The Best eCommerce Website Builder: Choose The One


Dani Nolan


2019 November 25th

Launching your own eCommerce website can be an easy process and eCommerce website builders help you do just that.

Not only will they help you build an online store without any coding knowledge, but it won't cost a fortune as well.

But due to the growing number of eCommerce platforms available, it can often be tough to decide which one is the best option for your business so that you can make a start and get things off the ground.

With that thought in mind, we've decided to test and analyze different eCommerce site builders and see how suitable they would be to build your own online business. We tested a number of things - including its ease of use, reliability, and feature set - to find the top 6 options on the market.

And without further ado, here are our best eCommerce website builder picks:

  • Shopify (all-in-one eCommerce builder solution)
  • SITE123 (beginner-friendly eCommerce store builder)
  • Wix (best eCommerce website builder for simplicity)
  • Squarespace (website builder with stunning visuals)
  • Weebly (easy-to-use eCommerce website builder)
  • BigCommerce (eCommerce builder for large projects)

1. Shopify

The best eCommerce website builder for all business needs

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Unlimited
eCommerce templates 70, 10 free

Shopify is the number 1 paid eCommerce platform that offers all the tools for any kind of online business. But more importantly, with the selection of 70 templates, it allows you to edit website theme even without any coding knowledge.

A large selection of the templates is mobile-friendly and comes with free updates. To make it easier for you to choose, they are listed in different categories - from small to large stores and according to your industry.

The interface itself is easy to use and provides plenty of options when listing products. And to compliment this, Shopify uses an organized database to monitor customer information. This is a great feature that allows you to keep a watchful eye over which products your customers want, and track sales and growth trends.

To shine a light on some of the most important eCommerce features, here's a list of them:

  • 60 payment gateways including PayPal, Amazon Payments, and BitPay;
  • Unlimited products and inventory;
  • Multiple sales channels;
  • Shopify App Store with hundreds of apps and widgets;
  • Shopify POS for selling in-person;

As you can see, there's a bucket load of features to build an excellent online store.

Talking about Shopify pricing, you can start selling as cheap as $9/month if you already have a website. This allows you to add Buy Button to an already existing website or any other sales channel.

Pricing for eCommerce website builder range from $29 to $299 per month. However, if you're running a small but growing business, I would recommend the $79/mo Shopify plan - it includes 5 staff accounts, 24/7 support, manual order creation, gift cards, unlimited products and many more.

Best-ecommerce-website-builder-shopify pricing

While those features cost quite a lot, most of them can be really useful for most online shops.


  • 70+ eCommerce-specific templates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited products with every plan


  • Pricing is on the higher side of website builders

2. SITE123

All-inclusive website builder for your eCommerce 

SITE123 eCommerce Landing Page
Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Up to 135GB
eCommerce templates Over 30

SITE123 is an all-inclusive website builder that is beginner-friendly and has tons of feature packages tailored for a website you want to build. That includes eCommerce as well.

SITE123 offers a lot of beautiful templates in its builder. You can customize fonts, choose pictures from their provided gallery for free and customize all of your sites. You can create a stunning looking eCommerce with no coding knowledge at all.

SITE123 eCommerce Templates

This website builder lets you customize the website's visual blocks (colors, fonts, spacing) and doesn't work like drag and drop builder. So you can use a template, yet can't fully customize it so it sort of limits your creativity.

Overall, SITE123's theme templates are pretty (also responsive on all devices) and there's a lot to choose from so lack in customization shouldn't stop you from creating a good looking eCommerce store.

This website builder also offers some great eCommerce related features such as:

  • Tracking orders
  • Creating discount coupons
  • Selection of currencies
  • Easy shipping and tax selection
  • Displaying related products
  • Product SKU

While SITE123 offers free of charge plan, an eCommerce store might need a bit more resources. Its Basic plan starts at $4.68/mo and offers a free custom domain for 1 year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.

There's also "Advanced", "Professional", and "Gold" plans that all differ in resources given for your eCommerce store.

SITE123 Pricing

In addition, all paid plans are commission-free, which means that SITE123 doesn't take the cut out of your revenue.


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Responsive designs


  • Limited customization

3. Wix 

An easy to use website builder with powerful eCommerce tools

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Unlimited
eCommerce templates Over 100

Wix is a website builder known for its user-friendly interface and a stunning selection of templates that cover a wide range of online stores.

There are over 100 responsive templates designed specifically for eCommerce websites. Each one has a clean and tidy layout with a high focus on imagery, which is a valuable factor for creating an online store.

The Wix interface is extremely easy to use and there are lots of elements that can be customized using its drag-and-drop editor.

Overall, the Wix design is far from simple, but thanks to its intuitive design features and stunning templates - even the most inexperienced user can build a professional-looking website.

Additionally, the Wix App Market is home to thousands of apps to boost your business or brand. Along with things like Wix chat, events, and iPlayer HD - there are 39 online store apps. 

best ecommerce website builder: Wix apps

The most popular app is called Wix Stores, and here are some of its features:

  • Unlimited number of physical or digital products;
  • PayPal, credit cards and offline payments;
  • Integrated email marketing;
  • The intuitive store manager will allow you to track your sales;
  • Wix mobile-app for managing your online store on-the-go;

However, Wix is not the most affordable solution on the list.

The cheapest eCommerce plan will cost you $23/month and it gives 20GB of storage for your merchandise and unlimited bandwidth. If your shop gains popularity you can easily upgrade to the Business Unlimited for $27/month or Business VIP for $49/month. There's also an Enterprise solution for $500/mo. 

Best eCommerce website builder - Wix pricing

Additionally, all paid plans are 100% commission free - all the online payments you get are yours and the platform doesn't take the cut.


  • 100% commission-free sales
  • Accepts all major online payment gateways
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Plenty of online store templates


  • Once you select a template you cannot go back to change it

4. Squarespace

Website builder for beautiful eCommerce websites

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Unlimited
eCommerce templates 10

Squarespace originally is a website builder known for having top quality templates and insanely good image quality. The design of each template is minimalistic but extremely sophisticated - which almost guarantees that your products will look great.

Only a small number of templates are specifically designed for online stores - however, pretty much all of the templates can be adapted to suit eCommerce websites.

When it comes to building your website, this is done by adding blocks to pages that hold your content. Squarespace uses a live editor, so your applied changes will be visible immediately. And though it's not a drag-and-drop editor, you'll still be able to easily build your site without any coding knowledge.

Squarespace also has a mobile app for building and managing your store, so you can make changes wherever you are.

You can also products to blog posts which is a great way to drive sales and promote certain products. Squarespace blogging platform also allows the user to zoom in on product details and make the most of the image quality that Squarespace offers.

best ecommerce website builder: Squarespace blogging

To give you a clear view of some of the other Squarespace features, we've have made a handy little list. With Squarespace you can:

  • Calculate real-time shipping rates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS at checkout;
  • Identify your most valuable customers and gain insight into order value, order history and more with the CRM tools;
  • Accept PayPal, Apple Pay, and all major credit card payments;
  • ShipStation allows Squarespace customers to ship seamlessly;

While Squarespace pricing starts at $12/mo, you'll be able to add eCommerce to your website with the Business plan starting at $18/mo. If you need more features, there's the Basic Commerce plan for $26/mo and the Advanced Commerce plan for $40/mo.


The Business plan charges a 3% transaction fee while both of the Commerce plans don't. So we would recommend sticking to at least the Basic Commerce plan as the transaction rate might add up to the price a lot.


  • Specifically designed online store templates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Accept PayPal and Apple Pay
  • Exceptional image quality


  • Lack of integrable options

5. Weebly

Simple drag-and-drop website builder for eCommerce

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Unlimited
eCommerce templates 15

Weebly is well-known for being one of the most user-friendly website builders around today. But since eCommerce websites have become more popular, Weebly has improved its features in this field to become one of the best eCommerce website builders.

There are lots of responsive themes specifically designed for online stores, and they each have a unique design with a modern layout. While some of the templates feature a one image background for catching the viewers attention, others take on a grid-like layout to display multiple products.

Weebly has one of the most simplistic and user-friendly editors in our list, which is great for creating top eCommerce websites. You can build your website Weebly uses a drag-and-drop editor - add images, text, video backgrounds, and even parallax effects for an eye-catching website.

There are several design options built specifically for online stores, like product search and badges, coupons and gift cards. And adding customer reviews is a good way to keep a watchful eye over their thoughts on your services.

best ecommerce website builder: Weebly mobile app

Weebly also has a mobile app, just like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. This allows making changes to your store even if you're away.

Thanks to Weebly's Shipping tools, selling, shipping, printing, and tracking is all done in one place. It uses real-time shipping rates, and with the advanced inventory tools, you can easily keep track of your stock. The final step for your customers is checkout, and with Weebly, payment options are PayPal, Stripe, or Square. 

Users who upgrade to the Business plan ($25.00 per month) will have access to integrated shipping with Shippo. Also included in this package is a shipping and tax calculator, inventory management, digital goods, product reviews and more.

Weebly offers 3 plans specifically for eCommerce websites. The cheapest Pro plan is priced at $12/month and includes a free domain, unlimited storage, SSL security, and other premium features. However, if you want a 0% transaction fee - you'll have to upgrade to Business plan ($25/month).

best ecommerce website builder weebly prices

The most expensive, Performance plan for $38/mo, gets you such eCommerce features like Abandoned Cart Recovery and real-time shipping.


  • User-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Chat, email and phone support
  • Fairly priced paid packages


  • Design features are limited

6. BigCommerce

All-in-one eCommerce website builder for bigger stores

Uptime Unavailable
Speed Unavailable
Monthly traffic Unlimited
eCommerce templates 80, 11 free

BigCommerce, just like its main competitor Shopify, is aiming to be an all-in-one eCommerce solution with a built-in website builder.

Its full-featured eCommerce platform allows you to manage products and categories, add and edit pages, or even launch a blog. Adding products is simple, and you can add an unlimited number of photos and a detailed description of each product too.

Additional settings include applying smart product rules for sales items and tracking your inventory with Google Shopping.

After adding your products, BigCommerce provides you with a number of great marketing tools. Banners, coupon codes, discounts, abandoned cart notifications, and Google AdWords are at your disposal.

But that isn't all, there are a bunch of other features, including:

  • Sync your inventory with Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, and eBay;
  • Abandoned shopping cart feature;
  • Accept payments such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Amazon;
  • Real-time shipping rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx and Royal Mail;
  • Fully-responsive mobile website;

As for the pricing, there are 3 paid plans to choose from that range from $29.95-$249.95 per month. I'd recommend the most popular Plus plan $79.95/mo as it includes abandoned cart saver, unlimited accounts, and up to $150k online sales per year.

best ecommerce website builder: BigCommerce pricing

The biggest drawback of BigCommerce is its premium themes. Though the platform has many templates, only 11 of them are free. Others' pricing range from $140 to $235 per month. 


  • 24/7 live agent support
  • Plenty of free online store themes
  • Unlimited staff accounts and products


  • Expensive premium themes

Best eCommerce Website Builder - The Verdict

Each of our reviewed eCommerce website builders is great to build an online store easily. However, depending on your needs and budget, you may choose the one that fits your project best:

  • Shopify is meant for growing eCommerce websites and can be used to create highly functional stores.
  • SITE123 is an all-inclusive and beginner-friendly website builder that you can use to create professional-looking eCommerce stores.
  • Wix is one of the best, the most beautiful, and easiest to use website builders in the market with added eCommerce functionality.
  • Squarespace is perfect for users who want a unique looking store for showcasing expensive products.
  • Weebly is the best eCommerce website builder for launching professionally-looking online stores hassle-free.
  • BigCommerce is best suited for businesses that need a professional website to operate at a large scale.

Do you own online business and use a different website builder? Or maybe you have questions? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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