Top 5 Website Hosting Providers With The Best Customer Support


If you are new to the website hosting and need to launch your personal or business page, customer support will be essential for you.

You'll most likely face some confusing issues (pricing, storage, speed, building your website, eCommerce solutions) or just feel the need for someone to virtually hold your hand during the process of launching your project.

More to add, with most sites, you'll run into digital hiccups from time to time. You need to have confidence that your host's support team will help you fix the problem immediately.

But while many services tout 24/7 support, only by signing up for their plans and sending queries can you judge how helpful that assistance really is.  

Which is why I've done just that.

My list of the top 5 best website hosting support options will save you a heck of a lot of time, as you won't have to go through the joys and pains of testing dozens of providers before finding one you're willing to settle down with.

So, without further ado, here's the list of the top web hosting support:

  • SiteGround (Amazingly quick and professional support)
  • Hostinger (Very responsive live-chat feature)
  • A2 Hosting (Cheap starter rates with Skype support line)
  • InMotion (Many contact options, useful support database)
  • Bluehost (Exceptionally broad knowledge base)

1. SiteGround

Prices from: $3.95/month for 10 GB storage and unmetered traffic

Best Web Hosting for Developers SiteGround PlansIn my tests, SiteGround staff proved that they take an exceptional amount of pride in providing customer support.

Teams are available 24/7 by all tickets, phone, and live chat. 

And my uptime tests also came back with a stellar average 99.99% uptime average for the past year.

That should give you the confidence that you won't be submitting too many support tickets in the first place.

Seems reasonable, but what makes SiteGround different?

Good question. What separates SiteGround from the competition is that technical teams take meaningful steps like over-staffing every support shift to ensure someone is always available to take your call.

Website Hosting Support SiteGround Support

Not only do staff refuse to put you on hold if you call, but they also guarantee an average 10-minute response time to live chat queries. I found I often got responses to my questions in 2-3 minutesExceptional stuff!

As if that wasn't enough, free daily server backups are also provided, giving Siteground's support teams an easy way to restore functionality when you need it most.

Watch out for Siteground's extras!

While SiteGround's starter plan is pretty good value, considering it's one of the best customer service web hosting plans, it doesn't include domain registration (which costs $15.95 /year).

And the cheapest plan includes just 10 GB of storage, though that can be swapped out for 30 GB with an $11.95/month plan (offer price; normally $34.95 /month).


  •  Unmetered traffic
  •  Free automated daily backups
  •  No phone wait time, 10-minute live chat response
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  •   Domain registration not included
  •  Storage capped even with expensive plans

2. Hostinger

Prices from: $1.45/month for 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth

Best Domain Hosting Hostinger PlansAlthough Hostinger's base plan is capped at the same storage limit as Siteground's, the premium $2.95/month plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth

You might assume these absurdly good prices would lead to an inevitable reduction in customer support quality...

But that's not the case!

I found the support staff that responded to my test questions to be knowledgeable and friendly.

They can be accessed 24/7 through email or via one of the best live-chat systems I've used.

The Hostinger chat system stores your entire conversation, reducing frustration if you need support with a recurring problem.

The one downside is...

Hostinger does NOT provide phone support

Website Hosting Support Hostinger Phone Service

But before you let this omission scare you away, ask yourself whether phone support is a necessity. Many find that it's easy to tackle technical hosting issues over text anyway.


  •  Brilliant live-chat design
  •  24/7 live-chat, email and ticket access to support team
  •  Affordable unlimited bandwidth and storage premium plan
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  •   No phone support
  •  SSL, daily back-ups and domain registration not included

3. A2 Hosting

Prices from: $1.98/month offer price (normally $5.99/month) for unlimited storage

Website Hosting Support A2 Hosting PlansA2 Hosting is far from a one-hit wonder, as it offers a true all-around service. Its cheap unlimited storage plan includes a full set of customer service options.
  • But what really stands out to me about A2 Hosting's support options is that its phone support is offered via Skype rather than a traditional phone line.

That makes A2 Hosting a great choice if you like to access customer support by voice and regularly travel abroad.

Customer support is also available over live chat with A2 Hosting. However, in my testing, the service certainly wasn't the strongest of the bunch.

Several times I attempted to start a live-chat and had to wait around 3-4 minutes to connect with a representative. If you're waiting for longer, the chat automatically cancels and you get redirected to the A2 knowledge base.

Website Hosting Support A2 Hosting Knowledge Base

At other times, presumably when the support service was less overwhelmed, the chats did connect instantly, but if you're looking for consistently fast support by text, you may wish to consider other options.

Website Hosting Support A2 Hosting Support


  •  Cheap unlimited storage
  •  Support team accessible 24/7 by Skype, phone email and live chat
  •  Free SSL certificate
  •  30-day money-back guarantee


  •   Occasionally live chat queries go unanswered

4. InMotion Hosting

Prices from: $2.95/month for unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth

Website Hosting Support InMotion HomepageAs well as including unlimited storage and bandwidth in its cheapest plan, InMotion Hosting provides a plethora of different ways to access its support team.

Like A2 Hosting, support is accessible 24/7 by Skype but InMotion goes a step further by maintaining traditional phone access too.

InMotion customer services reps can also be reached by live chat, email and support tickets

However, what I was really grateful for when troubleshooting my InMotion-hosted site was the InMotion support center.

There are hundreds of tutorials available alongside youtube videos and a community forum. Every supported piece of software has a dedicated 'education channel', making it easy to find obscure fixes.

Website Hosting Support InMotion Support

Keep an eye on the bottom line!

InMotion's lowest prices are contingent on you committing to a 3-year contract.

However, if you sign up for a single year instead, the launch plan costs $4.49/month. Also, the full amount has to be paid immediately, as monthly payments aren't offered. In one way - that can actually be quite good. Paying once and forgetting all about it for several years is bound to remove the recurring monthly payment headaches.


  •  Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  •  90-day money-back guarantee
  •  24/7 Skype, phone, live chat, email, and ticket support


  •   No monthly payment option

5. Bluehost

Prices from: $2.95/month for the first month for 50 GB storage

Website Hosting Support BlueHost PlansThanks to a guaranteed 99.9% uptime rate (which we verified through our own testing) I recommend Bluehost for a reliable hosting experience.

If something does go wrong, a 24/7 live-chat and toll-free phone service along with a detailed knowledge base are available.

Even if staff are unable to answer your questions for some reason or you'd simply prefer to troubleshoot by yourself, you can make use of the knowledge base (and accompanying YouTube channel).

Those have allowed me to tackle a variety of issues without even needing to directly contact the support team. However, note that prices increase after the first month and you'll need to sign a 3-year contract for the cheapest monthly rate.


  •  Free domain and SSL certificate
  •  24/7 live chat and phone support
  •  Decent troubleshooting database


  •   Long contracts and price jump after the first month
  •   Not the most helpful support team

So, How Do You Choose The Best Option?

When deciding on the best web hosting customer service plan for you, it's all about deciding what your preferred method of receiving support is.

  • SiteGround is the way to go if you prioritize excellent customer service over cost
  • Hostinger is the choice for users who prefer to troubleshoot using live chat 
  • A2 Hosting is a good choice if you want to contact a support team using Skype 
  • InMotion is perfect if you want to keep your support options as open as possible
  • Bluehost is recommended if you prefer to use knowledge bases and troubleshoot fairly independently

How Did I Pick My Top 5?

During our reviews, where we look for the best web hosting, we consider customer support to be one of the key things of a good provider. Therefore, when putting providers to the test, we sign up for them, feign issues and technical misunderstandings to gauge the friendliness and knowledge of the reps we talk to, checking if they knew their SQLs from their ASPs etc. and also testing their promptness.

But on another note, if you've had a great customer support experience with a provider you don't see here, let me know in the comments!

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