What Is SSD Hosting And Where Can You Find It?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 14th


SSD is a buzzword we hear often these days. You can hardly scroll through a hosting company's site without tripping over 'SSD this' or 'SSD that'. So of course, an obvious question arises. Is it something worth buying, or is a just another fad?

What is SSD hosting, and what benefits does it provide?

SSD hosting uses modern storage technology, which is faster and more reliable than regular hard drives. Hard drives (HDDs) use disks, while SSDs store information using integrated circuits - and don't have any moving parts. That results in big speed and reliability benefits as SSDs can read/write information faster, and have fewer components that can fail.

Hosting providers use this technological advancement for their own benefit. SSD shared hosting often uses those drives to run its databases, resulting in applications running smoother and responding faster. And of course, those things are important to any web hosting.

But with an increasing number of web hosts offering SSD storage, it's getting harder to tell exactly who provides the best service. But we've been reviewing web hosting for several years now - and know exactly which options are the worth your while.

Here are the top SSD hosting options right now:

1. Hostinger

From $1.45/month

Recommended for: Incredibly cheap SSD hosting

SSD Hosting Hostinger Shared PlansSince its introduction, SSD storage prices have been more-or-less constantly dropping. If you want a host that passes those savings directly on to you, Hostinger is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Its prices begin at just $1.45/month. That base plan includes 10GB of SSD storage and 100GB bandwidth, making it suitable for personal or small business sites. But if you need a little extra room, why not upgrade to the $2.95/month unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth plan?

But no matter which package you choose, you'll find cheap prices aren't the only ace in Hostinger's hand. One key feature of SSD storage is low site load times, and to help enhance that benefit, Hostinger uses powerful server optimization which helps its websites load as quickly as 77ms. 

All plans also include a fully-featured website builder that makes it easy to create a great looking site in minutes. It's based on a drag-and-drop design and includes dozens of pre-made templates.

SSD Hosting Hostinger Site Builder Instructions

One downside to Hostinger's service is its lack of phone-in support. Still, you can contact customer representatives 24/7 by live chat. Text-based communication is often better for solving technical hosting problems, so I can forgive the lack of a phone line.


  •  Cheap SSD hosting
  •  Reliable servers with nearly 100% uptime
  •  Easy-to-use website builder included
  •  Fast loading websites thanks to server optimization


  •  Bandwidth and storage caps with the starter plan
  •  No phone support

2. A2 Hosting

From $3.92/month

Recommended for: Environmentally friendly SSD hosting

SSD Hosting A2 Hosting Shared Hosting PlansAnother key advantage of SSD based servers is that they consume less power than traditional HDD servers. That makes them a great choice to help reduce the environmental impact of your web hosting.

And if you're looking for a web hosting company that can enhance your green credentials, A2 Hosting is a great choice. It offsets all the energy it uses through a partnership with Carbonfund.org, a nonprofit that promotes reforestation and energy efficiency.

A2 also encourages employee telecommuting to reduce commuting emissions, and it recycles old server hardware. But ecofriendliness alone doesn't make a great SSD hosting provider, right?

Well, A2 Hosting's SSD plans are also extremely cheap and come with impressive technical specifications. They start at just $3.92/month which will get you unlimited storage and bandwidth, allowing you to upload and share as much content as you want while dealing with heavy traffic levels.

However, the base plan is limited to hosting for a single website. If you want to take advantage of that unlimited storage capacity and host more than one site, I suggest you consider the $4.90/month package instead – it supports an unlimited number of domains.

A2 Hosting also throws in an SSL certificate to encrypt any traffic your site receives. That makes A2 a great choice for eCommerce sites that have to receive and transmit sensitive payment information.


  •  Eco-friendly web hosting service
  •  Plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth
  •  Free SSL certificate included
  •  24/7 support through live chat and Skype


  •  Starter plan only includes hosting for one website

3. SiteGround

From $3.95/month

Recommended for: SSD hosting with great customer service

SSD Hosting SiteGround PackagesWhether you're creating your first or hundredth SSD website, great customer support is vital when it comes to tackling difficult technical issues.

And while plenty of other web hosting services also provide support 24/7 through phone and live chat, SiteGround's staff do that and more. It overstaffs every support shift in order to ensure someone is constantly available to take your call  SiteGround actually has a no wait-time phone policy.

The chances are you'll rarely run into technical troubles in the first place though because, as mentioned above, SSD storage provides an extremely reliable hosting experience and SiteGround takes advantage of that reliability to guarantee a 99.9% uptime rate. My uptime tests actually came back with a stellar 99.99% average uptime rate for the past year. Fantastic!

And if something ever does go wrong, your data will be protected by the free daily backups are included in every plan.

Hosting packages start at just $3.95/month which includes 10GB of SSD storage - and range up to $11.95/month for 30GB. Unfortunately, there aren't any unlimited storage plans, and domain registration is not included. It costs an additional $15.95/year.


  •  Excellent 24/7 customer support with no phone wait time
  •  Reliable with 99.99% average uptime rate
  •  Free daily backups included
  •  24/7 support through live chat and Skype


  •  No unlimited SSD storage plans
  •  No domain registration included

4. iPage

From $1.99/month

Recommended for: SSD hosting with tons of extras

SSD Hosting iPage Homepage

Domain registration and an SSL certificate are vital hosting add-ons if you want to differentiate your website and keep it secure. And you'll be happy to know that both of those, and more, are included in all of iPage's hosting packages which begin at just $1.99/month.

That starter plan also comes with totally unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth to let you create an enormous website that can handle high traffic levels.

iPage is also a decent money-saving option for businesses as the introductory plan, uniquely, includes $200 worth of ad credits for major search engines like Google and Bing.

Thanks to a 1-click installer package, you can also control your iPage site using your content management system (CMS) program of choice. Alternatively, you can also take iPage's own site builder out for a spin.

SiteGround doesn't skimp on customer support either. You can get in touch with staff day and night with 24/7 live chat and phone support included in every plan.


  •  Free domain registration included
  •  All plans come with an SSL certificate
  •  Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  •  Free ad credit
  •  Tons of CMS software thrown-in


  •  Site builder isn't as powerful as competition's

5. Bluehost

From $3.95/month

Recommended for: WordPress SSD hosting

SSD Hosting BlueHost WordPressGiven that it's the most popular CMS program on the internet today with approximately 75 million users, there's a good chance you'll be using WordPress (WP) to manage the content on your SSD based server.

And while other SSD hosts offer great packages for WP-based sites with 1-click WP installation and server optimization, Bluehost takes it up a notch with WP integration so good it's actually recommended by the WordPress development team itself.

Although that pretty much guarantees you won't hit any technical difficulties while setting up your server, live support is available 24/7 by both phone and live chat in case you do run into trouble.

Bluehost isn't just good for WordPress though. All of it's shared hosting plans are also based on SSD storage too. Both WordPress and the regular packages are priced from $3.95/month (jumps to $7.99/month after the first term). The starter plans include 50GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

All plans include domain registration for the first year. The starter plan only allows you to host a single site though, if you'd like to manage more than one WordPress website, you can upgrade to the $5.95/month plan and benefit from unlimited domains and storage.


  •  WordPress plans recommended by WordPress itself
  •  Free domain registration and SSL certificate come standard
  •  Live support 24/7 through phone and live chat
  •  Free ad credit
  •  Tons of CMS software thrown-in


  •  Prices jump up after the first term
  •  Only singe website allowed in the base plan

Choosing the Correct SSD Hosting Package for You

Given that SSD storage is fairly common these days, you have the freedom to pick a service that meets your other hosting needs too:

  • Hostinger is the best for cheap SSD hosting
  • A2 Hosting's SSD shared hosting is eco-friendly and fast
  • SiteGround offers some excellent customer support
  • iPage's cheap SSD hosting comes with lots of free add-ons
  • Bluehost is the best for WordPress sites

SSD hosting is a great way to make browsing your website a better experience for you and your users. When choosing a provider, have a lot at what the best ones have to offer and take your pick according to your needs.

But what do you think? If I missed a fantastic SSD hosting choice, let me know in the comments below!

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