Adobe Spark Review – Is This the Best Website Builder?


Dani Nolan


2019 March 14th


Adobe Spark was first released in 2016 and is a suite of three different 'storytelling' applications that allow you to, among other things, build small websites.

But how well does this application work? To find out, you'll have to check out my Adobe Spark review.

What Is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark Review Homepage

In 2014, Adobe released an iPad app, known as Adobe Voice, that allowed users to create animated video clips. Later, Adobe Voice was renamed Adobe Spark Video and was combined with two other standalone Adobe applications to form the Adobe Spark suite.

Adobe Spark now consists of three separate applications:

  • Adobe Spark Post: Create social media graphics
  • Adobe Spark Page: Design mini websites
  • Adobe Spark Video: Produce narrated videos

Adobe Spark Review iTunes StoreAdobe Spark can be accessed from any desktop browser and works on both Windows and macOS systems.

Each application in the Spark suite remains available as a standalone iOS app. So far, no Adobe Spark applications have been released for Android.

Adobe Spark Review: First Impressions

Getting started with Adobe Spark is easy. It's possible to log in with a Google or Facebook profile, and you don't even need to sign up for a payment plan before you begin creating.

Adobe Spark Review Open Project

I was impressed with the features of Adobe Spark Video and Post. However, because website builders are our specialty here at Hosting.Review, today I'll chiefly focus on my experiences with Adobe Spark Page.

Simple Web Page Design

Adobe Spark Page is geared toward user-friendliness. It uses a simple drag-and-drop design that allows you to add content to your web page with a single click. This isn't a powerful design tool like Adobe's discontinued Muse website builder.

Spark does a lot of the heavy-lifting design work for you, even helping to find web page content. When you click 'add photo', you can choose to import an image from Adobe's stock library instead of uploading your own.

Adobe Spark Review Interface

Limited Design Control

Unlike alternative website builders like Wix, Spark won't allow you to place page elements wherever you like. Instead, when creating a Spark page, you're restricted to a preset grid layout. The upside to that restrictiveness is that finished sites look professional and respond well to different display sizes.

Can't Create Full Websites

Spark Page only allows users to create a single page and cannot, therefore, be considered a substitute for a fully-featured website builder. It's possible to extend that single page vertically, but don't expect to use this platform to create a complete website.

Adobe Spark Pricing

The basic edition of Adobe Spark is completely free, but Adobe also offers a $9.99/month premium version. The major restriction of the free version is that any content you produce will be branded with an Adobe Spark logo.

Adobe Spark Review Pricing

Spark Premium outputs are free from branding. Other premium advantages include the ability to customize templates and contact Adobe service agents.

Adobe Spark Premium is included with any Adobe CC subscription. Given the restrictive nature of this platform, I wouldn't advise subscribing for Spark alone. However, if you are interested in other Adobe programs, having access to Spark Premium will be a nice bonus.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Spark is a unique platform. It's user-friendly and capable of producing fantastic content.

However, it's limited in scope and isn't a substitute for traditional website builders. Still, it's free to use so there's no reason not to try it yourself.

Please add your own Adobe Spark reviews below!

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