you to choose and use.

You also get free automatic weekly off-site data backups to keep our website up and running no matter what. But if all of that is not enough, HostGator has another ace up its sleeve.

HostGator knowledge base has more than 600 help articles on every topic and more than 500 video tutorials. Video tutorials make it easier for less tech-savvy people to fix and modify things themself.

HostGator is a solid choice if you want a hosting provider with amazing customer support. It even throws in website transfer for free.

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7. Siteground - Balanced MySQL Database Hosting

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Siteground offers one of the best prices and features balance out there. And for users looking for MySQL hosting, it gives quite a lot of useful tools and performance boosts.

The lowest tier StartUp plan will cost you $3.95 a month and will include 10GB of storage, free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, and unlimited databases. While the highest-tier GoGeek plan will give you all of the previous features and 30GB of storage.

The Storage space here is sadly always limited to the maximum of 30GB, which is not perfect if you plan to have a more media-centric website. But you get daily backups completely for free with every plan, so you can restore your website if anything goes wrong.

If you need any help or information Siteground offers 24/7 customer support by phone, live chat, and ticket system.

It also offers webinars that are filled with useful information about the company, hosting features, and all sorts of troubleshooting.

SiteGround Performance

Our tests website had a 100% uptime rate, that's great knowing that SiteGround guarantees every website will have a 99.9%. And apart from one big spike that skyrocketed our response time to 1700ms, SiteGround showed stable results all throughout.

If we look at SiteGround's speeds the average was 248ms, which is just a bit above the recommended Google speed of 200ms. And most of the time our website responded in just below the 90ms mark.

SiteGround Developer Friendly Approach

If you know your way around code Siteground's GrowBig and GoGeek plans are just for you. Easy Git installation means that every server comes with a pre-installed Git version, so you don't have to do it yourself.

And if you want to do some changes, but you don't want to do it on your live website SiteGround offers staging tools. They allow you to make a copy of your website to test new features and code, without affecting your main website.

You can even use its white-label features to develop and create your own branded designs or websites to sell to your customers.

SiteGround has a balanced price and feature deals that give you unlimited databases, free SSL, and Cloudflare CDN.

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Finding the Best MySQL Hosting Service for You

Remember, MySQL is a versatile language and these web services are all tailored toward using it for different purposes. Make sure you consider your personal needs when choosing the best MySQL host:

  • BlueHost: Easily scalable and affordable hosting.
  • Hostinger: The cheapest MySQL hosting with all the essential features.
  • A2 Hosting: Solid hosting provider that is also eco-friendly.
  • InterServer: MySQL hosting provider with all the features you need in just one plan.
  • DreamHost: A Reliable MySQL Hosting Provider
  • HostGator: Hosting provider with a free website, domain, or MySQL transfers.
  • SiteGround: Provider with a balanced price and features packages for your MySQL hosting.

Bear in mind that these are just rough outlines, and if you want to find more about each provider you can just visit our review page.

Some hosts will be better suited for MySQL developers while others are oriented towards beginner level users.

What did you think are the best MySQL database hosting choices? Please let us know about other great services by commenting below!

MySQL Hosting FAQs

We answered the most commonly asked questions about MySQL hosting.

Here's everything you might want to know:

1. What Alternatives Does MySQL Have?

While MySQL is open-source and free, there are both paid and free alternatives available. Oracle and MS SQL are premium options that are orientated towards big companies with more complex needs.

SQLite, on the other hand, is made more for individual users with just a few databases. And of course, you have a lot of open-source tools like MariaDB that you can use.

But note that most alternatives are better in specific scenarios, so you have to understand what you need before choosing one.

2. Is MySQL Easy to Use for Beginners?

Yes and no. Most providers offer you PHPMyAdmin as an easy tool to manage your MySQL databases.

But if you want to get the most of MySQL, you will need to learn more about SQL and database programming.

And the fact that it's the most popular database management system, means that there are hundreds of tutorials and forum posts online to help you with that.

3. Do I Need to Install Anything?

No, your hosting company should provide you with everything already installed and ready to go. So, you don't need to do or add anything on your own, well only if you want to.

If a company doesn't run Windows or Unix servers, then it probably uses MySQL as a database management system.


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