Best WordPress Themes For Photographers


Fiona O’Connell


2019 January 16th


A beautiful website can be a great way for you to showcase your art.

However, building such a page, can be easier said than done. This is why, for people using WordPress, a great theme can be a lifesaver.

But the selection of the themes is seriously big - so how can you pick the right one? Well - I'm here to help. After doing some heavy lifting and browsing, I've come up with this list of the best wordpress themes for photographers:

  • Core - Great theme to start with
  • Kinetika - Exceptionally adaptive layout and style
  • Pinhole - Variety of different layouts
  • Kathy  - Minimalist design & portfolio feature
  • Nightshade - Large collection of gallery page styles

1. Core

$39.00 - one-time fee.

At its core (hah), Core is a theme that values pictures more than words. Considering you’re looking for the perfect WordPress photography template, I’d say that this is a great theme to start with.

best wordpress themes for photographers

It offers a minimalist design, and with how clean cut the theme is, users are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

Core theme also comes with eight custom widgets – including pivotal social media widgets such as Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo. With these widgets, users will be able to spread their social media presence to sites beyond their official photography website – furthering their brand.

What’s more, the full-screen slideshow photo gallery that is included will also be beneficial for photographers looking at this theme. It’ll undoubtedly be the first thing that users will see, and drawing potential customers in with a gallery seems a smart move to me.

'Also, if you want your users to get to know you – the theme comes with a blog page.

However, there is one downside to this theme - there is no HD resolution. Considering that this is a photography theme, that may be a deal breaker for some, for others, merely a blip that isn’t worth thinking much of.

Pros of the Core Theme:

  • Minimalist design – lets users enjoy the site without feeling overwhelmed
  • Comes with eight custom widgets
  • Full-screen photo gallery slideshow
  • Comes with a blog page

Cons of the Core Theme:

  • HD resolution is not supported

2. Kinetika

$59.00 - one-time fee.

Kinetika is a full-screen photography template that is incredibly responsive. No matter what you’re viewing the theme on, whether that’s a mobile, tablet or laptop, you’ll be able to fully access everything the theme has on offer due to its adaptive layout and style.

best wordpress themes for photographers

Kinetika theme also has a variety of features that make it great for accessibility, no matter who’s using the theme.

For example, it offers light and dark color variations, allowing the user to choose what best suits them.

Furthermore, the theme also comes with special features such as password protected pages. These can be particularly useful for users who wish to use said pages to give special access to users at a certain price.

However, there are certain design choices that may put you off, especially if you’ve got certain ideas for the theme. For example, at this moment in time, you are unable to configure the thumbnail shape of your images, and the search bar widget is not included in full-screen posts. This may be changed in the future as the theme updates, but it is currently not available.

Pros of the Kinetika Theme:

  • Adaptive layout and style
  • Light and dark variations of the theme
  • Password protected pages
  • Full-screen photography template

Cons of the Kinetika Theme:

  • Some customization limitations

3. Pinhole

$69.00 - one-time fee.

There are a lot of different photographers out there, and each has their different style - this is where Pinhole comes in. With this theme,  you can choose from 30 different gallery layouts, meaning you’ll be able to build the website you want in the way you want.

Best Photography WordPress Themes

Another cool thing about this theme is that your photos load instantly - this is a huge feature that even non-photographers should overlook. Waiting for a photo to load on a website can be tiresome, after all, so this theme enhances load-time performance.

What’s more, the theme also gives users the option to add more information about their images beyond its height and width. It also presents Exif metadata (a record which shows the digital camera’s settings), which is particularly useful for up-and-coming photographers - they’ll be able to take that information and use it to help set-up their equipment settings.

However, if you’re looking to add advanced video features to the theme, you may have to look elsewhere. While you can upload videos, full-width videos were not meant for Pinhole – just photography.

Pros of the Pinhole Theme:

  • 30+ gallery layouts
  • Instantaneous photos loading
  • Exif Metadata included
  • Responsive theme

Cons of the Pinhole Theme:

  • Not suitable for certain video features

4. Kathy

$49.00 - one-time fee.

While on the outside Kathy looks as though as a Tumblr theme, its minimalist design is a refreshing change of pace. The white, clean-cut background included within the theme allows users to see the photography talent from the moment they first click onto the theme.

The Kathy theme also comes with a portfolio feature, enabling users to place certain images in specific portfolios and tags. You’ll also be able to change the look of your portfolio listing, such as making the images appear as a list or in a grid. Unfortunately, these are the only two styles that you have on offer for this theme.

There are also several social media plug-ins available, such as Facebook and Twitter. What’s more, if you’re struggling on how to use these – the theme comes with a document that is extensive and useful in helping you set your theme up the way you want to.

However, there are some downsides. For example, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site for the theme to work. However that can be easily sorted out by moving to a premium web hosting provider. Still - that's a thing worth keeping in mind.

Cons of the Kathy Theme:

  • Minimalist design so not to overwhelm an audience
  • Portfolio feature
  • Several social media plug-ins
  • Extensive documents are included to help with the set-up

Cons of the Kathy Theme:

  • Must have a self-hosted WordPress site for the theme to work as intended

5. Nightshade

$59.00 - one-time fee.

The Nightshade theme is a great theme for upcoming photographers who want to try their hand at blogging, photography, and eCommerce. But don’t be put off, it is still very much a minimalist design at heart.

There are options to add a variety of features to your theme (such as music) but if you’d rather have the bare minimum for the aesthetic – that’s an option too.

And like the Kinetika theme, you’ll have the option to include password protected pages – perfect for any potential clients out there to have access to photography only made for them. It can also be used as a place to put projects that aren’t quite finished yet.

What’s more, the Nightshade theme has a large collection of different gallery page formats. You can have a floating gallery (pictures with a ton of space between them), a carousel gallery, an animated gallery and so much more. For those who are looking to have several options, this might be for you.

Pros of the Nightshade Theme:

  • Choice of design - minimalistic or elaborated
  • Password protected pages – great for clients
  • Ability to test before buying
  • Large collection of different gallery page formats

Cons of the Nightshade Theme:

  • Not compatible with browsers such as IE8 or IE9

What Makes These WordPress Photography Themes The Best?

There you have it. Here you’ve found the very best WordPress templates for photographers. Of course, you may still be wondering, what makes these so different from the rest?

What really makes these themes so great for photographers?

  • All these themes have minimalist options, which allows your photos to do the talking
  • All can be presented with various styles (light/dark, minimalistic/elaborated,  etc.)
  • All have an option for an About page - bios are critical, and it’s important to have them.
  • All themes are responsive. Nothing is more annoying than a slow theme that is broken on mobile, especially when it's full of pictures.

But what do you think - do you agree that these are great themes for photographers? Or did I miss out a few that you think are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below!

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