5 Best Python Web Hosting Packages For Building Powerful Websites


Bart Keating


2019 November 28th


Python is a nearly 30-year old object-orientated programming language. It's so powerful that, despite its age, it's still used by over 4 million people today.

As a robust and flexible coding language, not all web hosts offer support for it, and that can make finding the best Python web hosting a daunting task. But don't worry! I'm here to help you do just that.

I set out on a quest to find the best Python hosting options for you to use. And now - I present the results.

These are the best Python web hosting providers:

1. SiteGround 

From $3.95/month

Recommended for: Fantastic customer support

Python Web Hosting SiteGround PlansAlthough you may be an experienced and tech-literate Python operator, you may still want help when it comes to tackling tricky server issues.

If that's the case, SiteGround is a fantastic choice, with its technical support team staying available 24/7 by phone and live chat. 

To make it the best experience possible, every support shift is overstaffed to ensure you will never be put on hold if you call, and if you send a live chat query, it will be answered in 10 minutes or less.

Every SiteGround package is compatible with Python, with some packages for as cheap as $3.95/month, offering 10GB of storage space. For most Python functions, you won't need to handle a large amount of data, so that'd do.

If you do need the extra space though, SiteGround offers up to 30GB of storage on its premium plans. Plus, that storage is all SSD based to ensure your Python environment responds quickly. In my tests, I found response times to be as low as 81ms!

The one downside of using SiteGround's hosting for Python work is that SiteGround is only compatible with Python versions 2.4 and 2.7. Version 3.0 is not yet supported.

Python Web Hosting SiteGround Python Policy


  •  Free daily backups included
  •  24/7 Phone, live chat, email and ticket support
  •  No phone waiting times
  •  All traffic is unmetered


  •  No Python 3.0 support
  •  Storage caps with all plans

2. Bluehost 

From $2.95/month

Recommended for: Individuals needing a rapid Python experience

Python Web Hosting BlueHost Plans

Like SiteGround, Bluehost offers excellent support for your Python server or database. Its technical staff is accessible 24/7 by phone, live chat, email or tickets.

Bluehost plans include a version of Python that comes pre-installed with CentOS. That's great if you want a simple Python set-up process. But it's advisable you install an up-to-date version of Python 2.7, which you can do by following a handy guide that will be presented to you by the company.

If you intend on using a Python framework to create a publicly accessible website, you will be happy to know that all Bluehost plans include a free SSL certificate to encrypt the connection between readers and your pages. Even better, Bluehost includes a free domain for the first year of your plan; an addition that many web hosts charge extra for.

And thanks to Bluehost's use of SSD storage and well-optimized servers, you can rest assured your Python interface will respond rapidly to commands. When I tested Bluehost's Python server response speeds, they came back lower than 200ms!

You'll be pleased to know that prices start at just $2.95/month for 50GB storage and unmetered bandwidth. Unfortunately, this rate is a discounted offer for the first year only. After that, prices rise to at least $7.99/month.


  •  SSL certificate included
  •  Free domain included for the first year
  •  24/7 Phone, live chat, email and ticket support
  •  50+ GB storage and unlimited bandwidth


  •  Only Python 2.7 supported
  •  Prices jump in the second year

3. Hostinger

From $3.95/month

Recommended for: Those searching for Python hosting on a budget

Python Web Hosting Hostinger VPSWhile Hostinger doesn't offer Python support with its shared hosting packages, don't fret! Python support is available with all VPS plans.

VPS (or Virtual Private Server) hosting is effectively a halfway point between shared and dedicated server hosting - your server will be split between multiple physical machines, but assigned its own unique resources.

VPS hosting is super appropriate for Python use. For example, you get lots of control over things like server OS and resource assignment. VPS is also significantly more reliable than shared hosting, as having your server split over multiple machines provides redundancy (backups) in case of technical failure.

Normally VPS hosting plans cost much more than shared hosting. Fortunately, Hostinger's VPS plans are very much an exception to that rule; they start at just $3.95/month. The starter plan includes 20GB of SSD storage, 2.4GHZ of CPU power and 1TB of bandwidth. 

Remember, VPS hosting equals significantly more resource availability than shared hosting, so if you need to run processor-intensive Python operations, Hostinger is an excellent option.


  •  Cheap VPS plans are Python-compatible
  •  Better resource availability than shared Python hosts
  •  Very reliable, with uptime rates near 100%
  •  All space is SSD storage


  •  No phone support
  •  No Python available on shared plans

4. Python Anywhere

From $5.00/month

Recommended for: Being specifically designed for Python

Python Web Hosting Python Anywhere Homepage

If staying within budget while not compromising on the quality of your hosting is top of your priority list, I recommend you give Python Anywhere some thought. After all, it's a specialized Python host and offers totally free Python hosting.

And while there are some trade-offs to choosing the free plan (mainly in terms of resources), you'll still get an impressive set of included modules which can be imported to your personal Python environment with a single-line import command.

This module list is just one advantage of choosing a dedicated Python host like Python Anywhere. Another is that its servers are tailored specifically to dealing with the requirements of hosting a Python environment, guaranteeing you a stable and speedy experience.

You don't even need a credit card to sign up to Python Anywhere's free starter plan; just register with an email address and you're good to go!

While Python Anywhere doesn't give exact numbers on its restrictions, your CPU usage and bandwidth are both heavily limited with the free plan. It's still suitable for smaller projects, but if you need your Python code to run any mission-critical or business applications, consider paid options instead.

Python Anywhere's paid plans begin at $5/month, while the higher cost packages scale, some with maximum daily CPU seconds. For example, the $5/month plan includes 2,000 CPU seconds, while the $500/month plan can handle up to 100,000 CPUs seconds!


  •  Use Python from within your browser window
  •  Dedicated Python host
  •  Uses Python 3.0 (most hosts are still on 2.4 or 2.7)
  •  Extensive Python module list included
  •  Free plan is available


  •  Server cannot be used for non-Python functions

5. Hostgator

From $2.75/month

Recommended for: A flexible range of Python versions

Python Web Hosting Python HostGator Plans

By now you may have noticed that when it comes to supporting different Python variants, not all hosts are created equal. HostGator is certainly one of the more well-rounded providers - Python version 2.6.6, version 2.7.8 and version 3.2.3 all come preinstalled on every HostGator server.

That gives you the freedom to select a Python variant compatible with the coding language that you're already familiar with, or one that works with your favorite add-on module.

Despite its fully-featured Python support, HostGator shared hosting plans aren't limited in other areas, and won't break the bank when it comes to monthly payments. Prices begin at just $2.75/month (discounted price for the first term), and the starter plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth.

A free SSL certificate is also thrown-in with every plan, so your Python operations will be kept private through encryption. HostGator also runs a comprehensive support service which can be accessed 24/7 through live chat or over the phone.

And what's more, HostGator servers are super reliable with a guaranteed uptime rate of 99.9% - but the company keeps comfortably exceeding it. Don't believe me? You can see for yourself on our review.


  •  Large selection of Python versions pre-installed
  •  Very reliable hosting
  •  Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  •  Free SSL certificate included


  •  Can't use Python in browser's window

Choosing the right Python web hosting for you

People host Python script online for all manner of different reasons. So, when choosing between the above 5 hosts, consider your personal requirements:

  • Siteground is the best for customer support
  • Bluehost offers a super fast Python experience
  • Hostinger is great for performing powerful Python operations with VPS hosting
  • Python Anywhere is the host for you, if you want free Python hosting
  • HostGator has a flexible choice of Python variants on offer

Remember, while there are hosts out there like Python Anywhere, who offer totally free Python hosting, generally you'll have a much better experience if you opt for a paid plan. With a free host, you're unlikely to get the resources required to perform intensive operations. The result? System crashes that are totally avoidable.

But overall, you won't go wrong with any of the hosts on this list. After all, all of them passed a very simple test that we had. And the test was like this:

  1. I uploaded a pre-prepared batch of test scripts to each server
  2. I ran the scripts and recorded the time taken to complete the assigned operations
  3. I eliminated any hosts whose plans didn't include enough resources for the scripts to finish quickly
  4. I further narrowed down the list by focusing on additional features that enhanced my Python experience

All in all, I came to the conclusion that the 5 hosts listed here are the best Python hosting providers on the market today.

If you think I've missed any amazing Python hosts, please let me know about them in the comments below!

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Aurel picture

2019 August 18th

Nice job! Please I have a question, can I use python anywhere for a web site I made with framework Django????

Nice job! Please I have a question, can I use python anywhere for a web site I made with framework Django????