How Much Does Squarespace Cost? An In-Depth Overview


Dani Nolan


2019 March 14th

Squarespace is one of the most popular website building platforms, with nearly 2 million websites built on the service. The platform is best known for its beautiful, designer-made templates that are custom-built for personal and business use. Plus, it offers a highly intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options to perfect your website.

If you’re thinking about creating a website using Squarespace, one of the main things you have to consider is how much does Squarespace cost. Today, I’ll help you weigh the price of Squarespace plans against what you get in return. With that, you can answer the question, ‘Is Squarespace worth it for my website?’

 Squarespace Plans

Squarespace Cost Themes

The first step in figuring out how much you’ll spend on Squarespace is to look carefully at the Squarespace plans. Squarespace offers different options depending on whether you need e-commerce or not and how many features you need for your online store. In addition, prices vary depending on whether you pay month-to-month or annually.

With Squarespace, it's always cheaper to choose annual payments, since month to month subscription price is significantly higher.

You get a lot included with your Squarespace cost, even with the most basic plan. All Squarespace plans include access to all of the platform’s themes and 24/7 support. More importantly, you get unlimited content storage and bandwidth for your site so you always have room to grow. All Squarespace sites also come with a free domain for the first year and an SSL certificate.

Personal and Business Plans

Squarespace Cost Personal Business Plans

The ‘Personal’ Squarespace plan, which costs $12 per month if you pay annually, or $16 month to month, is Squarespace’s most basic plan. There are no e-commerce features and no option to add CSS or Javascript code to fully customize your site’s theme. Just as important for small businesses, there is no email hosting at your custom domain. It’s also worth noting that you can only have two user logins to your website account.

The ‘Business’ plan costs $18 per month (paid annually) or $26 month to month.  And, naturally, it offers more than the Personal plan, including email hosting at your domain, unlimited website accounts, and advanced analytics to see who is visiting your site. Better yet, you can truly customize your website by adding CSS or Javascript to your theme.

You also get some basic e-commerce features with a ‘Business’ plan, including the ability to sell products, accept donations, and advertise promotions. However, e-commerce transactions under this plan come with a 3% transaction fee.

Online Store Plans

Squarespace Cost Basic Advanced Plans

The ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ online store plans are designed for websites that need full e-commerce integration. Both plans eliminate commissions on sales, enable checkout through your website’s mobile interface, and allow you to set custom shipping and inventory rules to track your merchandise. You also get to keep customers on your website during checkout and can allow them to create accounts for future orders.

The main advantage of the ‘Advanced’ plan is that you get access to the ‘Orders’ API, so you can fully control the checkout process and your order flow. You can also sell subscriptions and gift cards with the ‘Advanced’ plan, which you can’t do with a ‘Basic’ plan.

Squarespace ‘Basic’ plans cost $26 per month charged annually or $30 every month, while ‘Advanced’ plans cost $40 per month (or $46/month if you choose to pay the monthly fee).

Is Squarespace Worth It?

To figure out how much Squarespace is worth to you relative to how much it costs, let’s take a look at some of the specific features that come with Squarespace plans. Here, we’ll leave out the website builder component of the platform since that largely compares to the functionality of other website builders.

Hosting and Domain

The first thing that is included with every Squarespace plan is website hosting. Squarespace hosting costs are wrapped into the price of each plan, but third-party hosting typically costs between $4 and $10 per month.

As a host, Squarespace offers unlimited content storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free email at your domain (with a ‘Business’ plan or above). So, you can expect a similar hosting package to fall on the high end of that $4-$10 range.

The other thing you get with Squarespace is a free domain for the first year. That’s worth another $10 or so per year. So for a ‘Personal’ plan, most of your Squarespace costs for the first year is covered just by the cost of hosting and your website’s domain name.


Squarespace Cost Theme Examples

It’s hard to put an exact price on website themes, but the themes offered by Squarespace are among the most fully-featured themes you’ll find from any website building platform. On WordPress, for example, you should expect to pay at least $100 (one-time) to get a premium theme with as much functionality as any Squarespace theme.

That said, Squarespace themes are also much easier to customize without coding than themes in WordPress or on most other website building platforms.


Most website builders charge a transaction fee of several percents for e-commerce payments. Squarespace is right in line with that with their ‘Business’ plan, which charges a 3% commission. Alternatively, you can get out of commissions altogether with a ‘Basic’ plan. Based on the price difference between the plans, that equates to about $270 in transactions per month.

But keep in mind that more expensive Squarespace online store plans come with a number of additional features for e-commerce businesses. The customizable checkout, inventory tracking, and custom shipping rules can save your business a huge amount of accounting time. Those features alone can be worth the cost of these plans compared to a ‘Business’ plan or another website builder.


All Squarespace plans provide an analytics dashboard to track how visitors are moving through your website. Note, though, that this may be a case where you’re paying for something you don’t need. Google Analytics largely matches the capabilities of Squarespace’s native analytics and is easy to install on your website for free.

24/7 Customer Service

Squarespace Cost Customer Support

Depending on your technical savvy, Squarespace’s 24/7 customer service via phone or email can be one of the platform’s best features.

Having access to support at any time can save you time and frustration, as well as prevent downtime on your site. On the other hand, if you never need support, round-the-clock customer service is another expensive add-on that is automatically added to your Squarespace cost.

Is Squarespace Worth It?

Squarespace is considerably more expensive than other website builder solutions. The packages start at $12 a month and for example, Wix offers a starting plan with a domain at $8.50/month. Weebly offers a similar package at just $5/month.

However, there are a number of features to justify the higher Squarespace cost.

‘Personal’ plans are largely paid for by Squarespace hosting costs and a free domain name. Meanwhile, more advanced Squarespace plans are justifiably priced thanks to high-end themes, useful e-commerce features, and 24/7 customer service.

Ultimately, deciding whether Squarespace is worth it for your website comes down to the features you need and the price you’re willing to pay for them. Overall, it's an impressive website building and eCommerce solution.

Did this article help you understand the costs and benefits of Squarespace? Let me know in the comments below!

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Scott Baker picture
Scott Baker

2020 March 4th

I think you missed what the main difference is with all these sites, and certainly what justifies the higher rate... "Squarespace offers unlimited content storage, unlimited bandwidth" Wix limits to... Read more

I think you missed what the main difference is with all these sites, and certainly what justifies the higher rate... "Squarespace offers unlimited content storage, unlimited bandwidth" Wix limits to 20GB since I need 30GB they are out and Squarespace is in. Thanks for the informative write up.