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Dani Nolan


2019 November 7th

In this article, I talk about some of the best WordPress cloud hosting platforms, their features, and how to pick a provider that won't be a letdown. 

Simply put, cloud hosting is a service that combines the power of multiple physical servers and puts them on a virtual cloud server.  The technology allows users to get dedicated but flexible resources for their sites. This way the pricing can stay low but the performance increases a lot.

That's why I always use and recommend WordPress cloud hosting for the best speed and uptime.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

But there's one thing - WP optimized cloud hosting is often more expensive than regular cloud hosting.

So why don't I simply put the site on a cloud platform and pay more for WordPress cloud? 

Well, it's pretty simple. WordPress specific hosting has a bunch of features that help me manage and run the websites. For example, I don't need to worry about updates and security - they are taken care of by the provider.

Also, my websites run much faster - the servers are configured to be optimal for WordPress and WordPress only.

And yes, I admit - cloud hosting costs are slightly higher. But I'm happy to pay more to get better results and a pleasant user experience.

Just keep this in mind: many hosting providers are offering WordPress cloud hosting, but definitely not all of them are worth your attention. Here are my go-to providers that I choose for my projects:

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers

After months of testing providers, I finally found the 7 that exceeded my expectations of performance, reliability, and features.

Here are the best WordPress Cloud hosting providers at the moment:

  • Liquid Web (Best scalable WordPress cloud hosting)
  • WP Engine (Specialized cloud hosting for WordPress)
  • Bluehost (High-quality WordPress integration)
  • DreamHost (Budget-friendly cloud hosting for WordPress)
  • Hostinger (Cloud hosting fully optimized for WordPress)
  • Kinsta (Premium cloud WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud)
  • Cloudways (Superfast WordPress cloud hosting)

Here are more details on each:

1. Liquid Web - Best Scalable WordPress Cloud Hosting

Response time
Price from
Liquid Web homepage

Liquid Web offers fully managed web hosting plans, spanning from shared hosting to server clusters. However, cloud hosting is where Liquid Web really shines.

The cloud platform ensures top-level privacy and scalability. Liquid Web also gives the users the complete freedom of server configuration - you can choose as much data, disk space, CPUs, and RAM you need. This means long-term savings as there's no need to pay the resources you don't need.

To get started, there are 3 different platforms to choose from:

  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated Cloud
  • Cloud Sites™

All these cloud options are fully optimized to run WordPress CMS. Liquid Web offers one-click WordPress installs with all of its plans. In fact, Liquid Web can pre-install the software upon the registration.

WordPress Cloud Hosting Liquid Web WordPress Installation

The Liquid Web's offered ease of use and professional customer support ensures that users can focus on WordPress website development rather than server management.

Different levels of packages guarantee that Liquid Web can host both small personal websites and enterprise-level projects:

  • Cloud VPS starting at $29/mo is best for personal blogs and small business websites generating medium levels of traffic.
  • The dedicated cloud packages start at $119/mo and ensure even resource distribution for top-level performance. It's the most advanced cloud solution for big websites like eCommerce stores.
  • For agencies and professionals, there's Liquid Web's original Cloud Sites™ (priced at $51/month) platform for hassle-free management of several sites.

All of the plans include professional server management done by Liquid Web's professional tech team. The 100% SLA agreement guarantees faultless uptime. The performance is also constantly monitored so you can expect only the best results.

Liquid Web's Impressive Performance

Liquid Web doesn't just offer many cloud hosting options - it optimizes its servers for speed. To test the uptime and response time, I've hosted my WordPress website on the cheapest cloud VPS server.

Even on the budget-friendly plan, Liquid Web's response time averaged at an impressive 151ms with no notable peaks.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: Liquid Web Performance

During the test, our website didn't experience any downtime. A 100% uptime guarantees that your WordPress site will be up and running without any hiccups.

It's really impressive what Liquid Web has achieved -  that's reliability, excellent customer experience, and options for all kinds of users.

Liquid Web is our best WordPress cloud hosting provider not just because of its performance. In fact, it offers the best value in features, scalability, and reliability. It's excellent for any type of website generating high-levels of traffic as well as developing websites for clients.


  • High performance and reliability
  • Excellent user experience
  • Highly scalable


  • Pricing on the higher side

2. WP Engine - Specialized Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Response time
Price from
wp engine homepage

WP Engine is a WordPress-only hosting provider partnering with world-class cloud service providers AWS and Google Cloud. The platform focuses on providing the most advanced hosting solutions for enterprises, agencies, and eCommerce stores.

To ensure the best possible user experience, WP Engine has developed its own platform with tons of features:

  • 3 environments for developing, staging, and production.
  • Auto Migration for site transfer.
  • GeoTarget for global audiences.
  • 36 premium themes.
  • All essentials like SSL, CDN, backups, and more.

Also, because of WP Engine's partnership with AWS and Google Cloud, it's possible to choose the server location across 3 continents - North America, Europe, and Asia.

WP Engine datacenter choice

This gives the possibility to place the server closest to your target audience and so increase website performance even more.

Despite the quite steep pricing range, WP Engine has fully-featured plans for various websites including business sites, eCommerce stores, agency solutions, and more:

  • The cheapest Startup plan costs $29.17/mo (special discount for our blog readers alongside the 2 months for free). It already includes all of the basic WP Engine features like premium themes, CDN, and staging.
  • You'll be able to host up to 5 websites with the Growth plan for $95.83/mo. It includes 20GB disk space and 200GB of bandwidth. It's the best option for small agencies combining all the most powerful features and the possibility to host multiple sites.
  • The Scale plan for $241.67/mo includes 30GB of disk space and 400GB of bandwidth. With Scale, it's possible to host up to 15 WordPress sites. It's a great starter plan for busy agencies - a gateway to a custom WP Engine solution with the possibility to scale up to 1TB of storage.

So as you can see, WP Engine is not the cheapest option but it offers advanced solutions for the most complex needs. It's great for those who look for an "all-inclusive" packages alongside ease of use, and powerful hardware.

And thanks to the state of art hardware, WP Engine can offer performance that's hard to beat.

WP Engine Performance Results

WP Engine promises to focus on the top-level performance and delivers. I picked up the cheapest plan available and installed a basic WordPress website only to be left impressed.

WP Engine scores an outstanding 257ms average response time result making it one of the fastest providers on the list.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: WP Engine Performance

During the very busy month of October when most of the hosting providers struggle to keep up with the increasing demand for hosting, WP Engine also stayed up and running at all times. Although it does not promise a 100% uptime guarantee, I've not recorded any downtime. 

The provider proves itself to be an excellent WordPress-specific platform - it offers great performance and reasonable pricing for top-level premium features.

WP Engine is an excellent choice for stunning business websites, content- and traffic-heavy blogs, as well as revenue-generating eCommerce stores. It's fast, powerful, optimized for WordPress, and fully equipped with all the features to get the best out of the platform.


  • Fully optimized for WordPress
  • Professional customer support
  • Premium WordPress themes


  • Pricing on the higher side

3. Bluehost - High-Quality WordPress Integration

Response time
Price from
Bluehost VPS landing page

While all the hosts in this list have excellent WordPress integration, Bluehost's WordPress support is so good it's actually recommended by the WordPress team. 

That effectively guarantees you won't run into technical problems while installing WordPress on your Bluehost cloud hosting account. Actually, WordPress comes pre-installed and all is left is to fill in the contact details.

But if you do have any problem, fear not - Bluehost's customer support teams are standing by 24/7 to help you out over the phone or via live chat. And I can personally confirm it. After hosting a website with Bluehost for quite some time now, I've never needed to wait more than a couple of minutes to get an answer.

Bluehost customer support

Plans start at just $18.99/month (discounted - renewal price is $29.99) which includes 30GB of SSD storage and 1TB of bandwidth. 

That's plenty of room for even multimedia-heavy sites, and having unlimited bandwidth means the hosting package will have the ability to cope with unexpected spikes in web traffic. That especially important during the busy times of the year like Black Friday and holidays if you are opening an online store.

Given those prices, you get a surprisingly powerful set of server resources with every cloud hosting plan. Each package includes a minimum of 2 server cores and 2GB of dedicated memory.

For beginners, Bluehost is also an excellent choice as its cloud servers are fully managed -  server use is constantly monitored, and experts ensure any important security patches are installed behind the scenes.

What's more, there's no need to upgrade if you outgrow the plan - extra memory or other resources can easily be added if the need for them arises.

Bluehost Cloud Performance

Bluehost is one of the providers known for exceptional server performance. During my testing, it scored 254ms average response time and stayed up 100% of the time.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: Bluehost Performance

Unfortunately, there's one drawback that Bluehost has. It doesn't provide users with an uptime guarantee. This means users are not eligible for any compensation should there be extensive outages.

On the other hand, from the results, I wouldn't say that Bluehost has any problems with server reliability.

So combining super-fast performance and equally fast customer support, Bluehost proves to be an excellent WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost has been in the industry for a while now focusing more and more on WordPress optimized hosting. And it does succeed - I've been observing excellent performance for a long time now and enjoyed using the platform that keeps on getting more intuitive and powerful every day.


  • Fully optimized for WordPress
  • Excellent support team
  • Complete ease of use


  • High pricing
  • No uptime guarantee

4. DreamHost - Super Reliable WordPress Cloud Hosting for Business

Response time
Price from
DreamHost Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

DreamHost has developed a managed WordPress hosting platform of remarkable speed and reliability powered by cloud servers. The provider equips all of its WordPress cloud plans with all the tools to achieve the best page loading times and promises 100% uptime.

These are amazing features for all business and eCommerce websites. An always available and fast website has the best chances to succeed. It works on to levels - user and search engine appearance.

Users often don't have the patience to wait for a website to load and bounce if it takes more than 3 seconds.

Google also uses page speed as a ranking factor - the faster the website, the better the chances to beat the competition.

Google Page Speed Recomendations

But apart from speed and reliability, DreamHost's managed WordPress hosting plans offer excellent value.

Even the cheapest plan for $16.95/mo includes big data allowances - 30GB of disk space and unmetered bandwidth as well as a lot of powerful features. That's a staging environment, backups, SSL, and 24/7 support specializing in WordPress.

There are also a couple more options to scale - it's possible to upgrade up to 120GB of disk space and 1 million monthly site visits.

Offering excellent performance, reliability, and scaling options, DreamHost is a great host to start any WordPress website. It's great both for high-traffic blogs and eCommerce sites alike.

DreamHost Reliable Performance Results

In order to test how accurate DreamHost claims are, I purchased its cheapest managed WordPress cloud plan. Without any further add-ons with only a basic version of WordPress installed, I tracked the performance results.

From the results, I can say that DreamHost has a very stable performance with no peaks averaging at 419ms response time. 

It's not as fast as Liquid Web or WP Engine can offer, yet DreamHost is still a lot faster than an average host.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: DreamHost Performance

The claim that DreamHost completely fulfills is the uptime. Just as promised, the provider has stayed up 100% of the time.

Should there be any downtime because of the fault on the DreamHost's side, it promises compensation.

The users of DreamHost enjoy a clear pricing structure, powerful hardware optimized for WordPress performance, and premium features that are included for free.

DreamHost is a provider focusing on business websites' online presence and their reliability. Offering reliable performance and high availability as well as premium features, it's helping to build brands, increase visitors' trust, and so generate revenues.


  • WordPress optimized servers
  • 100 uptime guarantee
  • Premium WordPress plugins


  • Server speed can be boosted more
  • Live chat available on weekdays

5. Hostinger - Cloud Hosting Fully Optimized for WordPress

Response time
Price from
Hostinger Cloud hosting landing page

Hostinger is always a provider that manages to combine the best pricing with top-level performance. Without the exception in Cloud hosting, it delivers excellent value for all WordPress users. Hostinger's servers are optimized to run the CMS specifically guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

Hostinger itself guarantees its cloud hosting platform for large scale projects like eCommerce stores.

On the other hand, it's also a great option to start a high-traffic business website or upgrade your blog if you are getting thousands of visits per month.

Talking about upgrading your site, Hostinger has a 24/7 customer support team that is brilliant. Not just because of fast response times, but the agents are also trained to fix any technical issue for you. Including free website transfer from another host.

Hostinger Customer Support

All of the features are offered for a very low price. In fact, Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress cloud hosting provider on this list.

The cheapest Cloud Startup plan costs $7.45/mo. It already includes hosting for up to 300 sites, dedicated IP, 40GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The websites are powered with 2 CPU cores and 3GB RAM - a lot of power for the entry plan.

It's also possible to upgrade at any time. The most expensive option for $27.45/mo will include 6 CPUs, 12GB RAM, 160GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

So as you can see, even the most expensive option Hostinger offers is cheaper than the entry plans of some of our providers.

Considering all the features, Hostinger seems like a really good deal. So can its performance keep up?

Hostinger Performance Results

Just like with all providers, I purchased the cheapest plan offered by Hostinger. And what can you say, its performance is keeping up with the top players on this list.

During the monitoring, Hostinger kept an average 278ms response time with just a couple of higher peaks.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: Hostinger Performance

The reliability of Hostinger is also pretty impressive. Although the provider guarantees only the industry-standard 99.9% uptime, it's been up 100% of the time during the monitoring.

So for a very affordable price, Hostinger can offer both reliability, performance, and great features.

Hostinger has always been striving to deliver the best value hosting packages. Users can enjoy powerful hosting for business websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores for an affordable price. That also includes ease of use and brilliant customer support.


  • Super affordable pricing
  • Friendly and helpful support
  • High-performance hosting


  • No additional plugins or themes

6. Kinsta - Premium Cloud WordPress Hosting Powered by Google Cloud

Response time
Price from
Kinsta Homepage

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider. Using cutting-edge technology, Kinsta promises to take care of all the needs of any WordPress website.

The provider has designed a user-friendly yet powerful platform and equipped it with tons of features:

  • Free site migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Premium 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Cutting-edge security system
  • Multi-user environment
  • Staging environment

Even the cheapest Starter plan for $30/mo includes all of these features alongside 10GB of disk space. Choosing the plan, it's possible to focus on developing a WordPress blog or a business website while Kinsta takes care of the technical details.

However, the cheapest plan is just the beginning of everything Kinsta can offer. For huge enterprises and agencies turning over dozens of websites per month, it's possible to get a plan with 250GB of disk space suitable for 3 million monthly visits.

Kinsta pricing

So there's definitely a lot of space starting with a personal blog and finishing with a custom enterprise solution.

And the performance of Kinsta is definitely something to look up to.

Superfast Kinsta Server Performance

Kinsta's platform is all about performance and the results show exactly that. Our cheapest server averaged at 148ms response time. The highest peak barely reached 300ms. Such a result is very impressive showing a professional server configuration and high-end hardware.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: Kinsta Performance

The reliability is also impeccable. Although it offers only a 99.9% uptime guarantee, my server remained available 100% of the time.

Combining excellent performance and high reliability, Kinsta is definitely a top-level provider.

Kinsta is a premium WordPress service provider. Partnering with the most powerful cloud hosting service, it has designed a platform for the streamlined user experience that's powered with the latest tools for the better management of WordPress sites.


  • Top-level server performance
  • WordPress premium plugins included
  • Highly scalable


  • Expensive pricing structure

7. Cloudways - Customizable WP Cloud Hosting for an Affordable price

Response time
Price from
Cloudways homepage

CloudWays is another affordable yet extremely powerful WP cloud hosting service. Its plans start at $10/month. The package is equipped with 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth.

It's also possible to pay hourly - that's quite common with enterprise cloud hosting as some users only need short periods of server access.

However, for a seemingly affordable price, Cloudways actually is a premium service. Cooperating with several high-end cloud hosting providers like DigitalOcean and Google Cloud, it's a service meant to make Cloud hosting easy and very powerful.

Kinsta hosting features

CloudWays offers a choice of over 60 global data centers to have the websites hosted at, letting you pick one that will minimize load times for the target audience.

CloudWays servers are also optimized to help WordPress sites load quickly thanks to the inclusion of a Breeze cache plug-in. It allows taking the full advantage of Cloudway's CDN set up.

But the most important feature offered by Cloudways is hosting management. From an instant server set up, automatic updates to 24/7 customer support - all the technical details are taken care of by the provider. All that's left to do is actually build and manage the website.

CloudWays is also a good choice for power users - one common disadvantage of cloud-based hosting (compared to dedicated servers) is the lack of control you get over your server environment. Happily, CloudWays compensates by giving you control over additional resources and a dedicated IP address.

Cloudways Server Performance

I picked the cheapest Cloudways server (powered by DigitalOcean) to test the provider's performance. Keep in mind that there's a choice of 20 plans offered by both high-end and affordable hosts.

But in fact, my cheap server performed pretty great. Cloudways averaged at 351ms response time beating the industry average by 200ms.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: Cloudways Performance

During the month, the provider has only gone down for 3 minutes and kept 99.99% uptime. That's a super reliable result especially considering the affordable price.

The best part is, Cloudways cares about performance a lot choosing only the providers that can deliver the best results. So no matter which provider you may choose, the speed and reliability will be excellent.

Cloudways has options for all users - from affordable yet powerful packages for blogs to enterprise solutions. It offers WordPress management service powered by the best-in-the-industry cloud providers. 


  • Over 60 server locations
  • Instant launch and beginner-friendly


  • Can get expensive

WordPress Cloud Hosting - Features to Look for

Before you choose a host for your website, there are a few features that are simply essential for WordPress. Because some providers use "WordPress hosting" just as a marketing trick including one-click WordPress installs which everyone has.

So I've prepared a list of essential features that will let you identify a real deal from the scam.

WordPress Optimized Servers

The main difference between regular and WordPress optimized hosting should come down to the server itself.

While WordPress can run on a regular server just fine, WordPress hosting providers will be using servers designed to boost the capabilities of the platform in speed and reliability. 

Optimizations can be done globally - servers are programmed using specific rules that can enhance the speed and handle traffic better.

At the same time, regular hosting providers program the servers to handle any type of CMS. This way there are no benefits for either of them.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Automatic WordPress updates are not meant to just keep a website up to date. The updates carry the most recent security information to keeps websites secure. 

The automatic updates include 4 different typologies:

  1. Core updates
  2. Plugin updates
  3. Theme updates
  4. Translation files updates

Automatic core updates are one of the key requirements for hosting providers to be endorsed by WordPress CMS creators just like Bluehost and DreamHost are.

So WordPress-specific hosting providers are required to review the updates and install them automatically without any hassle from users' side.

WordPress-Only Customer Support

Although WordPress is easy even for beginners to use, to get to more advanced customizations, there's quite a lot to learn.

Some providers have support teams trained to focus on WordPress problems specifically and that's what you should be looking for.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting: WordPress Specialized Support

This kind of support will be able to migrate a site, help with boosting the performance, and solve any problem you might come upon professionally.

So even if you are a beginner, the WordPress support team acts as if a team of personal developers for the project.

Premium Plugins

WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins but most of the best ones are paid. So to get the best tools for SEO, performance, and security, you may need to spend hundreds if you are using a regular provider.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting: Premium WordPress Plugins

But there's a work-around for this rule.

A good WordPress Cloud hosting provider will probably have a package of premium plugins you are free to use. The most popular is the Jetpack plugin package including security, SEO, marketing, and performance tools.

From my list, Kinsta and DreamHost include Jetpack and Cloudways has a Breeze cache plugin.

Premium Themes and Editors

There are thousands of themes available in WordPress and to download online for free. But the best WordPress themes are more often than not, paid. So there's an option to get the best out there without paying over a hundred dollars for a theme.

Look for a provider that includes theme packages in the hosting plans.

And to get an even better experience, there are providers that include premium WordPress theme editors in the packages too.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting: WordPress Premium Themes

This way, building a site with WordPress becomes as simple as using a website builder. So for beginner users, that's the best tool to get.

In my list, WP Engine includes Genesis Framework with StudioPress themes and DreamHost has a drag-and-drop website builder.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting - the Verdict

While specialized WordPress Cloud hosting is merely a marketing trick for many providers, there are actually some good ones that offer great products.

For this list, I picked only those providers that are actually doing a good job in offering WordPress-specialized solutions. The criteria for my evaluation included server-level optimizations, automatic backups, and platform-specific features. So all of the following providers exceed all these expectations and are great for various different websites:

  • Liquid Web is the best WordPress Cloud hosting for rapidly growing websites that need scalability.
  • WP Engine provides powerful cloud hosting for industry professionals and business websites.
  • Bluehost is easy to use WordPress Cloud hosting platform for personal blogs with the potential to grow.
  • DreamHost is a super reliable and WordPress optimized hosting solution for businesses.
  • Hostinger has very affordable yet super powerful plans optimized for the best WordPress results.
  • Kinsta is a premium managed solution both for personal WordPress blogs and eCommerce hubs.
  • Cloudways has a choice of affordable and premium plans to instantly launch industry-best WordPress servers.

Do you have anything to add? Share your thoughts and experiences about the providers in the comment section down below!

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