DudaMobile Is Discontinued – What Happens Now?


Fiona O’Connell


2019 February 11th

Duda is a popular website builder, loved by both small startups, big projects, and everyone in between. And while the popularity and quality of Duda are both obvious, not the same can be said of its other projects.

Just recently, it's become clear that DudaMobile - Duda's website converter to turn desktop pages into responsive mobile pages - is getting discontinued.

Why has this happened? And if you're looking to have a beautiful, responsive mobile site, what should you do?

Let's find that out here.

A Silent, Timely End

Still, not so long ago, DudaMobile was proudly stating that it can turn ancient, cluttered desktop websites into beautiful mobile experiences.

Aimed at customers who understand the need to optimize for mobile, DudaMobile made tap-friendly mobile sites and claimed to be the perfect mobile website solution.

And in theory, this seemed a good option. Simple and efficient, the drag-and-drop editor was key to building a successful site, while its content buttons provide interchangeable links.

Overall, looks pretty good. But as you already know, that wasn't enough to keep this product going for much longer.

dudamobile review

During my research, when I stumbled upon DudaMobile, I decided to talk to the company itself.

This is where I was told that it will soon to be discontinued.

And while right now, you can get access to all of the DudaMobile features by simply signing up to Duda, the company itself discourages people from doing so.

And really, you shouldn't.

How about we cut straight to the chase? Let's talk about the reasons which lead to the product's demise. And the alternative solutions you could take!

Video Killed The Radio Star

And responsive website design killed DudaMobile.

What DudaMobile was doing, is it took old, clunky websites, not suited for mobile use.

Then, it made an entirely new website in the "m.websiteURL.com"  subdomain of your page.

However, this kind of a solution is actually quite outdated. While "m." subdomain websites were big in late 00s and early 10s (mostly to deal with the iPhone's popularity!) they've now been replaced with responsive design websites.

Nowadays, pretty much all good website builders make websites that look good on all kinds of devices: with no need for something like DudaMobile.

Wait...What is responsive design anyway?

If you're reading this on your desktop device - I'd like to invite you to do a simple experiment. Yes, you! Ready? Here goes:

  • Locate the bottom right corner of your browser window.
  • Make sure to find the resizing option: in most cases, this means your cursor turns into an arrow.
  • Now, drag it to the left, making this page thinner.

If you're keeping up, you'll see that content is aligning itself to look good on a now-smaller browser window. The sidebar is gone, and a new top menu appears.

Just like magic, this page has adjusted itself to the different resolution. This is an example of responsive design.

dudamobile review responsive and non responsive website

For those on mobile, the picture right here explains the difference just as well.

Without responsive design, users would simply see a desktop site, reduced to a microscopic size.

With responsive design, the content aligns itself to make a good browsing experience. Menus become mobile-friendly, images as well.

And since now, most website themes and website builders include responsive design.

In the late 2010s, DudaMobile simply lost relevancy as a product. There are no more websites to fix!

At the end of the day, nothing explains DudaMobile's problems better than Duda itself. In the landing page for the product, they answer the question about responsive websites as well.

dudamobile review responsive website

So there you have it, people. If you wish to have a website that looks good on all devices, including mobile, just go for great website builder or use a content management system, like WordPress.

DudaMobile websites will be fine

But if you already invested in DudaMobile and are worried about what's going to happen to your page - don't worry.

All existing users of DudaMobile will continue to have their websites working normally.

What will not work normally is customer support. Starting 1st of September 2019, active customer support for the product will be retired. The self-help portal will still work, but you won't be able to either purchase the services nor get a customer service representative to help you.

So, while the story of the product ends here, DudaMobile websites live on.

DudaMobile Review - The End

Overall, DudaMobile was always a reasonable product - serving a good purpose and offering plenty of designs. The reason for its closure is quite simple. DudaMobile simply outlived its usefulness.

This is a service that isn't needed anymore. For this reason, you should not purchase a DudaMobile subscription. Instead, make a proper responsive website - you can even make one with Duda!

But what about you? Maybe you've used Duda in the past and would like to tell us how it did? We welcome all opinions in the comments below.

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User comments

WILL C. picture

2019 August 9th

If Duda Services has been discontinued since February how do I retrieve my monthly payments from February 2019 going forward should I be reimbursed?

If Duda Services has been discontinued since February how do I retrieve my monthly payments from February 2019 going forward should I be reimbursed?