Web Hosting Deals (Spring ’18!)


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 7th

Web Hosting Deals

What comes to your mind when you think of spring: Spring cleaning, leaves returning to the trees, flowers beginning to bloom? Well for us here at hosting.review it's first and foremost a terrific time to make something brilliant. A beautiful website or another great project is just a few clicks away. So for this great season, I found 3 very interesting hosting providers which will help you do that. Let's have a look!


Terrific performance and even better prices

Our current #1-rated company, Hostinger is making a sale once more. And this offer is definitely worth taking up! For this spring, you can get web hosting services for incredible prices. Take the basic, Single Web Hosting plan - and have a look.

$2.40 for 3 months or $48 for 2 years in an amazing deal, beating pretty much everyone in the business. So, it's quite worth taking up. Just hurry up - it only lasts until the 4th of April and the number of discounts is decreasing every minute. If you want more information about the host and how it performs, check out our Hostinger review and see for yourself.

Visit Hostinger and claim your offer!

InMotion Hosting

Psssttt...We've got something special here

You see, InMotion isn't the one to do crazy discounts and go overboard with the excitement. This host values stability, performance, and amazing customer support, like mentioned in my InMotion Hosting review previously. Yet still, from time to time, there are some special deals that we may find. This one we're about to give you is kind of a big deal, so read closely:

Instead of regular prices for shared business hosting, going $5.99 for Launch, $7.99 for Power and $13.99 for Pro packages, we can offer you this:

  • Launch - $2.95
  • Power - $4.49
  • Pro - $7.49

This is an exceptional deal for business-class hosting, prepared for most projects. Unbelievable 24/7 phone, live chat, and Skype support will be there to guide you all along the way. Also, with plenty of tutorials, it's a yet another terrific option. If InMotion hosting is what interests you, then you won't get much better than this offer right here. Just hurry up - this offer is also not forever.

Visit InMotion Hosting and claim your offer!


Something is afoot


HostGator is a very popular host - and has been like that for many, many years. It has thousands, if not millions of devoted users and constantly attempts to bring in some new ones.

Also, it is our job to snoop around the web hosting websites, looking for interesting deals, facts or news we can cover. This HostGator deal is precisely one of such cases.

During our investigation, we've noticed that the price of HostGator web hosting services has simply...decreased. No big announcement, no press releases, interviews or flashy YouTube advertisements - just good old price decrease.

Clearly, the American host has decreased the prices so much, it has no money left to run a proper ad campaign! So we'll do it for them:

The price of a basic, one-site Hatchling plan has decreased from $3.99 a month to $2.75 a month. For a simple comparison, this discount over 3 years would save you nearly $45! That's a decent sum of money - hey, for what we know, I might've just saved you a nice restaurant dinner! Interested? Claim your offer as soon as possible, because I genuinely have no idea when is it going to stop.

Visit HostGator before it's too late!

What else to consider before buying

Well, in a word. Performance. It's something that can make or break your website, so it's very important to ensure you have the most reliable and quickest host possible. Let's take a quick look at how these compare, using our good old hosting status tracker.

Hostinger offers superior speeds

Response time - 95.92 ms

Spring Sale

Hostinger. No surprises there. Superb speeds, superb uptime.

InMotion is also doing alright

Response time - 686.89 ms

Not quite Hostinger but still very reputable - there are some other things this provider is known about but it loses the performance battle.

HostGator is okay but could improve

Spring sale

Third best from the three, HostGator is not awful by any means. The price is good and the reputation speaks for itself as well. If HostGator interests you, we can vouch - it's an interesting provider that will keep your website rolling at a smooth pace.

So that settles it. These 3 exciting hosts are here to help you kickstart your next big project. With our deals, you will be able to have brilliant hosting for less. Check out our offers, save some money and kick some tail!

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