Best Website Builders of 2019 – Which One’s Perfect For Your Website?

Website builders are getting more popular with each passing year.

And why wouldn't they be?

The emergence of website builders challenged the existing industry; they created a possibility to build a website without any coding knowledge. 

No longer you need to be an expert to make a good looking, functional website. There are plenty of tools claiming that they can help you get online in minutes.

But which of the website builders is the best one around? To find that out, I've tested dozens of website builders in the last year. These are the best website builder options out there:

  • Wix (website builder with the best templates)
  • GoCentral (fast, reliable, and user-friendly builder)
  • Sitejet (builder, created for professionals)
  • Weebly (best website builder for selling online)
  • Ucraft (simple to use, includes useful tools)

So let’s start.

1. Wix

Best website builder for beautiful portfolios and visual content

Free plan available

Best website builders_wix homepage
Uptime 99.99%
Speed 424ms
Monthly visitors supported200 to several thousand a month
How many templates?Around 500
Customer supportKnowledge base, tickets, callback, live chat
eCommerce plansFrom $20 a month

It’s all about design for Wix. Being the most popular website builder in the market, Wix focuses on user experience and building beautiful, content-driven websites.

Currently, it has three ways of building a website.

The first one is pretty standard. You can choose from over 500 designer-made templates and customize them using a drag-and-drop editor. So basically what you do when building a website is drag your wanted elements like photos, apps, etc. and drop them anywhere on the website. Invisible grid ensures everything’s tidy. Also, each of Wix designs is responsive, meaning it will look good on any device.

Best website builders_wix templates

But there’s something more interesting.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, Wix jumped on the train and created Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. So, if you don’t want to choose and test all 500 templates, you can answer a few questions about your needs and Wix ADI will create a design for you. If you upload a logo it will also match the color scheme. 

So after testing the Wix ADI, I can tell it’s pretty good. Here’s what it created for me in just a few minutes.

best website builder-wix ADI

And recently, Wix users were quite surprised to find completely blank templates. The website builder added a new feature allowing to build your own custom design on a blank template by editing HTML and CSS

This means Wix is as functional and customizable as you want it to be. It has a pretty big Wix App Market, so you can download apps for SEO, eCommerce, blogging, etc. just like you would do on your phone.

So even though I recommend Wix for beautiful, informational and content driven websites, you can also create a quite functional online store or a business website if you want to.


  • Wix ADI
  • SSL security
  • Domain names


  • Rare but re-occurring downtimes

2. GoCentral

Best website builder for its excellent performance

From $5.99/month

Best website builders_GoCentral website builder
Uptime Down
Speed Down
Monthly visitors supportedup to 100,000 a month
How many templates?20
Customer supportKnowledge base, tickets, live chat
eCommerce plansFrom $19.99 a month

Created by online services giant GoDaddy, GoCentral is a website builder challenging long-standing bugaboos that performance of website builders is bad.

So how does that go for GoCentral?

Here’s what I found out. The website builder response times are around 350ms. So the page should load like a slow blink of an eye (200ms). That’s good enough, I think.

Also, the uptime for the last couple of weeks was 100% and that is impressive.

But GoCentral has other great features and fulfills the main goal of website builders - it’s easy to use. While GoCentral does not offer drag-and-drop editor, everything can still be customized on a live and interactive editor. You can simply click on wanted features and customize them. And for that, there are thousands of pre-made templates.

best website builders-godaddy templates

GoCentral has another nice feature. You can build a website on the go by using a mobile app. And maybe that’s not the most practical way of building a website, but for quickly fixing some flaws - could be great.


  • Great performance and uptime
  • SSL security
  • User-friendly editor and mobile app


  • Lack of customization
  • Domain name not included

3. Sitejet

Best website builder for professionals and large projects

From $5/month

Best website builders_Sitejet landing
Uptime 99.99%
Speed 987ms
Monthly visitors supportedSeveral thousand a month
How many templates?Around 500
Customer supportKnowledge base, tickets, callback, live chat
eCommerce plansFrom $5 a month

Sitejet is an all-in-one website building platform with a built-in CMS, and project management system included.

So, out of the 5 website builders I'm reviewing, Sitejet is really exceptional. Meant not only for easily creating a beautiful website, it can be used to build a site for both customers and also team members.

The built-in project management system allows managers, team members, and clients cooperating. Think of professionals such as writers, translators, web developers, designers, etc.

And even if it sounds quite difficult, Sitejet keeps its main feature of website builder - being easy to use without requiring any coding knowledge (though you have access to the code).

Best website builders_Sitejet cms

And while usually, you need to buy a different subscription for each website you create, Sitejet lets you create multiple of them. You'll need to pay around $5/month for each of the additional website hosting.


  • Advanced features for professionals
  • Multiple websites management
  • Drag-and-drop functionality and code editor


  • Higher starting price

4. Weebly

Best website builder for eCommerce sites

Free plan available

Best website builders_weebly online store
Uptime 99.99%
Speed 424ms
Monthly visitors supported200 to several thousand a month
How many templates?Around 80
Customer supportKnowledge base, tickets, callback, live chat
eCommerce plansFrom $12 a month

Previously used for blogging, Weebly now focuses on powerful eCommerce features. So what you get out of this is a beautiful eCommerce website with a bunch of powerful blogging and community-building features.

As for the eCommerce, you get a domain name, SSL security, an all-in-one shopping cart with payment, shipping, and storage tracking and automation. More expensive plans will also get you shipping discounts.

And while now Weebly is eCommerce-oriented website builder, it has not lost its user-friendliness.

There's a bunch of professional and easily customizable templates to choose from. Then you can tweak them according to your needs using a drag-and-drop editor. So the experience is pretty intuitive.

Best website builders_weebly templates

But Weebly is code friendly as well.

So if something just does not fit right for you or you want something extra -  Weebly lets you edit the code.

But if you're not into coding things, there's definitely no need to do that as everything can be done upfront.


  • Great eCommerce features
  • Easy to customize drag-and-drop editor
  • Free domain name


  • Higher prices and transaction fees

5. Ucraft

Best website builder for its flexibility and clean designs

Free plan available

Best website builders_ucraft homepage
Uptime 99.96%
Speed 334ms
Monthly visitors supportedSeveral thousand a month
How many templates?Around 60
Customer supportKnowledge base, live chat
eCommerce plansFrom $10 a month

If Apple made website builders, they'd probably look like Ucraft. The strong side of the website builder is clean and modern designs. User experience is crisp as well.

Simple yet fully interactive design editor makes building a website a pretty easy task. Also, you can connect a bunch of third-party apps like Messenger, Google Analytics or Ebay both for your and user's convenience.

Ucraft does not have any unnecessary features, yet it's flexible enough to make every type of website.

But there's something more.

You probably won't need to invest in any kind of extra services if you are just getting started.

Ucraft has its own logo builder. So in case your budget is tight, it's a decent option. Logo builder works by providing a bunch of shapes, icons, and text editing options so you can put a nice and modern logo together.

Here's an example of a website I created in a few minutes (plus a logo):

Best website builders_ucraft example


  • Beautiful clean templates
  • Many integrations with 3rd party apps
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Lack of drag-and-drop editor

4 Essential Website Builder Features

Very often we start building websites with a particular idea in our minds. So, if we want video backgrounds, choosing a website builder without such feature wouldn't be a good idea. Same goes if you want eCommerce or blogging tools.

And let's not forget why website builders appeared - so people could create professional websites on their own. Without having expert skills in web development.

So what are the essential website builder features when choosing the one? 

#1 Ease of use

A website builder wouldn't be a website builder if it wasn't easy to use and would require coding knowledge in each step of the process.

Companies fulfill this task by creating drag-and-drop and other interactive design editors. It makes the process of building a website easy and intuitive. Just like playing a game or updating social media profiles, if you wish.


Very often website builders fail this task by simplifying too much and losing a lot of customization options. Ucraft, despite being one of the best website builders, almost steps this line.

best website builders Ucraft designs

It's extremely easy to use, yet all websites created with Ucraft look similar. Seems like only brandings and content differ.

So, we are looking for the balance between functionality and ease of use.

And I believe Emmett's video proves the point quite well. With Wix, he created a working website in less than 5 minutes.

So just imagine what could you do in a longer time:

#2 Functionality and flexibility

It all comes down to the idea and purpose of your website. And different website builders focus on different functionalities.

Therefore, when choosing a website builder it's best not only to look at your budget but also the field website builder focuses on.

With Sitejet, for example, you can create any type of website. However, it has quite different features than all others (project management system). It's more expensive and you would never use those features for a simple blog or portfolio.

best website builders: Jetset website project management

Weebly, on the other hand, has been known for the blogging features for a long time. Yet now they changed the pricing and started focusing on eCommerce. You can still create a powerful blog with Weebly, but the pricing is a bit too high for that.

#3 Design and customization

Yet another important feature of all website builders is design templates and customization options.

Some of the services offer thousands of different templates for all kinds of different websites. Or so it seems.

GoCentral, for example, created thousands of theme variations based on just a few actually different templates. So they are not that different.

best website builders_GoDaddy themes

Wix, on the other hand, is well known for its designer-made templates. And although the choice is not as impressive as GoCentral's, templates are unique.

Though most of the time, the final look of the design depends on your imagination and how you manage to tweak the template. Drag-and-drop editors come with quite a lot of freedom. You can simply modify each of the element and put it anywhere on the page. Yet, the usually built-in and invisible grid makes everything tidy and crisp.

best website builders-wix builder

Other kinds of interactive live design editors do not offer such freedoms. While you can put widgets and contents basically anywhere, it will be much more difficult to change sliders and other built-in template features.

Fortunately, some of the builders come with HTML/CSS/JS code editors. And that allows you to create a truly unique site if you want to play with some code.

#4 Performance

Often forgotten by newcomers, performance is the feature that can make or break a website.

best website builders mobile traffic statistics

Since July 2018 Google introduced its Speed Update. Google started using page speed as a factor to rank mobile searches. And please don't say that "Oh, it's just mobile searches, I'll be fine." Cause no, you won't. In the same 2018, mobile devices took more than 50% of all website visits. And the percentage keeps growing.

Another fact for you:

According to Google research, bounce rate increase with each passing second of page load time for mobile users. So if your page loads in 1 to 3 seconds, bounce rate during that time increases by around 32%. And if your page takes somewhere around 10 seconds to load - here's your 123% increase in bounce rates.

Best_website_builders: mobile-page-speed-new-industry-benchmarks

So when you are choosing a website builder, keep in mind the performance.

Naturally, uptime has to be stellar. Also, you can check response times and look at certain hosting features: type of the server, whether it uses SSD or HDD disks, whether it's shared or cloud hosting, etc.

In the best case scenario, the website builder will provide you with SSD disks and cloud hosting.

The Best Website Builder - the Verdict

Choosing a website builder is a bit tricky - their features differ quite a lot. But still, our goal is the same - a beautiful and functional site.

So here's what I found out:

  • Wix is the number one website builder for its flexibility - you can create any type of website including eCommerce and also it's perfect for content driven sites.
  • GoCentral took website builders performance to a whole new level. And it's easy to use as well.
  • Sitejet is best for professionals looking to manage their projects and interact with customers and team members online. It's beautiful as well.
  • Weebly combines eCommerce features with beautiful designs so you can start your online business in minutes.
  • Ucraft will be perfect for those who are looking for simplicity, performance, and ease of use.

Yet we still have to announce the winner. And currently it's Wix.

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#1 Wix logo
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Do you think I missed a great website builder or forgot to mention an important feature? Share your thoughts down below, we'd love to hear them!

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  1. Shev picture Shev
    2019 July 17th

    I of to say that this website article is awesome I like the way they talk about each builder individually. But I am wonder why I did not see quackbuilder on the list because I use to make all my website and I of to say they are awesome quack builder is a website builder that allow you to do it all there is nothing that you cant do with quack builder it is a builder that do it all you can build landing page, funnel, ecommerce website and list goes on check them out at you going to love the builder.

  2. XRumerTest picture XRumerTest
    2018 November 13th

    Hello. And Bye.

  3. bohdan picture bohdan
    2018 November 7th

    For me, it was a good decision to choose weblium to create website for my e-shop. Guys took a fundamental approach to work: structure and design of the website are on point. Work with a personal manager and giving instructions according to my website brought a nice result. I got to know the key things in website building and learnt how to manage it without endless book readings and sleepless nights.

  4. sol col picture sol col
    2018 August 17th

    Looking at how YouTubers hail Squarespace, you know it’s not good for anyone! Haha. All things aside, Ucraft looks new AND interesting. And by new, I mean, I haven’t been sick and tired of their advertising yet.

  5. Rex picture Rex
    2018 August 14th

    GoDaddy website builder: a Fisher-Price of a website builder. So easy, a 3-year-old could use it, so simple, only a 3-year-old should!

    But maybe I’m being bitter. Who knows, maybe someone literally wants a simple page with one link to Facebook, so they can evacuate immediately!

    1. Mary picture Mary
      2019 July 27th

      I am looking to start a business I need help so people can find my store

  6. besnikr00lz picture besnikr00lz
    2018 June 27th

    better just get hosting and make a wp website. No “brand ribbons” at the bottom. Hail open source.

  7. Toby picture Toby
    2018 June 27th

    Every programmer pretends they hate website builders and only idiots use them. Truth be told, LOADS of developers use builder as the basis of their clients’ websites and put the subscriptions on them, so they don’t have to pay 500 bucks for a VPS to run everything they ever made :). So that’s a point you missed. For that thing, Weebly dominates. Wix second – it’s easier to make pretty and have all the gimmicks but you want to delete your clients’ phone number if they ever decide to move

  8. Olivia Green picture Olivia Green
    2018 June 25th

    I feel Pixpa to be better than Wix, especially for photographers like me who struggle with coding. Wix seems to miss out on basic features like proofing that I need to use almost everyday.

  9. Arnold picture Arnold
    2018 May 28th

    All in all, if you want to build a website you have two choices. Firstly, build it yourself through coding and development, or secondly, use a website builder. I like using both methods, but when I want a nice looking site without much effort I normally use Wix. It’s got so many awesome templates and everything is just so easy to use, you can make a beautiful site in a matter of minutes.

    Of course, if you want more fleixibility you can use addons and modules to help with that

  10. Juliana picture Juliana
    2018 May 26th

    Why do you not like squarespace so much? A 6?! It should be top 2 at least, the templates are stunning

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