7 Best Wix Alternatives

Best Wix alternatives

Wix, with its easy-to-design templates, a wealth of apps, and sprawling user base is presently the leading website-building platform. However, it's hardly perfect for everyone's needs, and some people might crave a website builder that allows you to get more into the weeds with the coding or that allows easier transference of data in the event that one chooses to leave to another platform.

Others might simply be interested in seeing what new innovations other website building platforms bring to the table. In this article, we examine the 6 Best Wix Alternatives and highlight the areas where they give Wix a run for its money.

Quickly summing them up below:

1. GoCentral

godaddy gocentral

GoCentral is a relatively new product coming from a well-known web hosting giant - GoDaddy.

While we didn't really adore GoDaddy web hosting options, GoCentral was like a fresh breeze of quality coming from this brand.

First things first, GoCentral is extremely easy to use. The usual drag and drop functionality is supplemented with a superb mobile editor, which allows you to make changes to your website using your smartphone. Of course, I wouldn't recommend making your website from scratch this way, but it's an excellent (and responsive) option if you find yourself away from your computer with a sudden urge of improving your web masterpiece.

Performance is another area where GoCentral shines. Since it's a hosted platform, you would be using GoDaddy's own servers for your website. And that is definitely not a bad thing:


Don't take my word for it. GoCentral is free for the first month, meaning that you can give it a test drive before any commitments.

2. WordPress

Wix alternatives

WordPress is a content-management platform with an open-source code that allows users the ability to modify their site with as much as they like. Unlike Wix, which keeps its code under wraps as if it were the blueprints for a new government project, WordPress is almost evangelical with the way it shares its software, inviting one and all to contribute.

Consequently, those with the technical prowess to design a truly unique page can take full advantage of WordPress's flexibility.

Also, with the implementation of the free wooCommerce plug-in, your WordPress site can quickly blossom into a fully-functional online store. In contrast with Wix's limited array of payment processors, the wooCommerce plug-in allows you to enhance your customers' shopping experience by offering over 100 payment gateways.

Monthly usage of WordPress costs $24.99. Alternatively, you can use all of its open-source greatness and just use a hosting provider. This way, you will only pay for what the providers demand. We do a lot of web hosting reviews and some of those companies are actually quite worth it as well.

3.  Weebly

Wix alternatives

It's truly difficult to beat Weebly's templates in both aesthetic and accessibility. With their user-friendly website building engine, even the least experienced web designers can find themselves completing an engaging and professional-caliber webpage in less than a few hours.

One particularly helpful feature they offer for site builders is the ability to seamlessly transfer data from one template to another. Thus, if you find a template that better suits your vision, you won't find yourself manually pulling data out of your old template using copy and paste.

In addition to taking the guesswork and expertise out of site-building, Weebly has made a name for itself with its mobile site editor, which allows content developers to make websites on the go.

Another element for which Weebly is known is their comprehensive customer service, which sets the bar for the industry and gives customers plenty of ways to have their problems addressed.

Website owners can choose from either phone, chat, or support-ticket-based assistance, and the resounding consensus is that their responses are both expedient and effective. Perhaps it's this high standard of customer care that makes them confident enough to make their pages downloadable to a zip drive, affording clients the ability to change their hosting site on a moment's notice.

Weebly can cost from as little a nothing to $25 dollars a month for web pages, and online store packages range from $8-38 each month.

4. Squarespace

Wix alternatives

Squarespace is The Rolling Stones to Wix's Beatles. They are their largest competitor and are firmly regarded as a stalwart workhorse that guarantees stunning templates, reliable SEO options, and websites that can toggle between mobile and desktop platforms with ease. In addition to their desirable properties as a website platform, they also provide users with fully functional e-commerce options.

One potential issue customers trying to equip their Squarespace account for business might face is the limited array of payment gateways, and their inability to accept money in a variety of different currencies.  Fortunately, the company has released communications indicating that this is soon to change.

Similarly to Weebly, Squarespace is known for its customer service, and offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, with plans ranging in monthly cost from $12-40.

5. IM Creator

Wix alternatives

Founded in 2011, IM Creator is one of the newest site-building options amongst the best Wix alternatives.

IM creator's design platform allows those with no background in coding to stack template layouts on top of one another, creating prepossessing patchworks of visuals that delight the eye, and convey a clearly defined page aesthetic. For those worried about having to step outside of their comfort zone with web development, look no further.

From hosting a blog to updating your template with features that look as spectacular on a phone as if they were viewed from a computer you can do it all with IM Creator. Adding to the mountain of positive features is that IM Creator costs nothing, making it an ideal environment in which to start off before eventually scaling up to a more comprehensive builder.

6. Volusion

Wix alternatives

Volusion is what's known as a 'Software as a Solution” service, and provides customers with an avenue to grow their webstore in step with the scale of their business.

In addition to providing an online shopping cart and themes that are mobile-responsive for optimized viewing across a wealth of platforms, Volusion's 30+ payment gateways make it an attractive option for entry-level entrepreneurs.

Monthly subscriptions to Volusion can range from $15 to $135.

7. EzyWebs

Wix alternatives

This alternative to Wix is quickly gaining momentum. In addition to providing the usual drag-and-drop template design tools that have become standard amongst website-builders, EzyWebs places a heavy emphasis on ease of social media integration.

Besides serving as a mantle for social media posts, it also offers unlimited web pages and tools for SEO.

Though it offers free plans, premium options can run as high as $9.99 a month.  Their low pricing bracket makes them both one of the cheapest and best Wix alternatives.

The 7 Best Wix Alternatives: Which One Rules the Roost?

For those with cost considerations at the forefront of their selection process, few options will be able to improve upon IM Creator or EzyWebs' free options.  Meanwhile, for those in search of ease-of-use and transportability of content, the clear winner is GoCentral.

However, if market share is something to go by, then the crowned ruler of the best Wix alternatives is Squarespace.  In any case, though, all of these platforms offer unique ways to skin the proverbial cat, and all offer cost-free trials, so give them a shot.

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