Best Website Builders For Affiliate Marketing


Bart Keating


2019 November 26th


The US affiliate marketing industry generates almost $5 billion dollars in revenue each year, and by 2021 it's set to double.

It seems like now is a perfect time to get involved. However, before you start, you need is a website that drives traffic and converts your affiliate links. You also need to make sure that it's user-friendly optimized for SEO and fully responsive for all devices.

And that's easier said than done.

Out of all website builders out there, only a handful tick all of these boxes. But the ones on this list do. These right here are the best affiliate website builder sites:

  • Wix - can help create a reputable affiliate site on a budget
  • GoCentral - allows building a professional-looking website without technical knowledge
  • SITE123 - is a simple and fast mobile-friendly website builder
  • WordPress - plenty of plugins and templates for affiliate marketing
  • Squarespace - has practical features for building an affiliate marketing website

1. Wix

From $0.00 /month

Recommended for: users who want a professional-looking website with plenty of customization options.

A great place to start and also a great place for building affiliate marketing websites is Wix - one of the most popular website builders available today.


It has a reputation for creating good-looking websites with relative ease, but one thing that I love about Wix is its versatility.

On a budget, and with business in mind, users can create a website to suit their needs and build their brand's reputation. SEO, social media tools and email marketing are among a few ways to do this with Wix.


Building your website is easy pickings with Wix's intuitive interface.

Things such as video backgrounds, placement of advertisements and images are added to your website using a drag and drop editor.

Not only is it user-friendly and well-suited for newbies, but each template is mobile-optimized and translates well to almost any sized device.

Is Wix good value for money?

Wix allows you to build a free affiliate marketing website - but to build a much more professional website, I would recommend upgrading. So, there are four Premium plans which range from $5.00 - $25.00, and three business and eCommerce plans that range from $20.00 - $35.00 per month.

To make the most out of the Wix eCommerce feature, I would recommend the Business Plus plan priced at $20.00 per month. It includes 100% commission-free sales, the option to connect a custom domain, 20GB storage, an ad-free site, and Google Analytics.


  •  Create an affiliate marketing website for free
  •  Manage your content with a drag and drop editor
  •  Impressive blogging platform
  •  Hundreds of mobile-optimized templates


  •  Free and Connect ($4/month) plans display Wix ads

2. GoCentral

From $5.99 /month

Recommended for: users who want an affiliate marketing website on a budget and fast!


GoCentral is the website builder from the hosting giant GoDaddy. This simplistic website builder allows the user to create a professional-looking website with minimal fuss - and no technical knowledge.

It uses it's very own swipe-to-style interface to arrange your content, but behind the fancy name, it operates in a similar way to a drag-and-drop editor.

As you can see, GoCentral has a number of features to entice users that are looking to build an affiliate marketing website.

One of which is its blogging platform, which is a great way to boost your rank on Google and to introduce new products or ideas. 

Another option is to add widgets to your website by adding code into the custom code box.

So, you have a blog, and you have widgets added to your website - now you need an online store.

GoCentral online store integrates flawlessly into your website, you can create pages for your products and take online payments.

All of which are done the GoCentral way - fast, easy, and effortless.

And now about the price...

Unfortunately, GoCentral doesn't offer a free plan. There are four paid plans to choose from that range from $5.99 - $29.99 per month. All of the plans include the blogging platform, website hosting, and 24/7 support.

Sadly, the eCommerce plan ($29.99) is right at the top of that pricing structure. However, included in this surprisingly expensive plan is a full-featured online store, SEO tools, SSL security, and PayPal, Apple pay payments.


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Plenty of tools for affiliate marketing websites
  •  24/7 customer support


  •  eCommerce plan is expensive in comparison to Wix
  •  Limited design features

3. SITE123

From $0.00 /month

Recommended for: users who want an affiliate marketing website fast and hassle-free

SITE123 HomePage

SITE123 claims that it has one of the easiest website creation processes in the market. And I have to agree with that statement. If your not a designer and don't want to spend tons of time, this website builder is for you.

Now you won't find any drag-and-drop features here, this builder uses a much simpler method. It allows you to place different blocks of content into predefined positions on your website. As SITE123 claims this makes for an easier and more straightforward website building experience.

And in my case creating a professional-looking website was exactly that easy. You choose from 14 different website types, add a name for your site, and the builder itself creates your website and fills it with relative content.

While it can limit your creative freedom a bit, it also means that you don't have to worry about accidentally messing up your design.

And the best thing that the template that the website builder creates for you are automatically mobile-friendly and ready to be used.

And if you ever run into any trouble, SITE123 also offers a 24/7 customer support by email and live chat. In my experience, the live chat team responds fast and actually answers your questions, no matter how small.

Should You Go Premium?

While you can have a perfectly fine website, there are also restrictions that can cause a bit of a headache. You're limited to using a randomly generated subdomain (something like and limited to 1GB of bandwidth.

So the free plan is a good start, but not ideal for the long run. If we want to upgrade your plan, you have 4 different options available based on your needs. The cheapest Basic plan starts at 5.45 a month for 5GB of bandwidth and 10GB of storage space.

SITE123 usually has discounts and promotions, if you manage to stumble upon one, I recommend going with the Professional plan. For $11.45 a month you get 90GB of storage space, 45GB of bandwidth, and an eCommerce features.

When talking about the affiliate program, every user you bring to SITE123 will give you a commission between $50 and $182.


  • $50-$182 commissions
  • Free domain name
  •  24/7 customer support


  •  Limited free plan
  •  Limited bandwidth

4. WordPress

From $0.00 /month

Recommended for: users who want a popular website building platform that is extremely flexible.


WordPress is the most popular website building platform out there, and it's easy to see why when you have such flexibility at your fingertips.

WordPress has over 50 templates designed for affiliate marketing websites - however, most of them are Premium and come with a price tag of around $50.00. For users who are on a budget, there are plenty of free professional themes that can be adapted to suit affiliate marketing websites instead.

This website builder gives the user complete creative freedom over the outlook of their website, and with an extraordinarily long list of plugins available it's feature set is impressive too.


One of the key plugins is Affiliates Manager - this plugin is the fastest growing advertisement method and it is very cost-effective.

Some of the many features that this plugin includes are real-time reporting, unlimited affiliates, creatives and ads, flat rate or percentage-based payouts and more.

Choose one out of two ways

You can get on WordPress using one of the two ways. You may go to the WordPress website and sign up for a premium plan - or you could pick out the best web hosting, and download WordPress from there. The first option tends to be simpler, while the second one - much cheaper.

By choosing premium web hosting, you can get advanced features for a very low price: often something like 1 dollar a month. If you wish to run your affiliate business on a budget but still wish to connect your own domain name and place your own advertisements, web hosting and WordPress is a match made in heaven.


  •  Great Premium plan with loads of features
  •  Plugins list is exceptional
  •  Templates are specifically designed for affiliate marketing
  •  Email and live chat support


  •  Extras mount up quickly if you're on the free or Personal plan
  •  Steeper learning curve to build your website

5. Squarespace

From $12.00 /month

Recommended for: users who want a unique website with plenty of customization options.

Squarespace is well-known for producing stunning looking websites with excellent image quality and exceptional layout designs. 

It's viable to create almost any type of website you require, and it comes loaded with plenty of practical features for building an affiliate marketing website.

This specific template is a good starting point for affiliate websites - it has clean lines, it's structured well and doesn't allow for any clutter. And what's more, it is mobile-optimized so it works well on almost any device. 

the best website builders for affiliate marketing websites formatting

Formatting images is an important subject where affiliate marketing is concerned. And users will be pleased to know that when uploading an image to your website with Squarespace, it automatically creates six variations of the image to ensure a perfect display on any screen size.

But please note, formatting images requires some coding knowledge.

To compliment your well-designed website you can import a number of integrations such as Adobe Creative Suite, Getty Images and Google Drive. On top of this, there is an excellent eCommerce feature that is operated by a smooth interface. If you have previous experience coding, it's fairly easy to get banner ads and other icons up and running too.

But what does all of this cost?

Well, first things first - there is no free plan with Squarespace. There are four paid plans that range from £12.00 - $40.00 per month. In comparison to the other website builders in my list, Squarespace is the highest in price.

Out of the four plans, I would recommend the Business plan priced at $18.00 per month. This includes a fully integrated eCommerce store, complete customization through CSS and Javascript, 24/7 support, SSL security, and advanced website metrics.


  •  Stunning templates with immense image quality
  •  24/7 customer support
  • Intuitive formatting of images
  •  Wide range of customization options


  •  Quite expensive
  •  Some coding knowledge is needed for the best results

So, Which Is The Best Affiliate Website Builder?

I must admit, choosing an outright winner out of this bunch is a really tough decision to make.

So, for that reason - here is a list of who each of them suits the most.

  • Wix is suited for users who want an all-around website builder with plenty of templates and layout options.
  • GoCentral would be a good choice for users who are on a budget but want a number of integration options.
  • SITE123 is best suited for users who want a fast and straightforward website builder with great support.
  • WordPress is suited for users who want to build a custom website and have the option of hundreds of plugins. 
  • Squarespace is for users who want a beautiful website.

GoCentral came into this review as the underdog, but once I realized how easy it was to build a website on a budget I was impressed. There are a number of useful integration options for affiliate websites, and the blogging platform is a good way to connect with your visitors.

There were no surprises with Squarespace, though - it builds stunning websites for almost every industry. The only downside is the price in comparison to the others on my list.

Overall, WordPress is the best option for businesses going big. Although the price mounts up with the added plugins and the premium themes - if you're serious about building your affiliate website then they'll seem nothing more than a great investment. The other options, on the other hand, are great for beginners and have a range of impressive themes and delicate layouts to offer.

After testing dozens of website builders, I came to the conclusion that these are the best ones for building affiliate marketing websites. If you believe I've missed an important one, feel free to leave your comments down below!

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Joseph Smalls

2020 February 25th

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Thank for the great information as I am struggling to find out which website builder is best for me to start a business as a affiliate marketer with a budget in mine and no technical skills to speak about. I love the pro's and con's aspect of your review. I think this will help me decide what I need to do. Thank you!

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Lauren Antonini

2019 August 31st

Thank you for the informative material. I am weighing up your pros and cons listed here to help choose a suitable web host. Much appreciated!

Thank you for the informative material. I am weighing up your pros and cons listed here to help choose a suitable web host. Much appreciated!

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2019 February 12th

Thank you so much for posting and sharing this !! Helped me with the decision of which platform to go with for my business

Thank you so much for posting and sharing this !! Helped me with the decision of which platform to go with for my business

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