5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Musicians


Dani Nolan


2019 January 9th


CDs are a thing of the past. Nowadays, with the power of the Internet, musicians can sell and advertise their music in a way that CDs can’t - through platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and the like.

If you are a musician and wish to showcase your talents online, you need a website that's beautiful, functional, and easy to make. On top of that, it should also be cheap to make and maintain!

This is where the free WordPress themes for musicians come in to help you. With them, you can make a great website for your project or band without an initial budget.

Here are 5 free WordPress themes for musicians right now:

  • Audioman (very modern design)
  • Happenings (minimalistic design with customization options)
  • MusicMacho (broad layout options)
  • Muso (great third-party integrations)
  • Singl (beautiful minimalistic design)

1. Audioman

Recommended for: musicians that want to promote live events and showcase their portfolio.

Best WordPress Music Themes

Audioman is a theme that is best suited for musicians who like to promote their events, as well as advertise their music for purchase.

Audioman comes with several features, such as Hero Content. With Hero Content, you can highlight the best parts of your website - such as specific images or videos - without breaking a sweat. They are designed to catch an audience’s attention and are created to gain mass appeal.

For your best content, you’ll even have the option to highlight the best pages on your website. Maybe you’re proud of a certain event, or a piece of music, and want it to be the first thing people see? The featured page slider will help you do just that.

Of course, if you’d rather not have your music content on your website in fear of being ripped off, then you don’t need to take advantage of the portfolio page involved in the theme. For those who do, however, the portfolio page will be great for storing all your work and allow users access to hearing it for themselves.

Just be wary - the limited amount of layout options for the homepage may be off-putting for those who want a certain design.

Here are some additional features that Audioman offers:

  • Theme customization options;
  • Responsive design;
  • Custom CSS;
  • Social media widgets/plug-ins;
  • Custom layout and support;

With this theme, you can advertise yourself or your band through a ton of different options, such as images and video. So, is it worth a try? Yes, it certainly is!


  • Hero Content is available
  • Featured page slider
  • Portfolio page
  • Responsive on all devices


  • Homepage layout has limited options

2. Happenings

Recommended for: performers who want a simple yet customizable website.

Even the best WordPress themes for musicians need a bit of simplicity - and Happenings have that in bulk. While it was originally designed for live music and jazz, the simple layout guarantees you’ll be able to customize it in a way that suits your needs.

While not as classy or as modern as Audioman, Happenings is suitable for musicians out there who just want to advertise their events. Users will be able to navigate their way throughout the theme with ease due to its simple drop-down menus.

You're also able to customize the theme's background and header however you’d like. Happenings even goes out of its way to document several tutorials, all of which are accessible from the demo - which is extremely helpful for beginners!

On the other hand, the page layout is very limited and basic. Again, if you’re looking to have full control over how you customize your theme, then perhaps you should have a look at the other themes included in this article.

Other features of Happenings are:

  • Theme customization options;
  • Markup coding;
  • Extensive tagging system;
  • Test page to try the theme out;

While this theme does seem to focus more on users who want to show others the light of the almighty jazz, you most definitely can use this theme, regardless of your genre.


  • Responsive design
  • Simple layout
  • Great for live events


  • Page layout is limited – not good for users who want more creative options

3. MusicMacho

Recommended for: more established musicians to professionally promote live shows.

MusicMacho's modern, full-width page layout is a useful addition to those who want to use the theme in order to advertise concerts - no matter how big or small. That said, its customization options and layout make it usable for other things too, such as selling music or blogging about music.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to be the next big thing on the internet, you’ll be pleased to know that the theme is already SEO optimized. This means that your website will stand a higher chance of being visible in search engines, such as Google or Bing. For users who want to focus on SEO, this will be particularly useful.

Even better, the theme comes with widgets and plug-ins that can further enhance how your theme will look. One of the most important widgets is named SiteOrigin, which allows you to create your own layouts and pages with its Page Builder. If you’ve got the imagination, you can build your pages the way you want to.

In additional functionality, MusicMacho offers:

  • Unlimited colors for all elements;
  • Extensive page option layouts;
  • The mobile-friendly structure – built on the top of the Twitter Bootstrap framework;
  • Up to 3 social media icons and links.


  • Modern design
  • The theme is already SEO optimized
  • Create your own layouts/pages in Page Builder
  • Responsive and mobile friendly


  • Plugins are required to get the most out of this theme

4. Muso

Recommended for: those who want to showcase their music playlists on the website.

Muso is a blog theme that can be designed for anything you wish, but was specifically made for music artists and bands – thus, includes features that are designed to appeal to music fans. Among those - an ability to embed your latest hits onto your webpage from platforms such as Soundcloud or Mixcloud account.

You’ll also be able to use full-width feature images, which help to show off yourself or your band. Of course, if you don’t just want to use one image, the theme also comes with a carousel – allowing multiple images to display in a presentation-style fashion. As an idea, this could also be used to display tour dates!

Additionally, Muso offers:

  • The opportunity to create your own logos;
  • Extensive header options;
  • Mobile-friendly framework;
  • Links to social media;


  • Modern design
  • Advertising is simple
  • Easy to link your Soundcloud or Mixcloud account
  • Responsive


  • This is a pre-built theme – meaning you’ll need to design around the limitations included with the theme

5. Singl

Recommended for: artists who want to concentrate on their music, not the web design.

With Singl, you lack the glamor and glitter of some previous themes, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a theme you should miss out on.

With its minimalist design, this theme gives you the chance to let your work stand out without a needless number of features.

Artists that value rock or alternative music will likely prefer this theme, as its dark color scheme gives off a certain aesthetic that those artists will find enjoyable. It also has an extensive tagging system, allowing you to archive things such as tour events and ticket sales. This will help make navigating your site easy for listeners.

Nonetheless, this theme is not at all flexible. While you are able to use CSS to add background music and the like, there are no options to add drop-down menus, footers or sidebars. 

Other features of Singl are:

  • Mobile-friendly interface;
  • A useful tutorial for beginners that's included with the theme;
  • A comment section;


  • A minimalist theme to make work stand out
  • Easy use of CSS
  • Extensive tagging system
  • Adaptive look


  • Minimalism can be a downside to users who want more features

Which Free WordPress Theme for Musicians is The Best?

Well, I chose each theme due to them having a different quality that shines out. At the end of the day, one theme won't fit all. These are a few of the reasons why I like the themes on this list.

  • Audioman is a theme best suited for musicians who like to promote their events through its modern design and elegance.
  • Happenings is suited for musicians who want to have a homely feel to their events. This is achieved through the theme's warm color scheme and the option of welcoming background music.
  • MusicMacho is recommended for more established musicians who want full control of their look and promotional events.
  • Muso stands out as a theme that can be used or any musician out there – big or small – to promote their work through easy connection to Soundcloud and the like
  • Singl is for any upcoming musicians out there who are starting out small but want to achieve big things – even through a minimal layout.

As you can see, each theme has their own reason to be the best free WordPress theme for musicians out there.

If any of these reasons appeal to you, try them out. If, on the other hand, you feel as though there are some themes that need to be included then reach out to the comments below and tell me about it!

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