Best Free eCommerce Templates For Online Business


Bart Keating


2019 April 12th


There are plenty of eCommerce templates but that doesn't mean that all of them are worth your time.

A good online store template has to be both good looking - to appeal to your customers, and functional - to make sure the buying process is without any errors that would stop the purchase.

Your checkout takes too long?

You can't offer a guest login?

That won't be such a good user experience for your potential clients. And they can choose another store in the blink of an eye.

So I've ventured out into the Wild Wild West of the Internet looking for the best free eCommerce website template - here are the best ones:

  • X-Store - easy to customize and very responsive free template
  • Leto - WooCommerce support included
  • eCommerce Gem -  helpful video tutorials for beginners
  • Tyche - free template that looks great on multiple devices
  • TheShop - excellent for blogging free template

1. X-Store

WordPress Theme

Recommended for: Users who like clean, simple layouts free commerce website template

As expected of an eCommerce theme, X-Store is incredibly responsive and is crafted to provide optimal viewing on multiple devices.

The minimalist design of this online store template is also a fantastic step in the right direction. This clean, clear style enables users to navigate throughout the theme with ease, assuring you that no clutter will be in the way to be off-putting to potential customers.

The theme is also translation ready, meaning it can be translated into any other programming language with ease. This is particularly useful for those who want to take customization to the next level and want to edit the source code in the programming language of their choice.

However, there is one downside to this theme. There are no color or font options in the theme panel, nor are there any fact counters or product carousels. Depending on what you value most about your shop, this may be a dealbreaker for some.


  •  Responsive theme
  •  Dedicated 24/7 support through chat and phone
  •  Translation ready
  •  Super clear and functional design


  •  Limited design options unless the source code is edited

2. Leto

WordPress Theme

Recommended for: Users who like big header images and a ton of layout options

free commerce website template

The Leto theme is great for those who are just starting their career in eCommerce, and who are confident in showing off their products with a big header image. Or, if they are more comfortable presenting products through constant footage, they can insert a big video header instead. Customization is yours to control.

Speaking of beginner-friendly customization, unlike the previous theme, you will be able to enjoy free access to a number of fonts thanks to Google Fonts.

With Google Fonts, users will be able to switch between different fonts using the Theme Customizer, giving you access to a hub where you'll be able to choose which font fits your eCommerce website best.

Furthermore, the Leto theme comes with some very useful built-in widgets, designed in a way that'll enable you to further enhance your homepage. Feature boxes, product loops, and price search filters are just a few features that can be added.

free ecommerce templates

With these retail-specific widgets, your site can look the part without having cost you a fortune.

The search filter, in particular, looks great.

And the fact it comes completely free is highly impressive, making this one of the best value offerings I've seen in a free retail website template.


  •  Large header image to show off products
  •  Free access to customization options
  •  WooCommerce support included
  •  Cross-browser compatible


  •  WooCommerce is mandatory - shop creating options limited

3. eCommerce Gem

WordPress Theme

Recommended for: Users looking for a beginner-friendly option

free commerce website template

This eCommerce WordPress theme is suitable for anything that you want to sell. The theme also enables users to show off their content through the latest products carousel, allowing you to put whatever you want immediately in front of your audience as soon as they click onto your eCommerce website.

But what really makes this theme stand out against the rest is its drag-and-drop page sections. This shows that you don't need any previous experience to create a website you're happy with. All you need is a vision and the ability to use a mouse. Click, drag click, click - website complete.

Well, it's not quite that fast. But the video tutorials provided by eCommerce Gem itself should prove handy in aiding a speedy process. They show you how to import the theme, configure it, as well as make use of the 8+ widgets and multipurpose layouts that are available too.

However, if you're expecting to have more advanced features added to that list for free, think again. Unless you're willing/able to spend some money and go premium, you won't have the following features: advanced color options, font options, advanced slider support, callout widget, override footer credit or the ability to hide the footer.


  •  Drag-and-drop page sections
  •  Multipurpose layouts
  •  Video tutorials are included with the theme
  •  Carousel of latest products


  •  Variety of important features not included with the free version

4. Tyche

Bootstrap theme

Recommended for: Users looking for a Bootstrap theme

bootstrap ecommerce template

Tyche is a Bootstrap eCommerce template, meaning that it was built completely in Bootstrap. It is a highly responsive theme that looks great on multiple devices, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. Its design is also very sleek and clear, providing just the right amount of white space, and giving users free freedom on their style.

Furthermore, if you get stuck, Tyche well-documented and includes tutorials - making it suitable for beginners. This can help you with Tyche's other features, such as its:

  • Integrated free shipping systems
  • Shopping carts
  • Location services
  • Login accounts

But asides from the extra features and Bootstrap appeal, I must also stress another of its advantages: just how darn great it looks. For me, the visual impression it gives off is one of its biggest highlights. Check out the demo for yourself and take a look around.

However, the limited number of widgets may be disappointing for some.


  •  Incredibly helpful video tutorials for beginners
  •  Great amount of features for users to test
  •  Search bar included
  •  Responsive and adaptable to multiple devices


  •  Amount of widgets is limited

5. TheShop

WordPress Theme

Recommended for: Users who want to utilize the power of blogging with their store

TheShop free commerce website template

Setting up with TheShop is criminally easy. Thanks to its one-click demo import, you can install ready-built layouts/configurations in a very literal click of a button. And further customization is made simple too, thanks to the 2-to-3-minute video tutorials that are included.

But while online store templates are important for products, blog content can be just as important for your store's overall online appearance and conversion rates. So, the fact that TheShop's Visual Customizer contains some configuration options specific to blogging is also appreciated.

Asides from those, you have:

  • Cross-browser support
  • Retina-ready design
  • Google Fonts
  • 2 Page Templates

The only downside for some may be that the standard visual impression with TheShop is that of a rather basic website. For those looking for a much more finished look, this may not be the theme for you despite the retina compatibility.


  •  One-click demo import
  •  Video tutorials for beginners are included
  •  Blog features
  •  Cross-browser support on all devices


  •  Basic look
  •  Lack of page templates

Why These Free eCommerce Themes Are The Best?

For those wondering, there are common reasons for each choice on this list as to why I decided they deserved a spot.

What really links these eCommerce themes together, is their smooth functionality, user-friendliness and great feature sets. Also, always rank mobile responsiveness as one of the most crucial aspects to any theme or template - your visitors will be using all sorts of devices!

It's 2019 and we have to face the facts: users using mobile devices to shop are rising each year. In the US, 79% of people have done a purchase using a mobile device in the last 6 months. So if you wish to have a successful eCommerce site, you must think of your mobile audience - which these themes do.

Do you agree with my choices? Or do you have some that you'd like to add for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

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