The Best Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes


Bart Keating


2019 January 16th


In the modern world that we live in, our cell phones are pretty much just like smaller, portable laptops that we can fit inside our pocket. In fact, according to Stone Temple study, roughly 63% of all internet usage occurs on a mobile device nowadays.

So, it seems obvious that having a suitable, mobile-friendly WordPress theme should be one of the first things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme.

Which is why I've done some serious testing - and there right here are the best mobile WordPress themes available:

  • Monolith (beautiful full-screen designs)
  • Rowe (well-documented theme for advanced users)
  • Hero (allows to make an iOS app interface)
  • Jackdaw (customizable with a child theme)
  • Nomos (mobile eCommerce theme)

1. Monolith

$30 - one-time fee

Note: Great for those who like full-screen designs

Best Mobile WordPress Themes

While some themes won't enable users to have a full-screen website on their mobile, Monolith is not one of them. Not only does the Monolith theme provide full-screen width no matter if you're on Android or iOS, but it also comes with a front image editor, enabling users to edit their images in a way that stands out through strong visuals and bursts of color.

The Monolith theme works on multiple browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, IE10, etc. Image and animation quality remained Retina-ready on each browser, enabling users to experience high-definition quality no matter what browser they are viewing the theme on.

Furthermore, unlike fixed design themes, this theme is liquid design. This means that instead of having a fixed width of your theme that doesn't scale to fit the browser, users will have a theme that rearranges itself to fill the entire browser. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll lose quality, as the theme's screen resolution will adapt depending on the device you're using.

However, on the downside, there is no search bar integrated into this theme. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does have the potential to isolate users completely as finding something they want to read again becomes near-impossible to find.


  •  Front-page image editor
  •  Image and animation quality is retina ready
  •  Liquid-designed theme
  •  Works on multiple browsers


  •  No integrated search bar

2. Rowe

$30 - one-time fee

Recommended for: advanced users looking for a well-documented theme

Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

The Rowe theme already looks cozy from the get-go, with its warm, soft color scheme.

It provides the very useful ability to be completely separate from your desktop WordPress theme. For example, you may have installed another theme on your desktop, which will be seen by other users who view your theme on a desktop. However, the Rowe theme works exclusively as a mobile theme - meaning you'll have two themes, but that they'll just appear under different circumstances.

This theme also comes with two extensive plug-ins. These are TapTap, a customizable mobile menu, and PageLoader, which will enable you to customize page transitions with ease. Both of these plug-ins together are valued to be $35 altogether, only you'll get them for free.

The theme is also well-documented, so if you feel like you need some help or keep running into trouble, then the help included will be there to back you up and keep you from making any extensive mistakes.

The only downside is that Rowe isn't as customizable as some other themes unless you know your way around CSS. So, it perhaps isn't the best option for beginners looking for a simple option.


  •  Well-documented theme with extensive tutorials
  •  Comes with two plug-ins that enhance the theme and website experience
  •  Can be completely separate from your desktop WordPress theme
  •  Liquid-designed theme


  •  Customization and layout is limited without editing CSS

3. Hero

$30 - one-time fee

Note: Great for those prioritizing mobile over desktop

Best Mobile WordPress Themes

As you can see, the Hero theme doesn't mind what you view it on. This is because the theme works alongside desktop, instead of being completely separate from it. Of course, it can be separated if the user chooses to, but it does show that even if your website is being viewed on a desktop, users can still use the Hero theme effectively.

What's more, Hero supports up to nine different post formats, and can even include background images. So, you'll never have to feel restricted in what you can and can't post. These formats, to mention a few, can be status, quotes, images, video and even audio.

This theme can also enable your website to have a web app, but only with iOS devices. Users will get a prompt, asking them to add the site to their Home Screen. This will allow users to have instant access to your website with just one press of their finger. Furthermore, you can customize your web app icon, giving you control of how your website is expressed.

Nevertheless, if you're looking to mix up your post layouts, this theme may not be the one for you. There is only one layout, and that's the one you see in the demo.


  •  Theme works alongside desktop as well as separate from it
  •  Can be installed as a web app
  •  Supports up to nine different post formats
  •  Can customize your web app icon and links


  •  Restrictive single post layout

4. Jackdaw

$30 - one-time fee

Note: NOT suitable for eCommerce

Jackdaw Mobile WordPress Theme

The Jackdaw theme is a mobile-first WordPress theme, and it shows. Its clear-defined layout, coupled with its lightweight and responsive interactivity makes this a great theme for those who don't need to get fancy to show that their website is a good one.

Furthermore, it comes with an ultra-customizable menu and header. This is particularly important as you are able to include an integrated search bar in the layout of your theme. No longer will your users need to scroll endlessly to find the article they want to read - because who wants to do that, especially on mobile?

Nobody. The answer is always nobody.

It also is very easy to edit. While the theme does have a lot of customizable shortcodes that aren't too difficult to handle, it also has a ready-to-edit child theme included. It may not sound all that great, but if you only want to achieve a great look without getting into the nitty-gritty of code or theme menus, then this will work well for you.

However, this theme does not support WooCommerce, a plug-in that enables eCommerce on WordPress. If you want to use this theme and are hoping to use WooCommerce to do so, then you may want to look somewhere else. That said, this WordPress theme does support a PayPal plug-in. So it's still a good place for things like donations.


  •  Lightweight and responsive
  •  Optional integrated search bar
  •  Clear-defined layout


  •  WooCommerce is not supported

5. Nomos

$59 - one-time fee

Note: Recommended for eCommerce

Best Mobile WordPress Themes

Nomos may be more expensive than the rest of the themes included in this list, but it also has a lot more to offer. While a number of themes only have one defined layout, Nomos has over 12+ different layouts to choose from, giving you the variety to find something that'll suit what you want to share with the world.

Nomos also comes with a one-click demo import. Do you see a demo that you think you want, but don't want to make too many changes to because it's perfect? The one-click demo import makes that possible. And of course, if you find yourself wanting to make some changes, such as font color and such, you'll also be able to do so with the WPBakery Page Builder that comes with the theme.

The theme also comes with simple animation via JQuery. With this feature, you'll be able to catch your audience's eye easily, and with retina-ready visuals, they'll like what they see.

The only downside to this theme is that it's clearly suited for eCommerce and not much else. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, the lack of multipurpose in this theme may turn others away from taking a chance on Nomos.


  •  One-click demo import
  •  12+ different layouts to choose from
  •  WPBakery Page Builder lets you design without code
  • Elegant animations via JQuery


  •  No multipurpose function - only suitable for eCommerce

Looking for Free Mobile-friendly WordPress Themes?

All five options listed above are incredible - but that's not the only thing common between them. All of them are also premium, meaning you'd have to spend a bit to get them.

Overall, premium themes are a great investment, but if you're not looking to spend a single dollar, there are also some free mobile-friendly WordPress themes you will definitely enjoy. The ones right here are super responsive across mobile devices and come with a $0 price tag.

  • Colid - very simple but flexible and responsive
  • CellOn - consulting and business coaching template
  • Airi -  WooCommerce support, premade layout and wealth of customization options
  • Indie - minimalist theme, based on premium Indie Pro theme
  • Pinnacle - unique theme with modern design, compatible with WooCommerce

Of course, the free ones will come with their drawbacks - but for some, it might still be great.

Whether you go for free themes or choose premium, all fully depends on your plans and your budget - so pick out a theme, and start creating!

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