The 7 Best WordPress Themes For Elementor Page Builder


Fiona O’Connell


2020 February 20th


To put it elementary - Elementor is a WordPress plugin that will make your website building experience fluent and as simple as possible.

With the help of the most popular and exceptionally responsive drag and drop user interface, you'll be able to build beautiful websites with ease on the base of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) - WordPress.

Why you may need Elementor?

For some WordPress may appear a little bit complicated and lacking user-friendliness.

To start with, building a unique and professional website with Elementor won't require any HTML or PHP skills.

Secondly, the what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface will display the look of your website instantly when the changes are made.

Let's add that it works with all WordPress templates, allowing you to create any page or content layout, and we have quite impressive website building tool.

While it works with any WordPress theme, there are some Elementor templates that can stand out and give you full potential, when using this builder (demos, features, great performance and much more).

These 7 themes are trusted by the Elementor creators and are simply the best WordPress Elementor themes in the business:

  • Astra (Free option with business-specific themes)
  • Online Consulting PRO (Stylish and solid theme for business)
  • Marketingly (Theme with lots of freedom for creativity)
  • Robolist (Clean and simple theme for listings)
  • Pasal eCommerce (Highly customizable theme for business)
  • Newsmaker (Elementor theme suited for blogs and news sites)
  • Phlox (A budget Elementor design and SEO-ready WordPress Elementor themes)

1. Astra

Free + $59/year + $249/year premium theme

Recommended for: users looking for a free, industry-specific website

If you're running a small business and want a website, Elementor is a perfect option. You can do everything yourself, without a need for a dedicated web developer.

But for many small businesses looking to go online, two big challenges await.

The first one is experience. When building from scratch or from a basic template, it may be difficult to fit your website to a specific business - because you haven't done it before.

The second one is the price. For a small company, every dollar matters. So spending cash on themes that are not good enough is a big risk.

Well, Astra solves both of those issues - in style.

The theme is complete with dozens of industry-specific starter sites you can easily edit and adjust with Elementor. Covering such niche businesses, such as barbershop, kindergarten, winery, hotel, and much more, this template can get you a fitting WordPress website in just a couple of clicks.

And the best part is - Astra is free. But if you wish to get some premium features, such as custom header and footer layouts, eCommerce capabilities, better typography, 24/7 customer support, and much more, you can always upgrade to Astra Pro.

That will cost you $59 a year. A bit on the expensive side - but if you're serious you can get a lifetime license for $249. With it, you can enjoy updates and all features for just one payment.


  • Industry-specific starter sites
  • Free version available
  • Open-source


  • Pro version can be a bit expensive

2. Online Consulting PRO

$29 - one-time fee

Recommended for: professionals that want a solid and sleek website

Sometimes what you need is the opposite of creativity, sometimes you need clean design and easy structure. And here is where this theme comes into our review.

However, there is no free version of this theme available. We would recommend it to businesses and professionals, but even costing money, it gives a lot for a regular user.

This theme fully supports WooCommerce, so it's eCommerce ready. You don't need to start with a shop, but if you ever want to expand or start selling online it's easy to turn your website into one.

You get the full demo content import option available if you like the theme as it is. Just install the demo and modify text and images - and viola you have a website. 

But if for some reason you need help, you get user-friendly support when purchasing here. They will help you install, update, and configure this theme.


  • eCommerce ready
  • Free version available
  • Stylish and responsive


  • No free version

3. Marketingly

Free - $29 one-time fee.

Recommended for: marketing companies and creative studios

Marketingly is a stylish WordPress theme thats focused, you guessed it, on marketing and creative agencies. The main appeal is that it offers a lot of customization. 

That's not to say that it's bad for just simple users. On the contrary, its sleek look and functionality will be perfect for a blog or personal portfolio.

Your creativity is fully unlocked here. If you're not sure whether it's a good choice, you can just give it a try with the Free plan. But keep in mind that this version will always be restricted.

While the free plan will be suited for starting your website, it can also be limited. In that case, If you want to buy the premium version of this theme, there are 3 options available. 

But if you want to have premium support to help you out along the way, there is an annual version of this theme. With this plan, you also get unlimited updates to security and performance.

The best available plan in our opinion is Lifetime Access. For a single payment of $199, you get all the previous features, unlimited updates, and support.

And with premium plans, you get access to a lot more themes and all child themes. So you're not just buying a single theme with Marketingly.


  • Free option
  • Great design
  • Multiple premium plans


  • The free version is limited

4. Robolist

$59 - one-time fee

Recommended for: those looking for an extensive listing directory theme

best elementor wordpress theme robolist

Robolist is an Elementor theme with a specific purpose in mind. It's an easy way to build a website including various listings.

This can mean jobs, services, places in your area, and so much more. This theme, paired together with very simple to use Elementor, makes this very complex task an absolute breeze. With WooCommerce fully compatible, you will be able to take payments from the listings, too, making this an all-in-one solution, if you wish to start your new Airbnb competitor.

The functionality doesn't stop there - structured data is available for all items on your lists, meaning that in Google searches, they will rank and appear nicely. If the success of your business depends on Google - this is a great thing to have.

best elementor wordpress themes robolist other list

You can use this Elementor theme for all sorts of listings - but that's where it ends. If you're looking for a multipurpose theme, this is not it. But this is expected - it's not a Swiss army knife, it's a scalpel, doing precisely what it needs to do, and doing it very well.


  • Advanced functionality made very simple
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Ready for eCommerce


  • Meant for one main purpose

5. Pasal eCommerce

$59 - one-time fee

Recommended for: a simple-to-make online store.

best elementor wordpress theme pasal ecommerce

Another theme tailored for a purpose, Pasal eCommerce is aimed specifically at businesses, looking to sell online. And with this theme, building a modern looking online store becomes incredibly simple.

Full Elementor compatibility (obviously!) is just the beginning. In addition to that, you get the Layout Pro plugin, allowing you to choose several premade headers and footers. Also, you can add additional sidebars, eCommerce-specific plugins, and there are plenty of pre-made demos, so you don't have to start your online business from a blank slate.

best wordpress elementor themes pasal ecommerce demo

Overall, Pasal eCommerce is very easy to use the Elementor WordPress theme, and that is its main strength. If you're looking to make an online shop with Elementor due to its simplicity, you may go one step further and use Pasal to make it even easier.


  • eCommerce made very simple
  • Plugins for better selling included
  • One-click demo importer


  • Only meant for eCommerce purposes

6. Newsmaker

$30 - one-time fee

Recommended for: news website and blogs

Newsmaker is perhaps the best WordPress Elementor theme for journalists. That's because every feature that it offers is meant to make a beautiful news website.

You can combine multiple pages to get exactly the type of news website/blog you wish to have.

And it's going to be easy to edit (thanks, Elementor and easy to load demos!). So you can focus on your content quickly. And with great mobile optimization, your readers will get the same fluid experience on any device.

And what's best - costing only $30, Newsmaker is one of the cheaper Elementor WordPress themes on this list. Good news, everyone - these days, you don't need to be Michael Bloomberg to start a news corporation.


  • Focused on news websites
  • Fully responsive to look great on most devices
  • Great looking stock pages


  • Not good for any other types of websites

7. Phlox

Free + $29 premium option (one-time fee)

Recommended for: users looking for a low-budget option

And last (but probably not least), it's Phlox. Following the same freemium model as Astra, this theme has over 40 ready-to-use templates. And there are plenty to choose from, as the themes are very different and suited for various types of businesses.

But of course, a demo template isn't enough for a website. You still need to edit it to look just perfect for you. Well, Phlox has that one sorted out, with loads of beautiful editing options.

What about the Pro version? Well, for only $29 (one-time fee), you'll get access to even more (80+) website templates, 160+ Elementor editing elements, and even more website customization options - so every pixel of your Phlox website is accounted for. A worthy upgrade - for the lowest price of the premium templates on this list.


  • Free version available
  • Cheap premium version
  • Plenty of customization options


  • Not good for any other types of websites

What's the Best WordPress Elementor Theme for Your Business?

To be brief - any of these 7 themes may be a winner. At the end of everything, the best WordPress Elementor theme to you will depend on the specific features that you want, the website you wish to make, or the budget that you have.

So here goes - this is what I thought about each of these Elementor WP themes in a nutshell:

  • Astra is a great free option if it includes the demo of a business similar to yours.
  • Online Consulting PRO is best for those that want a stylish and structured theme.
  • Marketingly is great for people that want to have the freedom and show their creativity.
  • Robolist is amazing if you need to have a website with various listings.
  • Pasal eCommerce is great if you want to create a great looking business page.
  • Newsmaker is, quite obviously, a perfect option for news websites and blogs.
  • Phlox is a great budget option - it includes both a free option and the cheapest premium option on the list.

So, after testing plenty of Elementor WordPress themes - I think that these are the 7 best ones. But if you think I missed any - let me know in the comments below. I'd love to know what you think.

These 7 best Elementor WordPress themes are defined by perfect design, customizability, and user-friendliness. Let's see the winners!

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