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Dani Nolan


2019 January 17th at 4:27


Becoming a successful musician is tough, but you know what's even tougher? Finding the best website builder for musicians!

Well, maybe not, but it's still a challenge. Setting up a website that showcases your talent in the best possible way might be tough.

But I'm here to help,  so I've completed that challenge for you.

I know how important it has become to build a strong internet platform to build your fanbase - and eventually boost your sales. So what's the best website builder for musicians? Here are my top 5 choices:

  • Bandzoogle (Great for selling records or merchandise)
  • Wix (Great selection of templates for musicians)
  • uKit (Plenty of widgets and great design features)
  • Weebly (Simple website building with a drag-and-drop feature)
  • 1&1 IONOS (Awesome social media integration)

1. Bandzoogle

Price: from $8.29 to $16.63/month

best website builder for musiciansThere's a lot more to this website builder than meets the eye.

Beneath its quirky name, there is an excellent platform that offers commission-free sales on music, merchandise, downloads, and tickets!

Not only that, it has over 100+ beautiful mobile-friendly themes.

That's an important addition, knowing that a lot of people now stay updated and do purchases using their mobile phones.

As for its pricing, well, it's fairly good at that too. For just $8.29 per month, you get a bucket load of features that include - eCommerce, 0% commission fees, promotional features, SEO tools, and a mailing list. 

Is it really the perfect performance, or has Bandzoogle missed a beat?

The perfect performance comes at a small price - $16.63 to be precise. The Bandzoogle Pro plan provides the user with a number of show-stopping features, which include the option to be able to sell tickets, merchandise, custom design, custom fonts, and video headers. If you're planning to go big, this could be just the perfect option for you.


  • Free 30-day trial available
  • 0% Commission fees on all sales
  • Mailing list (100 fan subscribers with a Lite plan)
  • Full-featured merch + download store
  • 24/7 Live chat support


  • No album pre-orders or discount codes without upgrading

2. Wix

Price: from free to $35/month

best website builder for musiciansWith the ability to upload music directly to your website, and an impressive selection of templates for bands, DJ's, solo artists and more - it's no surprise that Wix has made the list.

Although Wix has some of the most expensive plans on this list -  it is also the most versatile of the bunch.

One of Wix's key features is the plug-in feature, which allows users to connect platforms such as Bandsintown and Songkick directly into your Wix account.

One of its key strengths is its templates. The designs are exceptional and offer pre-built layouts for musicians. With industry-specific templates, you don't need to work on the design if you don't want to.

Wix has plenty of plans to choose from

As I've mentioned - Wix is not the cheapest option on the list. However, it offers a free plan and several premium ones. The Combo plan is a decent all-around package and is priced at $11 per month. It includes 3GB storage, 2GB bandwidth, a free domain for 1 year, and an ad-free website. Overall, a good option to take, especially if you fall in love with one of the themes Wix has to offer.


  • Supports plenty of music plugins (Bandsintown and Songkick)
  • Upload music or videos directly onto your website
  • Over 500 designer-made templates
  • Sleek and easy-to-use website builder


  • Can get pricey with higher packages
  • Live support is not 24/7

3. uKit

Price: from $4 to $8/month

best website builder for musiciansNext on the bill is uKit - bringing 12 years of experience and a user-friendly website builder.

Out of the 5 website builders, uKit has one of the most impressive design features with plenty of customizable elements.

As well as bringing an intuitive design and a responsive interface, uKit has plenty of integrable widgets such as Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram. 

On top of this, its premium plans are extremely good value for money.Hear this, you can get unlimited pages, disk space, and visitors, unlimited domains, premium designs, and Google analytics support for just $8 per month with their Premium + plan.

The only downside to uKit is the lack of eCommerce with either of their lower priced plans. However, there is an eCommerce plan available that starts at $12.00 per month. For the extra few $, I personally think its worth it - if you need it.

Has uKit secured the headline slot?

This good-looking website builder certainly has what it takes to top the charts. It offers flexible price plans at good rates that are packed full of features. However, it may take one too many upgrades in packages to achieve the best from uKit.


  • Feature-full price plans at extremely good rates
  • 24/7 and live chat support
  • Integrable widgets such as Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and visitors with all plans


  • No free plan
  • Limited blogging feature
  • eCommerce only available with upgraded accounts

4. Weebly

Price: from free to $25/month

best website builder for musiciansWeebly is packed with cutting-edge video and audio features perfect for creating websites for bands. All of which are easy to use and super friendly to beginners.

The features included are - video backgrounds, advanced animation effects, and HD audio and video. Uploading music or concert recording in HD quality is probably one of the most important features of a music-related website.

Beneath the fancy features, there is an excellent selection of themes. Not only do they all look great, but they also adapt perfectly to mobile devices. While there are no themes specifically created for musicians, the majority of them are very sleek, minimalistic and easily adaptable to any industry.

Weebly has plenty of options, too

Similarly to Wix, the pricing structure for Weebly is simple but flexible. There is a free plan to suit beginners, and paid plans that range from $5.00 - $25.00 per month.

To make full use of Weebly, I would recommend upgrading to the Pro plan ($12.00/month). The one feature that caught my eye above anything else was the HD audio and video. Other plus points for this package are the eCommerce, password protection, and video backgrounds.

If you aren't interested in the HD audio and video feature, or the eCommerce feature, then the Starter plan (priced at $8.00/month) will be a great pick. It comes with unlimited storage, SSL security, advanced site stats, and an ad-free website.


  • Cutting edge audio and video features
  • Fully responsive mobile-friendly themes
  • Google Ads $100 credit with Pro plan


  • Most key features are excluded from the cheaper plans
  • No live chat support feature

5.1&1 IONOS

Price: from $7 to $20/month ($1/mo for the first 6-12 months)

best website builder for musicians1&1 IONOS has an impressive website builder that uses integrable social media widgets such as Facebook and Instagram.

For musicians, this is an impressive feature to have in the armory - especially with a large number of statistics being drawn from Facebook and Instagram accounts nowadays.

What's even more impressive is that 1&1 uses a flexible drag-and-drop editor. Each one of its impressive themes is mobile-optimized, giving you the option to edit your design whilst on the move.

And the fun doesn't stop there - as its Business package (starting off at just $1.00 per month) provides free domain and email account, SSL certificate, and SEO.

Still looking for more?

Well, If you're a band that needs more from a website builder than just a sleek design - 1&1 also provide excellent eCommerce platforms that range from $10.00 - $30.00 per month. If you're looking to sell tickets or merchandise, it's one of the cheaper options out there.


  • Integrable social media widgets
  • Flexible drag-and-drop editor
  • FREE domain (first year only) & SSL included
  • Mobile-optimized design templates


  • Not blogger friendly
  • Not the easiest website builder to set up

So, Who Tops The Best Website Builder For Musicians Charts?

Of the 5 website builders I have listed, the choice that suits you best comes down to your individual needs.

To help further your decision, I have made a list below of what each one of them does best. Please note that rather than strict statements -  these are just recommendations.

  • Bandzoogle is suited for those who want excellent sales features on top of a website builder.
  • Wix is the best choice for musicians who want a plugin feature to connect 3rd-party platforms.
  • uKit would make the perfect choice for those who want experimental design features and widgets.   
  • Weebly is perfect for inexperienced groups who want a user-friendly interface with a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • 1&1 IONOS will be awesome for artists with an active social media presence.

Although Bandzoogle has excellent sales features, it does lack key customization features that you get with Wix or uKit. Weebly, on the other hand, is great for musicians who are looking for an easy-to-use website builder with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Whereas 1&1 would be a great choice for DJ's or producers that have an active social media presence.

Please feel free to share your own ideas or thoughts on this topic below - I'd be interested in seeing what other providers you had in mind for the best band website builder!

Dani Nolan

An experienced content professional with a creative mind. If I'm not writing, you can probably find me in the backyard playing with dogs or at some weird art show.

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