5 Best Squarespace Templates for Your Projects

Best squarespace templates

In case you haven’t heard, Squarespace is kind of a big deal. Conceived back in 2003 in Maryland, Squarespace has become one of the most popular website builders on the market. This initial one-man startup now houses a team of over 500 employees and serves millions of websites in 190 countries. Squarespace templates are a big part of their boom in popularity, and they continue providing their customers with clean, modern, and stylish websites.

What Exactly is Squarespace?

Squarespace is one of many website builders that offer customers the simple and easy creation of websites for any industry. While initially marketed for non-developers as an all-in-one website-building solution, Squarespace also offers more advanced editing tools with full code access for further site modification and customization.

In a dedicated Squarespace review I've done a little bit earlier, I had my fair share of criticism to this platform. However, even then, amidst all the uncertainty and debate, I had to praise Squarespace for the absolutely dazzling templates that it provides.

So, in this article, we're going to celebrate them. Let's have a look at five of the best Squarespace templates available. How can they make your website beautiful and help your business?

Choosing the Best Squarespace Templates

Before diving into their trove of stunning templates, here are some quick tips on what to consider before choosing a template for your website.

  • Navigation—While Squarespace templates are essentially an open canvas to modify as you wish, the navigation menu is probably the most inflexible piece to customize. How your nav bar is displayed is pretty much fixed, so keep this in mind when browsing through the template selection. Consider how you want the site to look and navigate right from the beginning. For example, if your target audience is not expected to be very tech-savvy, you might want to consider a more standard navigation that makes navigating your site intuitive and easy.
  • Gallery Layout—Another important component is the image gallery and its layout. Is it important for you though? Each Squarespace template offers a variety of unique layouts and the way they display images are all slightly different from one another. You may customize them a bit, but like I mentioned before, it's not Squarespace's strong suit. This is another aspect of your website you’ll want to think about so you can choose a gallery that will best display your portfolio.
  • BloggingA blog is important to have for any company and any website. It’s good for SEO purposes and it helps keep your customers informed. Squarespace templates offer an amalgam of blog displays, with their most recent additions being the best and most thoughtful.

Best of the Best

As of February 2018, Squarespace offers 92 beautiful template designs to choose from to get you started on building a website. Even though this isn’t a huge library, it can still feel a bit overwhelming for newer customers who are unsure where to begin.

Squarespace makes this pretty easy by categorizing their templates. Some categories include Online Stores, Food & Drink, music, Health & Fitness, Photography, and Professional Services, to name a few.

Rather than reviewing every single template, and thus being bombarded with options, this article will cover the best of several categories accompanied by an example of each website.

Galapagos is amazing for eCommerce

If you’re looking to get your online store or business off the ground and grow it quickly, Squarespace’s Galapagos template is a great solution. It offers a clean and modern grid-style layout to showcase products, and also allows for easy navigation so customers can easily browse and find what they’re looking for.

One nice feature is that users can view prices and descriptions by hovering over product images. The checkout process is seamless, allowing site visitors to pay for a product in only a couple clicks. This and more makes the Galapagos one of the most popular and effective eCommerce Squarespace templates.

The simplicity of Native template is key for bloggers

Squarespace’s Native template can present your website’s content in a stunning and fresh way that also gives a modern feel. The layout is clean and simple, and allows you to display your words and images beautifully.

Native is an excellent template option for writers, bloggers, and even for photographers with their easy social media integration and gallery layout.

Montauk is suited for images, portfolios

While Native is a great choice for laying out content and images, Squarespace’s Montauk is king for photographers and portfolio sites. This trendy template is geared towards creatives by offering a clean layout that places a heavy emphasis on the display of images.

Montauk’s simplistic layout allows site visitors focus on the most important thing—the art being presented—through the use of sleek galleries. This template also offers blogging capabilities and eCommerce as well, making it perfect for both showcasing and selling.

Bedford offers perfect business flexibility

One of the most popular Squarespace templates for businesses is the Bedford template due to its customization flexibility. It’s perfect for smaller businesses or nonprofits because of its plethora of useful features, including donation and checkout options.

The Bedford template has a simple but stylish design. It feels modern and fresh, and even comes with a business email, domain, and Google Sheets analytics to see how your site is performing.

Ready template is ready for freelancers

If you’re a freelancer looking to create a modern yet professional site to garner new clients, Ready is the best Squarespace template to offer your services.

This template has a great-looking homepage that allows you to list your services. It also features a section for testimonials from satisfied customers along with an opt-in contact component.

Freelancers love this template because it’s minimal, not cluttered with information, stylish, and above all, professional. Ready is the perfect Squarespace template to start reeling in the clients.

Take your time and choose wisely

If you’re expecting Squarespace to churn out new and amazing templates every week, don’t. While Squarespace’s library of templates has certainly increased over the years, new ones aren’t produced very often, so take the time to consider your options and choose what’s best for your goals.

As mentioned earlier, their new Developer Platform allows for even further customization and modification to create virtually any look you want. Yet still, for the non-techies, stick to their best and most popular templates to ensure your customer base satisfaction. Best Squarespace templates are the ones who fit your specific needs and capabilities the most.

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