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2019 January 22nd at 4:09


WordPress is one of the greatest content management platforms ever to grace the internet. It's used by approximately 75 million websites, as well as brands like Disney & Sony. Many choose it for its powerful editing features, and the hundreds of add-on packages you can use to customize WordPress sites.

However, sadly, WordPress sites are often let down by the sub-par shared hosting packages they're hosted on.

That's why many users are turning to cloud hosting. It offers significant reliability and speed benefits over traditional hosting plans - with a WordPress cloud hosting service, your site will be stored on multiple machines, not just one server.

But who really offers the best cloud hosting for WordPress? That's what I'm here to answer. Over the past several months, I've been testing multiple of services to find out the best solution for you. These right here are the 5 best WordPress cloud hosting providers:

  • SiteGround (Cloud hosted WordPress sites with incredible customer support)
  • InMotion (Fast WordPress hosting that gives you control of your server setup)
  • HostGator (Budget WordPress cloud hosting)
  • CloudWays (Super fast WordPress cloud hosting)
  • Bluehost (High-quality WordPress integration)

1. SiteGround

WP cloud hosting from: $80/month

Recommended for: those looking for great customer support and scalable cloud hosting.

WordPress Cloud Hosting SiteGround PlansSiteGround offers a range of WP compatible cloud hosting plans, letting you pick one that suits the storage and traffic needs of your site. Plans start at $80/month for 40GB storage & 2 CPU cores, and scale up to 120GB storage & 8 cores for $240/month.

All packages include 1-Click WordPress installation and other features to enhance WP pages. Those include SuperCacher (which uses dynamic caching to speed up your site), and automatic WordPress update installation.

One key benefit of cloud hosting is reliability. And SiteGround helps you to capitalize on that with free daily backups - you'll always be able to restore your site if something goes amiss.

Another bonus to picking a cloud hosting plan is site speed. Again, SiteGround's plans enhance that advantage - you can pick up to 4 global servers for your site to be mirrored at. As physical distance has a big impact on load times, that'll help readers around the world see your content super fast.

WordPress Cloud Hosting SiteGround WordPress Features

Of course, when paying premium prices for cloud hosting, you should be rewarded with premium customer support. And SiteGround excels there too - customer service is available 24/7 by phone or live chat, and SiteGround has a no-wait time phone policy as well as a ten minute average live chat response time.


  • 1-Click WordPress installation
  • Only pay for the resources you need with scalable plans
  • Premium customer support service
  • Free daily backups
  • Mirror your site at data centers around the world


  • No unlimited storage plans available

2. InMotion Hosting

WP cloud hosting from: $19.99/month

Recommended for: those who want to have control over their server set up.

WordPress Cloud Hosting InMotion PlansInMotion provides one of the most unique cloud-powered WordPress hosting packages on this list.

Its cloud packages are based on Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology which gives you a combination of the benefits of cloud and dedicated hosting. You'll receive the same control over your server's OS that you'd get with a dedicated server, but your site will actually be distributed over multiple physical machines.

InMotion also uses cloud technology to give your WordPress site real-time redundancy. So, if the node your site is stored on fails, it will be instantly transferred to another.

If site speed is a key concern for you, InMotion is also a solid choice - its server architecture is heavily optimized to deal with WordPress traffic, storage is all SSD based, and you can pick which data center your site hosted at. All of that helps to ensure your visitors experience snappy page loads - in my tests, I found that response times got as low as 21ms.

Prices begin at $19.99 for 75GB storage, 4GB RAM and 4TB bandwidth. Unfortunately, prices do increase after your initial contract runs out (the renewal price of the starter plan is $54.99/month).


  • VPS server architecture gives you complete control
  • Cloud tech provides real-time redundancy
  • Super fast loading WP pages
  • Daily backups included for free


  • Price increase after the first year

3. HostGator

WP cloud hosting from: $5.95/month

Recommended for: those looking for affordable WP cloud services.

WordPress Cloud Hosting HostGator PlansAlthough cloud hosting is almost universally pricier than bargain shared hosting, HostGator proves it can still be done on a budget. Its prices are some of the lowest in the cloud hosting industry with plans that begin at just $5.95/month.

Do note that that's a discounted rate, though - after your first term prices jump to $14.90/month.

That starter plan includes unmetered SSD storage space, giving you the freedom to upload as much data as you like - perfect if you want cloud hosting for a multimedia-heavy WordPress website.

A free SSL certificate is also included with every WordPress hosting plan. SSL certificates encrypt the connection between visitors and your website, providing an important layer of security for business websites.

HostGator also has other features in store to enhance e-commerce cloud hosted WP sites - plans come with $100 of Google Adwords credit. Search engine ads can help drive up traffic numbers and boost revenue dramatically.

As for reliability, HostGator offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your service ever fails to meet that rate, you can claim up to 1 month of free hosting credit! Unfortunately, you probably won't be cashing in any time soon, as I found HostGator's average uptime rate to be close to 99.95%. 


  • Affordable WordPress cloud hosting
  • 99.9% uptime rate backed up by hosting credit offer
  • Free Google Adwords credit
  • Unmetered storage and bandwidth - great for large or high traffic sites


  • Limited server location choices

4. CloudWays

WP cloud hosting from: $10/month

Recommend for: those looking for fast WP cloud hosting.

WordPress Cloud Hosting CloudWays PlansCloudWays is another affordable WP cloud hosting service. Its plans start at $10/month. With that package, you'll get 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth.

You can also choose to pay hourly - that's quite common with enterprise cloud hosting as some users only need short periods of server access, but it's unlikely to be relevant for your WP site as you presumably want it to be live 24/7!

Like SiteGround, CloudWays offers you a choice of many global data centers (over 60) to have your site hosted at, letting you pick one that will minimize load times for your target audience.

CloudWays servers are also optimized to help WP sites load quickly thanks to the inclusion of a Breeze cache plug-in, allowing your site to take full advantage of CloudWay's CDN set up.

CloudWays is also a good choice for power users - one common disadvantage of cloud-based hosting (compared to dedicated servers) is the lack of control you get over your server environment. Happily, CloudWays compensates by giving you control over additional resources and a dedicated IP address.


  • Cloud hosting at affordable prices
  • Free daily backups
  • Large data center choice
  • Dedicated IP address
  • 24/7 Customer support


  • No unlimited storage options

5. Bluehost

WP cloud hosting from: $6.95/month

Recommended for: those who want high-quality WP integration.

WordPress Cloud Hosting BlueHost PlansWhile all the hosts in this list have excellent WordPress integration, Bluehost's WordPress support is so good it's actually recommended by the WordPress team. 

That effectively guarantees you won't run into technical problems while installing WordPress on your Bluehost cloud hosting account.

But if you do, fear not - Bluehost's customer support teams are standing by 24/7 to help you out over the phone or via live chat. 

Plans start at just $6.95/month (discounted - renewal price is $9.99) which bags you 100GB of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. 

That's plenty of room for even multimedia-heavy sites, and having unlimited bandwidth means your hosting package will have the ability to cope with unexpected spikes in web traffic.

Given those prices, you get a surprisingly powerful set of server resources with every cloud hosting plan. Each package includes a minimum of 2 server cores and 2GB of dedicated memory.

If you're new to cloud hosting, Bluehost is an excellent choice as its cloud servers are fully managed, so server use is constantly monitored, and experts will ensure any important security patches are installed behind the scenes.

What's more, you don't have to upgrade if you outgrow your plan - extra memory or other resources can easily be added if the need for them arises.


  • 24/7 Live chat and phone support
  • WordPress integration so good it's recommended by WordPress itself
  • Powerful dedicated resources included in the cheapest plan
  • Fully managed cloud servers


  • Price increase after the first year

Choosing the Best WordPress Cloud Hosting for You

When it comes to choosing between the above 5 options, consider your personal needs:

  • SiteGround is the best for amazing customer support;
  • InMotion's cloud WP hosting gives you complete server control;
  • HostGator is ideal for WP cloud hosting on a budget;
  • CloudWays offers super quick hosting;
  • Bluehost has rock-solid WordPress support;

Remember that what ''cloud hosting" means varies from host to host. Some merely make use of cloud resources to restore your server in real time in case of a technical failure (like InMotion), while others completely mirror your site at different global data centers (like SiteGround). By knowing what exactly are you getting, you can make an informed decision and compare the value you're getting for the money.

Maybe you host your WordPress website somewhere else? If you think I've missed an awesome alternative host, comment below to let me know!

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