Best Free And Premium Weebly Themes – A Closer Look


Bart Keating


2019 March 1st


With over 40 million users worldwide, Weebly is clearly a favorite when it comes to building easy yet stunning websites.

But one of the many things that makes it so popular is its selection of themes. From blog and business to portfolio and personal, Weebly has them all.

Not to brag but with our help, you can be sure not to miss a hidden gem.

Prior to this review, I have analyzed dozens of premium, customer and free Weebly themes. Let's take a closer look at 6 that stood out the most.

We'll kick off with the best free Weebly themes:

  • Cento (A free, custom Weebly theme for photographers)
  • Haberdasher (A free theme, suited for fashion websites and eCommerce)
  • Slick (A free Weebly theme that helps content pop)

And in the second part of the list we'll transition over to best premium Weebly themes:

  • Ethereal (A premium Weebly theme costing $39.00)
  • Aurora (A premium Weebly theme costing $39.99)
  • Infiniti (A premium Weebly theme costing $40.00)

The Best Free Weebly Themes

1. Cento

Price: free

Recommended for: users who want a good-looking portfolio theme.

If you are looking for a simple theme with plenty of space to showcase your projects - Cento could well be the one for you. It's fast, stylish, responsive, and allows the user to implement their own unique functions thanks to CSS and HTML capability. These features alone make it one of the best custom Weebly themes.

free weebly themes

Cento is a minimalist theme that is a good match for artist portfolios. It features a clean and tidy layout that is perfect for showcasing your projects or photographs. It is also fully responsive and translates well to almost any device.

free weebly themesIt pairs a Sans Serif and classic Serif type font with a clean color palette and is the perfect theme for allowing your work to do all of the talking.

You can also add a gallery effect which will display an unlimited amount of photos in a grid, while there is also a slideshow option that will display one large photo at a time. The latter is a great way to showcase your favorite and most important pieces of work - if that's something you're looking to do.


  • Completely free
  • Customizable through CSS and HTML
  • Minimalist look won't detract from your content
  • Good gallery options for photographers


  •  Limited number of text fonts included

2. Haberdasher

Price: free

Recommended for: fashion retailers who want a classy responsive website.

If you're on the hunt for free Weebly themes - then drop your weapons now. Haberdasher is classy, sleek, and is perfect for high-end fashion retailers. This is a free Weebly template that transforms websites, and thank's to it being fully responsive, it looks stunning on all devices.

free weebly themes

It is easy to navigate and has a minimalistic menu layout that lays across the top of the website. This classic approach allows your customers to browse your website with minimal fuss. It also displays your brand logo at the top and in the center to catch the viewers attention.

On top of this, Haberdasher uses full-width header graphics, product galleries (which are excellent for showcasing your most popular items), and effective sidebar descriptors. 

free weebly themes

And what's more, this theme uses social icons which allow the user to boost the popularity of their website using social media. 

But, don't for a second think that Haberdasher is just suited for fashion websites - due to it being so versatile, it would also make for a great photography platform, too. 


  • No payment required
  • Great for fashion-focused sites
  • Highlights your brand logo on every page
  • Many customizable graphical elements
  • Solid social media integration


  •  Not as suitable for text-heavy sites

3. Slick

Price: free

Recommended for: Anyone who has a message they want to stand out.

The definition of 'slick' is to do something in an impressively fluid and efficient way. And that's exactly what the Slick Weebly theme does. It's designed to help you create a website that looks professional and present your content in a quick and easy manner. 

Thanks to its responsive CSS design, your website will look great no matter what kind of device your visitors use to access it. And as for look and feel, the theme's extremely smooth (or dare I say 'slick') scrolling effect really helps bring your pages to life. 

Weebly Themes Slick

Slick is an ideal choice if you have a short message you want to stand out to your readers because it uses oversized images and bold text. It also comes with a collapsible navigation menu, which also helps you to focus the reader's attention on your messaging.

However, Slick is no one trick pony. It's a flexible theme and works great when used in blog-layout websites too.


  • Keeps visitors' attention by using big images and bold text
  • Totally free
  • Text and image use helps your messages pop
  • Social media buttons


  •  No eCommerce compatibility

The Best Premium Weebly Themes

While free Weebly themes can help you create a fantastic looking site on even the most restrictive budgets, like so many things in life, to take your site to the next level, it's often worth paying for the best. For that reason, I'll now showcase some of the greatest paid Weebly themes.

4. Ethereal 

Price: $39.00

Recommended for: small businesses who want loads of features and layout options.

Ethereal is one of Weebly's overall best-selling themes, and even from the demo - it's fairly easy to see why. This multi-purpose theme is loaded with excellent features, one of them being that the user has the choice of three layout options - Onepage layout, Flexipage layout, and Scrollipage layout. 

free weebly themes

This choice of three layout options is what makes Ethereal so popular. The Onepage layout combines imagery and parallax with a colored section, the Flexipage layout uses a drag and drop feature that gives the user a tonne of customization options, while the Scrollipage layout displays your work with ease and simplicity.

free weebly themes

As you can see from this list, there's a lot more to this theme than just fancy layouts.

And what's more, everything you see in this list is compatible with any Weebly account - even a free one. In addition this, Ethereal is one of the first Weebly themes that includes widgets which can be added to your website with ease. For more information, click here.

Overall, It's safe to say that this is one of the best Weebly themes on offer, especially for small businesses or professionals who want a modern website with multiple layouts and design features.


  • Three layout options
  • Compatible with Membership sites and eCommerce stores
  • Ideal for small businesses
  • Video background headers


  •  Not as simple as other themes

5. Aurora

Price: $39.00

Recommended for: users who want a premium and corporate theme with over 12-page types.

Aurora is a premium Weebly theme that gives a fresh vibe to business websites. It has a stunning design with plenty of modern features that are perfect for building a brand that will catch your visitor's attention.

free weebly themes

Not only does Aurora look great, but it performs just as well too. It uses a drag and drop system to manage your content and provides the user with an intuitive customization process.

To give you a clear view of the features it includes, I have made a list to show you.

  • Aurora is 100% responsive, meaning that your website will look great on virtually any device.
  • It comes with parallax elements and vertical scrolling.
  • Aurora is compatible with all Weebly themes - including the free plan.
  • It provides the user with multiple color schemes and 12+ page types.
  • Blogging, eCommerce, and Membership websites can be created with Aurora.

free weebly themesTo shine a little light on the selection of pages to choose from - they include one page, parallax page, scrollipage, simple landing pages and many more.

It's true to say that Aurora is built with the user in mind, it creates beautiful, versatile and elegant websites that are user-friendly. I would recommend this template to business websites or your professionals that work in modern-arts.

The single-page license will cost $39. For just an extra $20, you can get a developer's license, meaning you'd be able to use this theme on multiple pages that you make.


  • Modern look
  • Twelve different page styles included
  • Compatible with blogging, membership or eCommerce style sites


  •  Not as suitable for artistic sites

6. Infiniti

Price for premium: $40.00

Recommended for: entrepreneurs who want a professional theme to elevate their brand.

2018 was the year for Infiniti, as it was Weebly's best selling theme. And looking at what it has, there's no reason it can't carry on this form all the way to 2019 and 2020. With it's clean and crisp design, this theme is suitable for entrepreneurs or designers who want professional elements and contemporary design.

free weebly themes

What Infiniti is all about is proving users with the tools to set up a website that has unique navigation elements. It does this by supplying the users with 5 customizable menu options and 14 different layouts to choose from. These include one page, scrollipage, splash page, landing page, and blog style layouts.

free weebly themes

Customizing your website with Infiniti is a breeze, you can change color schemes, buttons, footer background color, and customize your navigation menu. 

However, if you'd like to use Infiniti, it will cost you $40.00. Included in this price users can expect free updates for one year - which will ensure that your brand is always on trend and looking good. On top of this, Infiniti provides priority support for one year, and full help documentation should you encounter any problems.

Overall, it's an impressive performance from all of these themes. However, to conclude my review, the next section will give you a clear indication of which theme is best suited for you.


  • 5 menu and 14 different layout options
  • Includes options for nearly every site element
  • Includes updates and support for one year


  •  So popular that other Weebly sites might resemble yours

Which Of These Weebly Themes Is Best Suited To You?

Prior to this review, I tested dozens of the best Weebly themes in order to supply you with the absolute top ones. And if I do say so myself - I am extremely pleased with my results.

But to help further your decision, I have made a list of who I feel will benefit the most from each weebly template.

  • Cento is best suited for artists or photographer who want a custom design to showcase their work.
  • Haberdasher would make a great choice for fashion retailers who want a free Weebly theme.
  • Slick is ideal for anyone who wants to keep visitors focused on their content. 
  • Ethereal is suited for businesses who want a professional theme with a bucket load of features
  • Aurora is perfect for users who want a premium and corporate theme with multiple layout options.
  • Infiniti is a match for entrepreneurs who want to elevate their brand.

It's one thing having a free theme that looks good and performs ok - but having a free theme that looks great and performs excellently is a totally different thing. And this is what you get with Haberdasher and Cento.

Ethereal and Aurora are in a league of their own when it comes to creativity and providing the user with an impressive features list. And for all you budding entrepreneurs out there - it's my pleasure to present to you the Infiniti theme.

As I touched on earlier, after testing dozens of Weebly themes, I have come to the conclusion that these are the best free, custom, and premium ones. And please, I'd love to hear your thoughts, so don't be shy and pop them in the comments below.

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Diogo Cabral

2020 May 12th

Hi everyone, I have created various Weebly themes that can be downloaded for free from my website I hope you like them!!!

Hi everyone, I have created various Weebly themes that can be downloaded for free from my website I hope you like them!!!

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Thanks ♥️♥️ . Great sharing. free hosting