Where to Host a Website? – A Complete Newbie’s Guide


Fiona O’Connell


2019 September 6th

Even with social media being more popular than ever, a personal website for you or your business is still very important. It is a fully-customizable page that you can edit and adjust to your heart's content. For blogging, reporting news or selling online, a personal website is still the best choice. If you're looking where to host a website, this little guide is going to show you just how exactly should you do it. There are several things you should be looking out for. By following the tips here, you will get the right tools to improve and pave your way into becoming a web professional.

Where to host a website

So - what are the most important things for a beginner looking for the answer to this big question; how to host a website?

A website builder is good news in some instances

For many people with little to no publishing or coding experience, a website builder may sound like a terrific first choice. After all, such software is known to be versatile and easy to master. To be fair, there's a lot of truth in that. Not many things are easier to master than a drag-and-drop website builder, which requires absolutely none previous code knowledge.

Some may argue that using a website builder is an equivalent of learning to drive with a unicycle. You may absolutely master the art of unicycles but even in the best of conditions, it won't be more practical than a car. That may be correct to a certain degree - but not every person who wants to know how to make a website is going to want to become a developer. Sometimes, a simple option is all that's needed. In that regard, website builders are absolutely perfect.

However, you must choose it wisely. Some of the website builders we test are problematic in pricing, their templates are unintuitive and outdated and really, nothing works like it should. This is why we genuinely like our #1-rated website builder - Wix, which suffers from none of these problems. The templates are smart and beautiful and everything is very easy to use. If you're going to choose an option that's supposed to be simple, make sure it really is.

If you want something more sophisticated, however, you may consider using a more advanced CMS (content management system). The most popular one - - WordPress - is powering up nearly one-third of the world's active Internet sites and there are options like Joomla, Drupal or others. If you want to go big - those are your options. If you, however, are a business owner or a user who wants something that's beautiful and "just works" - you may as well choose a website builder.

Use cPanel hosting to your advantage

If you decide to use a CMS, you will need some good hosting that's going to power it all. For all of the regular user needs, I can suggest nothing but the providers using the ol' reliable Linux cPanel! Oh, I feel it - this one is going to cause some serious discussion. But first of all, allow me to explain what cPanel, or any hosting panel, really is.

In short, a hosting panel is a place where most of the important things are going to happen. This is where you will create subdomains, install software, keep track of your resources and do many other day-to-day things. Naturally, you want such a panel to be as simple to understand as possible. cPanel implements a simple drag-and-drop system, eerily similar to something from tablets or mobile phones.

Where to Host a Website

Most of the important things are very easy to locate. Some hosting providers make their own panels, which may be difficult to work with. cPanel is simple, efficient, used by many hosts and it goes a long way. A similar interface is used for shared web hosting and for advanced dedicated server management. Due to its popularity, if something becomes slightly difficult, you also won't have problems finding a fitting tutorial.

Where to Host a Website

When you are thinking of how to host a website, you should think of cPanel, as it is perfect for most users and there is really no good reason to not pick it. When it comes to hosts with a simple, powerful and intuitive panel, Hostinger often comes across as a very suitable example. With an easy-to-use interface and great usability, this is a best cheap web hosting company we found.

Look for auto-installer scripts to make your life easier

Auto-installer scripts are going to save you one day. These scripts are programs, used for many various things. Creating blogs, message boards, even learning systems is very easy and can be done with just a few clicks.

In general, there is nothing stopping you from downloading any of these apps without an auto-installer. However, for a beginner, building databases and manually installing applications is a hassle not worth enduring. One day, perhaps. For now, having so many apps on your fingertips is a great advantage.

Some hosts offer you very few scripts - during our reviews, we have encountered providers offering as little as 4, and as many as 300 applications for clients to choose from. Naturally, you'd want a host which offers you a good selection. You can't be choosing a web hosting based solely on that but in general, that's an important thing to look for.

Practice makes perfect, so check out tutorials

It is true for both beginners and professionals - no matter how good we think we are, eventually some help will be required. When that happens, make sure you're with a host which takes good care of its customers. An established tutorial base is always nice, as it contains answers to many questions you may have. We ourselves have a decent amount of tips and tools  - like a guide on how to start a website from scratch. Yet you will still benefit from a hosting provider which knows itself inside out.

TIP - look for a provider which has tutorials with visual information: photos and videos. Such tutorials tend to be more in-depth and can provide a thorough guide in case you get really stuck.

Ensure you're getting top-notch customer support

When you are thinking of where to host a website, something that should be on the top of your list of considerations, is good customer service. You should choose a web host which offers 24/7 live chat and ticket support. Those are the two really good ways to solve your problems, be they technical or not.

Hosting24 reviews

Many people also want a working phone service. It is also quite important but in my experience, it's more suitable for sales inquiries. Technical questions are answered best when they're in writing.

TIP - do not be afraid to ask stupid questions! If you are inexperienced, it's in the host's best interests to make sure you become an expert. If your provider can't handle you at your worst, they don't deserve you at your best.

So, where should you host a website?

This blog post is not sponsored by any hosting provider, therefore, I won't give you a certain answer. However, I hope that by now, you got yourself an idea of how to choose a web host. Choosing where to host a website can be stressful - with promotional deals, discounts and advertisements to your left and right, you are spoiled for choice. Check out our top hosting provider reviews and see for yourself. In there, I review many of the top companies and judge them on all of the things I mentioned in this article - and much more.

Good luck choosing a web hosting that suits your needs the best!

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