6 Website Builders That Are Exceptionally Responsive


Bart Keating


2019 December 9th


Responsive design means that your site will look good on any device - desktop, tablet, and mobile.

And to be fair, nowadays, surfing the internet on a mobile device is the new norm - according to Statista, the percentage of mobile device website traffic worldwide was around 52% in 2018.

This means having a responsive website that's functional and beautiful on all sizes of screens is extremely important.

But which website builders can give you the best result, when it comes to superior website design and great responsiveness?

I used plenty of platforms to know that not every 'responsive' is equal. So now I picked my favorites that all are fully responsive among other useful features.

Here are the best responsive website builders:

  • SITE123 - best beginner-friendly responsive website builder
  • GoDaddy Website Builder - great responsive website builder
  • Wix - outstanding free mobile designs
  • Weebly - free responsive eCommerce builder
  • Squarespace - professional look for responsive website
  • Jimdo - simple responsive site builder

1. SITE123 - Easiest Website Builder With Tons of Responsive Designs

SITE123 Responsive Website Builder

SITE123 has been focusing on complete beginners. Its aim is to provide simple designs for professional-looking websites. Even if you are a total newbie to the web development world.

And that definitely comes with stunning responsive templates. Without coding required.

All of the SITE123 templates are responsive. Best of all, they can be mixed and matched to create unique designs.

To make sure the site looks just the way you want - there's a preview button for different types of devices. You can preview your brand-new site from a smartphone, desktop, or tablet perspective.

Everything's automatic - you can simply edit the design the way you want it and it will adapt to all possible devices. 

So how about the pricing?

SITE123 is Actually Affordable

SITE123 has a free plan which you can use for as long as you want. It won't include custom domain name, but all the design options are available.

Paid plans offer better value. Ranging from $6.48 to $17.28/month each option includes a domain name, its privacy, SSL for security, and professional emails with your domain.

Even the cheapest plan is also eCommerce-capable and there are no commission fees. Sounds good? It definitely does to me.


  • Free plan available
  •  Automatic mobile optimization
  •  Commission-free eCommerce


  •  The free plan is very limiting

2. GoDaddy Website Builder - Fully Responsive and Easy to Use

GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder (or GoCentral) has been completely rebuilt to replace their old website builder - so if you've used a GoDaddy website builder before, you may want to look at this again.

This website builder is different and allows you to create a great mobile-friendly, fully-responsive website design. 

There are hundreds of templates and thousands of their variations - each one of them is clear and modern. Also, one thing I particularly liked was that you can view both your desktop site and your mobile site all on one page. This allows you to see how the changes you're making look on both types of devices.

The desktop site translates well over to mobile, tablets and other small-screen devices too, and you can do just about anything you want in terms of editing your website from your mobile device. The GoDaddy Website Builder swipe-to-style feature makes it very easy to create your website - it's actually very similar to a drag and drop editor.

GoDaddy Website Builder Prices

Unfortunately, a free plan is not available with GoCentral. However, there is a 30-day trial to test its features!

The GoCentral price plans range from $5.99 - $25.99, and they all include mobile-friendly, fully responsive designs. 


  •  The swipe-to-style feature is easy to use
  •  Fully responsive designs
  •  You can edit your website from a mobile device app


  •  There is no free plan with GoCentral
  •  You cannot edit the mobile presentation separately

3. Wix - Mobile Design Freedom and Intuitive Editor

Wix responsive website builder

Moving swiftly on, and we have another website building giant!

Out of all the website builders reviewed so far, Wix's editor is easily one of the most impressive. It offers completely responsive designs and also has a great mobile app editor too.

Unlike some platforms that simply take your desktop site and compress it to fit a mobile screen, Wix offers you a full interface so you can make edits to your website on tablets and mobiles.

Wix has built its editor in a way that it will automatically sense what device users of your website are using, and will then navigate them to the correct design version of your website - giving them the perfect visual experience.

This is an impressive feature, and it ensures that your website will look good consistently, no matter how or where it's being viewed from.

Impressive, Wix, But What's The Price We Have To Pay?

Wix offers a free plan to its users - it's pretty limiting though.

The four paid plans ranging from $5.00 - $25.00 is a better deal. Users who want to add a custom domain can expect to pay as little as $5.00 per month. Each of these plans comes with a mobile-optimized website. 


  • There is a free plan on offer
  •  Full mobile interface
  •  A handful of impressive mobile features


  •  Upgrade your account to connect a domain

4. Weebly - Responsive eCommerce Store Builder


Weebly has been producing responsive themes since 2004, and therefore have had plenty of time to perfect the responsiveness of websites built upon it.

Weebly is known for being one of the easiest drag and drop website builders to use, but will this industry-leading website builder be the best mobile website builder?

The answer is, absolutely YES! Weebly takes your website, compresses it into a mobile version and then adjusts to fit the viewer's screen. Based on my experience, it serves as a very responsive and attractive website builder. No text or menus get misplaced, and images look great on all device sizes.

And there are plenty of features too...

  • Users can choose from over a hundred fully responsive themes
  • A visual editor allows users to drag and drop content into a fully responsive template
  • You can edit your website on your mobile device using Weebly's simple interface

In fact, Weebly is not just a responsive website builder - it now functions as a powerful eCommerce platform too. 

What's the Pricing Then?

Even with the Free plan, you get eCommerce capabilities - shopping cart with unlimited items, inventory management, and tax calculator. That's impressive, honestly.

If free is not enough, you can, of course, choose one of the 3 premium options ranging from $6 - $26/mo. 


  •  Lots of templates to choose from
  •  Fully responsive designs
  •  iOS and Android apps available
  •  Weebly offers a free plan with eCommerce


  •  Impossible to view both desktop and mobile sites when editing

5. Squarespace - Intuitive Builder With Stunning Templates

Squarespace responsive website builder templates

Squarespace is quite possibly the most responsive website builder on the market today. This automatic website builder adjusts the layout of your website to suit the size of your device. Impressive, huh?

But what Squarespace does equally as good, and I'm sure plenty of people will agree with me, is that it gives non-technical users an expensive and professional looking website - whether it's on a tablet, smartphone, or a mobile device.

And what's more, it adjusts to the format of different web browsers. Hell, Squarespace sites even look good on Internet Explorer of all things.

But the features don't stop there...

  • Your content will automatically be stacked vertically on mobile devices so your visitors won't have to pinch or zoom
  • With Device View you can preview your website on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Users can choose from hundreds of responsive templates

It is worth noting that users can also edit their websites using their mobile or tablet! You can edit things such as fonts, colors, background and spacing.

But What Do These Features Cost?

Well, to be fair - quite a bit. First of all, Squarespace does not offer a free plan.

There are two paid plans for users to choose from, and they both include a mobile-optimized website. There is a Personal one priced at $12.00 per month and a Business one priced at $18.00 per month. The major difference between the two is an eCommerce feature is included in the Business plan.


  •  Hundreds of responsive templates to choose from
  •  24/7 support
  •  Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP


  •  No free plan
  •  Plans are quite expensive

6. Jimdo - A Simple Option for a Responsive Design


Similar to Squarespace, all of Jimdo's templates are fully-responsive. By using Jimdo's mobile website builder, you will be provided with around 50 fully responsive templates. 

Jimdo uses an almost identical approach to Weebly - it takes your existing website and compresses it to fit on smaller devices, automatically adjusting depending on which device the visitor is using.

It is by far the most simplistic of the 5 website builder I have chosen, however, Jimdo still provides its users with a neat and tidy mobile editor with plenty of fully responsive templates.

The mobile preview that Jimdo uses, gives the user a horizontal view as well as a vertical one. Now, this may seem very basic, but it is the only one out of the 5 best website builders to do this.

And What About A Free Plan?

Indeed, there is a free plan for users to get stuck into, however - this brings a real annoyance.

For some bizarre reason, Jimdo has chosen to exclude websites optimized for mobile devices from its free plan. So, if you want a Jimdo website that is mobile optimized, it will cost you $7.50 per month. Not the best way to attract customers, I must admit.


  • There is a free plan on offer
  •  Plenty of fully responsive templates to choose from
  •  Impressively simple


  •  You'll need to upgrade to get a mobile-optimized website
  •  Jimdo's free plan is limited

The Best Responsive Website Builder - the Verdict

Out of the 6 website builders that I tested, Wix, SITE123 and GoDaddy Website Builder stood out as being the best responsive website builders.

But to help your decision, I have made a list of what (I believe) each of them does best.

  • SITE123 is a great affordable way of building a responsive online store or professional site for beginners.
  • GoDaddy Website Builder is suited to users who want a simple design with fewer customization options
  • Wix is the perfect all-around platform for users who want greater mobile customization options
  • Weebly would suit users who want a drag and drop mobile editor and free plan
  • Squarespace would make a good choice for users who want an expensive and professional looking website
  • Jimdo is best suited for users who want to simply transfer their desktop site to a mobile or tablet

The Wix mobile interface is an impressive feature that makes this platform stand out from the crowd. For users who want an additional mobile version of their website that they can customize - Wix is for you. On the other hand, you can't ignore the quality of the Squarespace templates - and how well they perform on mobile and tablet devices.

So, after testing dozens of responsive web design software, I came to the conclusion that these are the top 6 responsive website builders. If you think I missed any, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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