Best Website Builders of 2019 – Rated by Experts & Community

Website builders are getting more popular with each passing year.

And why not? They are one of the easiest ways to create a personal website or even start making money out of it.

For that reason, I set myself on a mission to find the best website builder in the industry. Let's take a look at what I found:

1. Wix

Recommended for: Artists and designers

Overall rating: 9.8 best website builders

Wix is one of the most popular website builders in the world. Focusing on superior style and design it proudly boasts hundreds of beautiful templates. Wix quickly gained traction and became perhaps the best website builder for artists and designers, looking to showcase their content on the Internet.

It's my favorite website builder and it has a sparkling reputation due to incredible ease of use, brilliant templates and a lot of powerful features - which incredibly impressed me as well. Here are some of my favorites.

ADI Website builder is an amazing option.
Free version has a lot of advertising
Incredibly quick response times - in hosting, losing only to Hostinger and 1&1. Expensive - "Connect" plan doesn't get rid of ads & eCommerce is available only in 2 most expensive ones.
Good uptime (99.9%+)

Artificial Intelligence

Beautiful templates are always great - but maybe you're looking for something a little bit more personal? In addition to hundreds of designer-made templates, Wix also provides ADI - Artificial Design Intelligence. This system gathers the information about you, your business, preferred design schemes and uses it to make a tailored website. It even uses your logo to set a suitable color scheme. Neat!

A Powerful App Store

Wix App Market is easily the best website builder application shop there is. There are hundreds of programs, ready to be downloaded to make your website all the more beautiful, functional and powerful. Search engine optimization, advertisements, charts, mailing forms and so much more is just a couple clicks away.

Wix separates its applications into several categories, to make the selection process just a little bit easier.

Specific programs are meant to be helpful for blogging, eCommerce, SEO, and many other topics.

Once you find the app that you like - it's just one click away from appearing on your site. With Wix, no difficult setup is needed.

2. GoCentral

best website buildersRecommended for: Seekers of performance!

Overall rating: 9.0best website builders

Web hosting & domain name giant GoDaddy has entered the website builder business with their new creation - GoCentral.

This builder impressed me with its incredible ease-of-use. You can literally create and edit a website with a mobile phone! Also, GoCentral is ready for SEO and email marketing and is capable of giving businesses a great online facelift with no coding knowledge required.

This is where, in my opinion, GoCentral rules. You can create a powerful online shop during your lunch break, on your phone! Any issues? Well, there's 24/7 support on both phone and live chat. So you'll have professional assistance as well. What's not to love?

24/7 phone and chat support is something none of the major competitors can do. Lack of customization options.
Terrific uptime and response times. Not many features, domain name not included with any of the purchase.
Very easy to use. Easiest out of the entire competition.

Performance is top

Website builders have often been plagued with a reputation for being very slow for the end user. Not going to lie, I used to think the same as well. With GoCentral, that's definitely not the issue. With impeccable uptime and response times of just about 300 ms, they're as good as anyone. I loved it.

Easy to use

I already said that previously, but GoCentral is so easy to use, I may as well repeat that just to reiterate my point. If you wish, all of the edits on your site can be done on a mobile phone! Of course, a phone is never a developer's #1 choice, but it's great to have such powerful tools on the go.

To demonstrate, have a look at what I managed to do on my phone. It takes just 3 clicks to add a section to a page. And it takes only choosing the "Themes" option from the bottom of the screen to start editing the website's looks.

From there, everything is as simple as it can be. A new font, color scheme or theme is just a few seconds away. Click a button, push "Save" and enjoy your new, improved site. It can't be more simple than that.

GoDaddy brings superior simplicity - on the platforms I didn't even expect.

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3. Sitejet

Recommended for: Aspiring professionals

Overall rating: 8.8

Sitejet isn't only a simple website builder, helping regular people make simple websites. It's much more advanced.

It's easy to use, sure - but beneath the surface, there are plenty of amazing features that will be brilliant for website-building professionals.

So, whether you're building your first website, or have experience in the field - Sitejet might be the builder.

Plenty of advanced features High starting price
Suited for professionals No free plan
 Easy multiple website management

Simplicity meets power

Like many websites builders on this list, Sitejet has a lot of features that makes building simple websites incredibly simple. A live editor, a website generator, and plenty of templates to choose from make everything very convenient.

However, you have an option to fully modify the design as well as HTML, CSS, and JS. Sitejet lets you choose the level of customization that fits your skills.

And, well, what's a better way of doing an overview of features, than letting the company itself tell you all about it.

More than a website builder

Sitejet is an all-in-one platform, not only a website builder. With a built-in CMS, project management system, and integrated hosting -  it's a powerfull all-rounder.

Meant not only for you but also for your customers and team members, it has the tools for managing workflows, building several websites, and allowing your customers to collaborate on them. Sitejet combines a user-friendly website builder with powerful management tools - an impressive combination for both beginners and industry professionals.

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4. Weebly

Recommended for: Small businesses and entrepreneurs

Overall rating: 8.4

Weebly, I figured, is perhaps the best website builder for small businesses and bloggers. A fair bit less expensive than Wix, Weebly is well suited for text-heavy websites, offering a lot of great templates suited for blogging. Templates are divided into sections for Business, Portfolio, Personal, Event, Blog and Other.

It's a great website builder for anyone who values function over form.

Weebly got some nice points in my book because it maintained incredible ease of use - without sacrificing site functionality at any point. Here are it's best features which make this a great builder to use:

Relatively cheap upgrade options Forced ads on free & “Connect” plans
Superb performance Inability to attach a domain on free plan
Easy to use, code editor included Lack of flexibility
Free domain included with all paid plans

Superb performance

As I already said, performance should be a key priority. Weebly seems to have read the memo - their servers speeds are very, very good. Going head-to-head with GoCentral, Weebly is another great option if you're looking for a fast-loading website. I approve.


Sure, website builders are not meant for full-on coding experience. But it doesn't mean you can't have some fun! Weebly's built-in code editor is perhaps the most exciting feature of this builder that I found. Extra stuff and features can be added with no issues, and what's best, you can even export the entire website to a different platform.

As far as code editors go, Weebly is leading the business. The extensive tool it provides allows to massively change and adjust any template. Every style is customizable to your liking and global changes can be made to build things to be just the way you want them. If you wish to combine drag-and-drog simplicity with the power of coding, there's nothing better than Weebly.

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5. Ucraft

best website builders

Recommended for: Fans of design and simplicity.

Overall rating: 8.2

No frills and no unnecessary details - if Apple made website builders, they'd probably look very similar to Ucraft. Starting with the page, going all the way to website building experience, everything just feels so clean and simple.

After using Ucraft for a while, I can say that this is the best website builder for people who want superior customer experience. Everything is crisp, simple and intuitive. But it doesn't mean that I missed any of the key features. uCraft has a lot of brilliant things going on - and they are available for both free and paid clients. Here are some of the things I liked the most.

Beautiful templates Support needs to improve
Lots of integrations Lack of drag & drop freedom
Fair pricing Some basic elements missing

A Logo Builder

Business needs a website, right? It also needs a logo! Ucraft helps sort that issue out by including a beautiful logo creator tool. It didn't turn an Average Joe like me into a design master, but I thought it still did a solid job creating basic logos from dozens of possible elements.

Fully Multilingual

Do you want to reach people using different languages? uCraft fully supports multilingual websites, allowing you to easily translate all of the content and tailor it to various locales. No need to download plugins, mess with code or attempt to do everything manually.

Everything is as automated as it can be. All you need is to translate the content! Ucraft is an international company and it ❤️ international users.

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What is a website builder?

Simply put: A website builder helps you build a website with ease! Usually employing drag-and-drop functions that allow the user complete creative freedom; website builders are to making websites what an automatic car is to a manual one. They will both get you where you want to go, but the automatic one will give you a lot less to do!

Of course, in some cases, you might want a little more freedom. Luckily for you, the best website builders give you just that! Take Wix for example. Sure, you can use it's Artificial Intelligence software to have a site designed for you, or, you can jump into the editor and make things just how you like them! Not to mention the option to write your own code, if you know how.

Website builders make life easier, as many things are actually pretty hard to make if you're not a seasoned web developer.

There are serious challenges in making a website

best website builders
Here's a draft I drew of our very own website!

Very often, in our heads, there's already an idea of what a project should look like. There are many ways to make a website, some people use Photoshop for their design works, some people just write code and go, and some people like myself, draw it on a piece of paper first!

Then, I attempt to recreate that very image. By doing so, I noticed quickly that this is a lot more difficult than it may seem!

For example, you may have a seriously hard time placing an image exactly where you want it to be. Changing the background or making it behave like you want it is also a pain. And a header slider often requires some third party software and a serious amount of coding!

By themselves, these things seemed like nothing. However, they kept adding up and causing me a serious headache!

Website builders, however, usually employ a drag-and-drop interface which makes building a website all the more similar to drawing it on a piece of paper!

Sometimes, site builders even use intuitive artificial intelligence systems which help make some brilliant websites, just by asking you a few questions!

That's pretty great isn't it! Of course, I still found even the best website builders to have a shortcoming or two.

Website builders still won't fully replace a real developer

If builders were completely perfect, who would ever need developers?

In website builders, you can't add certain files and do with them as you wish. The access to create custom functionalities, or making/adding your own code is incredibly restricted.

Secondly- and I noticed this while testing - there's still a certain issue of resource limitation. For example, a number of pages you can make with one account, storage you are allowed or bandwidth the website's users can't exceed.

Very often, one website builder plan will allow you to make one page each. So if you're planning to make multiple pages, the costs will likely multiply.

Perfectly fine for some small businesses that need only one website, but if you want to make separate ones for each of your friends and family members? Not so much.

If you want to do any of those things, you'd be better off looking for the best web hosting and start coding instead, since without a website builder you will have a bit more freedom to make things exactly how you like!

By using hosting, you get to rent out some server space and download any scripts you like. On the other hand, a website builder is a limited piece of software already installed on a server you have no access to.

You just have to accept that even before you start.

It is worth mentioning, that website builders may seem pretty expensive. After all, the most fully-featured plans will cost you around $10 or more per month!

This may seem like a lot. I thought that too when I first started checking them out. However, these plans include server space, domain names, full customer support and all the help you will ever need. These things could cost you more if purchased separately on a web hosting plan.

When you think of it this way, you see that the best website builders still offer really good value!

How did I test these website builders?

best website builders
Wix text editing menu

In each and every single one of the reviews I made, everything started with a buying . I moved silently (like a ninja) and purchased the website builder accounts without the knowledge of the company. This way, I get a guarantee that no "special treatment" will be applied to me. Companies don't know I'm a reviewer and they treat me the same way they'd treat you. Same performance, same customer support, same everything.

After I get in, it's testing time! I try to make my website builder reviews the best they can be. So I look through everything as well as I can - and arrive at a final result which is this list just above.

Of course, right now, you may have one thing on your mind:
What exactly are the things I look for in the best website builders?

What are the things a provider must do in order to have a superior product? Here are the 6 main features - virtues, if you will - that make a good website builder.

1. It's simple or bust

What's the point of using a website builder if it's not even simple to use?

In general terms, the best website builder is the one that can be mastered even by people with no previous developmental background. This is why I put myself in the shoes of people looking for a simple solution.

There are plenty of ways website builder companies choose to help the people. Sometimes it's an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making building a website look like building a Lego tower.

At other times, it's innovative AI-powered techniques which attempt to build a website for you from just a few key questions! Companies go the extra mile to ensure perfect simplicity: and that's what I look for.

2. Users will love the beautiful design!

You and your business deserve a beautiful website!

With a great website builder at your disposal, you can easily keep up with the latest design trends. And you don't even need to be a designer or a developer to make that happen! As a matter of fact, most platforms have dozens or even hundreds of beautiful, professional templates built by brilliant web designers. And I found a lot of those to be absolutely striking!

website builder template squarespace
This could be your business here!

Tweak the templates to reflect your business and voila - the website is beautiful and ready to go. The design is a significant part of my tests - because it's important having an attractive website.

I love great templates and ever so often, when testing website builders, there's something that simply blows me away. And here's what I try to find.

3. Superior customization allows you to express yourself

Yes, templates are great. But I didn't forget the fact each user is different and has specific needs!

The best website builder is the one that can help turn the exact vision in your head a reality.

As a matter of fact, I took this part so seriously, a big chunk of the web builder review is dedicated solely to customization. To be more exact - to recreating this very own website on each page builder platform!

It's a difficult task to do so, but it's a challenge I love to take up. Not only it's fun, but it also helps get an answer to an important question: can you use the website builder to make your visions come true? The best ones do just that.

4. Apps are not only for your phone anymore

Applications are everywhere, even in your website builders.

best website builders
Wix app store

A simple concept - easy to use and automatically updating applications go a long way for improving your pages. User experience, design, sales and many other things can be made better with just a little piece of software.

With some builder's application stores, it can be as simple as downloading a game to your phone. My reviews have a look into the applications you can get - if there are plenty, I'll be sure to properly mention that.

5. The best website builders will help you sell online

Online stores are on a meteoric rise.

Every year, more and more people buy various products on the Internet. It's a worldwide phenomenon which isn't going anywhere any time soon. Have a look at the worldwide eCommerce sales statistics!

Worldwide e-commerce sales worldwide (2014 to 2021). Source: Statista

Want to jump on this train but have no experience or time to build from scratch? This is where the best builders come to help! Making building an online store a complete breeze.

In the website builder reviews I do, one of the main missions is finding out whether a specific provider offers its users a capability to use their pages to sell online. If they do, it may be a great place to kickstart a business!

6. Performance is 🔑

Wix server response speeds

Last, but definitely not least, performance is a serious factor for your website. There's no point in having a brilliant website if it runs like a slouch and crumbles under pressure.

Website builder providers make sure the performance of their servers is lightning-fast. This helps to make your visitors happy and in turn, your business successful. In the performance tests, I use only the best independent third-party services! You can be certain that the response times shown in the reviews will reflect the actual performance.

Try them for yourself!

There are plenty of things to consider when searching for the best website builder - such as price, features, ease of use, support, and much more.

In these reviews, I do my absolute best to cover as much as possible, so you get a full look at what you could expect as a platform user. All things considered though, the most important thing is to try.

Best ForBest FeaturePrice FromOverall Rating
WixArtists and designersAI builder system$5.00 /monthbest website builders
GoCentralPerformance loversMobile editing$5.99 /month
SitejetSmall businessesFlawless uptime$11.00 /month
WeeblySmall businessesFlawless uptime$4.00 /month
UcraftFans of simplicityEasy to use$10.00 /month
SquarespaceSeekers of beautyLovely templates$12.00 /month

Most of the tested website builders allow for free trial periods - or don't cost much more than a few dollars per month. There is plenty of choices and the perfect option is almost certainly out there somewhere! So I suggest just going out and giving a couple of these platforms a shot. Who knows - maybe you'll find the one to turn your business into a success story!

If that has already happened for you, let me know below in the comments! I would be happy to read about that. 😄

Paul joined the Hosting.Review team right from the start as a content writer and marketer. He was the person responsible for establishing a trademark for in-depth web hosting evaluation and superb review articles. Before joining Hosting.Review, Paul was working on various projects as a freelancer. Paul spends his free time reading fantasy books and graphic novels.

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    Hello. And Bye.

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    2018 November 7th

    For me, it was a good decision to choose weblium to create website for my e-shop. Guys took a fundamental approach to work: structure and design of the website are on point. Work with a personal manager and giving instructions according to my website brought a nice result. I got to know the key things in website building and learnt how to manage it without endless book readings and sleepless nights.

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    Looking at how YouTubers hail Squarespace, you know it’s not good for anyone! Haha. All things aside, Ucraft looks new AND interesting. And by new, I mean, I haven’t been sick and tired of their advertising yet.

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    2018 August 14th

    GoDaddy website builder: a Fisher-Price of a website builder. So easy, a 3-year-old could use it, so simple, only a 3-year-old should!

    But maybe I’m being bitter. Who knows, maybe someone literally wants a simple page with one link to Facebook, so they can evacuate immediately!

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    better just get hosting and make a wp website. No “brand ribbons” at the bottom. Hail open source.

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    Every programmer pretends they hate website builders and only idiots use them. Truth be told, LOADS of developers use builder as the basis of their clients’ websites and put the subscriptions on them, so they don’t have to pay 500 bucks for a VPS to run everything they ever made :). So that’s a point you missed. For that thing, Weebly dominates. Wix second – it’s easier to make pretty and have all the gimmicks but you want to delete your clients’ phone number if they ever decide to move

  7. Olivia Green picture Olivia Green
    2018 June 25th

    I feel Pixpa to be better than Wix, especially for photographers like me who struggle with coding. Wix seems to miss out on basic features like proofing that I need to use almost everyday.

  8. Arnold picture Arnold
    2018 May 28th

    All in all, if you want to build a website you have two choices. Firstly, build it yourself through coding and development, or secondly, use a website builder. I like using both methods, but when I want a nice looking site without much effort I normally use Wix. It’s got so many awesome templates and everything is just so easy to use, you can make a beautiful site in a matter of minutes.

    Of course, if you want more fleixibility you can use addons and modules to help with that

  9. Juliana picture Juliana
    2018 May 26th

    Why do you not like squarespace so much? A 6?! It should be top 2 at least, the templates are stunning

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    What about Ning? I saw their ad in fb, looks like it is also site builder?

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