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Bart Keating


2019 September 6th at 11:29


For over 20 years, blogging is one of the most common forms for people to share and consume on the Internet.

With so many blogs floating around, yours has to be both beautiful and functional to stand out. And if you want to do so with ease, there's one great solution - website builders.

So whether you're new to blogging or just fancy changing your platform - we think that in this list you'll find the best blog website builder for you:

  • Wix - an intuitive website builder with an exciting blog
  • Blogger - one of the first popular personal blog sites, now acquired by Google
  • WordPress - a free and open source software
  • Squarespace - one of the best blogging platforms for designers due to its selection of templates
  • GoCentral - offers a range of blogging features for all types of users

1. Wix

From $0.00 /month

the-best-website-builders-for-blog-2Like WordPress, Wix is a website building giant that hosts a great blogging platform. Its blog builder is used by over 100 million users.

Another thing it has in common with WordPress is that it also offers a free plan. Setting up your blog isn't quite as simple with Wix though - there are a lot more questions and the initial set up takes longer.

Wix uses a drag and drop editor to build its websites, which is actually a joy to use and crafts stunning designs fit for various fields of blogging.

Customizing your blog with Wix is entertaining, and there are plenty of pre-built designs.

But to create a professional looking blog, you will need to upgrade your account with Wix. For starters, a custom domain will cost you $5.00 with its Connect Domain plan.

However, Wix is currently offering a whopping 50% off its Unlimited and VIP plans. Included in the Unlimited plan (which is the best value for money and currently priced at $6.21), you get unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, 1-year free domain, and an ad-free blog.


  •  Drag and drop editor, no coding skills required
  •  Plenty of pre-built designs
  •  Trusted platform with great support service


  •  Wix free plan is extremely limited
  •  Very closed ecosystem - can't natively move a Wix blog to a different builder

2. Blogger

From $0.00 /month

the-best-website-builders-for-blog-3Roll up, roll up, next up its Blogger. Now, Blogger isn't the most innovative blogging platform there is. But it is one of the oldest and most popular personal blog sites - dating back to 1991. 

What Blogger provides is a simple and easy to use a blog platform that is great for non-tech-savvy users. 

Setting up your blog with Blogger is as easy as typing your email address. From here you can choose from around 50 templates, which can be customized but only to a certain degree.

But here is where Blogger is not so good - unlike Wix, you are severely limited when customizing your blog. There are a handful of color schemes to choose from and a handful of fonts, but that's about it.

Saying this though, it does the simple things well, and after teaming up with Google - monetizing your blog can be done through Google's Adsense.

Blogger can be used by almost anyone, and out of my top 5 builders for blogging - it is certainly the easiest to use.


  •  Blogger is free and easy to use
  •  You can monetize your blog through Googles Adsense
  •  Google's robust platform is an advantage


  •  Design features are limited
  •  Blogger does not receive regular updates

3. WordPress

From $0.00 /month

the-best-website-builders-for-blogUndeniably, WordPress is the most popular blog builder out there. In fact, it powers around 24% of all websites. And it's easy to see why - it's free, fast, and the platform is straightforward to use.

As a matter of fact, this website is actually built on WordPress - and believe me, when I say, it's an extremely versatile product. 

Also, all of the WordPress themes are mobile-optimized. So, if you enjoy blogging on the go - you will surely enjoy this feature.

Creating a blog on WordPress is simple once you've passed the slightly daunting learning curve in the beginning. There are tonnes of customization settings, and the blogging toolbar is simple and intuitive. You can add personal media, media from Google, contact forms, payment buttons, videos etc. you can do almost everything you want with your blog on WordPress.

WordPress pricing options

WordPress itself offer you to buy a plan from them, starting at $4/month. However, you can still use it for free (the only cost is for web hosting or domain) or get it for way less. Any good web hosting provider is going to have WordPress available to download immediately after you purchase a plan with them. For example, the fastest and cheapest provider on our list barely costs a dollar a month.

WordPress gives you the ultimate freedom of choice. Both when editing a website, and when hosting it.


  •  Free and easy to use
  •  Plenty of mobile-optimized blogging themes that look great
  •  Loads of helpful tutorials online


  •  Steep learning curve
  •  No comparable drag and drop editor

4. Squarespace

From $12.00 /month

the-best-website-builders-for-blog-4Squarespace is known for providing an excellent blogging platform for designers. This is down to its award-winning design and selection of templates.

And its templates are what makes Squarespace one of the most popular blogging platforms. Creating a cutting-edge blog with Squarespace is the norm, and you only need to browse through their templates to see why - they are simply stunning.

Squarespace is aimed at artists and designers and is heavily focused on the visual aspects of blogging. Some of its design features include grid layout and 3D scrolling. With these features in mind, I would recommend this platform to small businesses or professionals.

But of course, these features come at a price.

What's the price?

Well, first of all, there is no free plan.

Its cheapest plan is the personal plan, which is priced at $12.00 per month and is billed annually. It includes unlimited bandwidth and storage, mobile-optimized websites, SSL certificate, 24/7 support, and a free custom domain.

There is also a Business plan, priced at $18.00 per month billed annually. This plan includes eCommerce, customization through CSS and JavaScript, and professional email from Google.


  •  Plenty of professionally designed templates
  •  Award-winning design and design features
  •  eCommerce and customization through CSS and JavaScript
  •  24/7 support service


  •  A little on the pricey side of website builders
  •  Not the most user-friendly blogging platform
  •  Steeper learning curve than most builders

5. GoCentral

From $5.99 /month

the-best-website-builder-for-blog-5Last but no means least, it's GoCentral - the GoDaddy website builder. GoCentral creates good-looking websites that are extremely mobile-friendly.

Not only does it provide plenty of modern customization options with its swipe-to-style interface and mix and match sections, but it has one of the most impressive blogging platforms too.

For bloggers who enjoy working alongside illustrators, the GoCentral mix and match sections will prove to be useful. This feature gives you the freedom to build a unique layout that is custom to your needs. And what's more, they provide a free trial to get you started!

Also, if you happen to already have an established blog on another website, you can utilize GoCentral's Bring Your Own Blog (BYOB) feature, which allows you to simply link to your existing blog from GoCentral.

There's no denying that GoCentral has really upped the game when it comes to blogging. Plus, they offer a whole bunch of SEO tools which make it easier to get in front of your audience. 

Overall, this platform has a lot to offer for bloggers of any level.

GoCentral pricing

Getting started is also pretty easy and it even offers a free trial, with packages starting from just $5.99. However, for users who want social media integration, you will need to upgrade your account to the Business Plus plan, which costs just $14.99 per month. 


  •  Layouts are responsive and look excellent on mobile devices
  •  Easy to add social media widgets
  •  GoCentral offers its clients a free trial
  •  24/7 customer support


  •  The free trial is limited
  •  Editor layouts are limited in comparison to Wix/Squarespace

So, Which Is The Best Blog Website Builder?

Of the 5 templates I have tested, GoCentral and Wix are the two builders that stand out as being the best website builders for blogging.

However, to help narrow down your decision, I have made a list below of what (I believe) each one of them does best:

  • WordPress would make a great choice for first time bloggers who want a good looking blog
  • Wix would be best suited to users who want plenty of customization options and drag and drop editor
  • Blogger is best suited to non-techy users wanting to start a personal blog
  • Squarespace would make a good choice for small business or professionals who want a unique and feature-rich blog
  • GoCentral is best suited for bloggers who want a mobile-friendly website with an up-to-date blogging platform

Out of all the templates I reviewed, I am impressed by GoCentral and Wix in particular. For writers who love blogging and who prioritize social networking - GoCentral would make a great choice. As for Wix, well, its drag and drop editor is a joy to use and customizing your blog has very few limitations.

So, after plenty of time testing different blog builders, these are my top 5 best blogging sites to choose from. However, if you think I missed any, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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