What’s The Best Website Builder For Android OS?


Dani Nolan


2019 January 10th at 9:11


Recently, Google announced it has more than 2 billion monthly active devices running on Android.

With such high numbers, it's no surprise that users (like you) are looking for mobile-friendly website builders with smooth interaction and a non-compressed layout. And those website builders should also be easily edited from the comfort of your mobile device.

Which builders fit these categories? There are quite a few. And for this article, I have performed extensive testing and research. These right here are the best website builders for Android:

1. Wix Mobile App

the-best-website-builders-for-android-OSThe reason why Wix made my list is very straightforward -  it provides mobile-optimized versions of the templates being used - and it comes free with your Wix account.

Unlike many other website builders who simply compress your website for mobile devices, Wix allows you to edit a mobile version of your site. 

It uses a highly-intuitive interface to complete the design of your mobile website. And while you change the layout of your mobile website, your desktop one stays exactly the same!

To customize the appearance of your mobile site, you can choose from a number of section designs. Inside of these sections, you can edit titles, descriptions, images, headers, and footers.

The creators of the Wix app have gone about things with a forward-thinking approach. The user of Wix can choose to display what content they want to appear on their mobile website. They can also hide content that they do not feel will benefit from being displayed on a mobile website.

This amount of flexibility is why the Wix app is one of the best website builder apps there is.


  • Wix allows you to specifically edit a mobile version of your website
  • A highly intuitive interface makes it easy to customize
  • Powerful tools to build your mobile website
  • The Wix mobile app is free


  • Closed infrastructure - can't natively move your Wix site to another platform

2. GoCentral

the-best-website-builders-for-android-OS-2GoDaddy's website builder GoCentral is a mobile-friendly platform that you can edit on the move.

With GoDaddy being partnered with Google, GoCentral has been designed with Google devices in mind. What this means is that Android OS users can expect an excellent mobile-friendly website that uses modern technology.

You've heard of drag-and-drop editors, right? Well, GoCentral has created its own unique swipe-to-style editor. The functionality of the app utilizes mobile technology and gives the user a great mobile experience. You will be able to edit all the facets of your website using nothing but a mobile phone. And swipes - rather than precision drag-and-drop system - make building a page much easier on smaller screens.

Are there any hidden secrets?

Thankfully, no secrets. However, there are a few minor problems.

Firstly, unlike Wix, there is no separate mobile version of your website. So, while editing your mobile website, it will also make slight alterations to your desktop site.

On top of that, GoCentral only offers it's clients a free 30-day trial. So to get the most from this platform, you will have to upgrade your account. Price plans range from $5.99 - $29.00 per month, and all include mobile responsive design. 


  • Designed with Google devices in mind
  • Unique swipe-to-style editor and mix and match sections
  • 24/7 support service


  • GoCentral only offers its clients a free trial
  • No separate mobile version of your website

3. Weebly App

the-best-website-builders-for-android-OS-3I am a huge fan of how straightforward Weebly's desktop website builder is, and prior to testing, I was looking forward to finding out how it transfers on a mobile device with Weebly's app for Android.

So, after installing the app, my first impressions were good - it has a nice design and is simple to use. There is also a helpful introduction to make you familiar with the editing options.

Using the same application, you can also use your Android device to respond to entries from the contact form, or check the stats of your website.

Oh, and for the lovers of the oh-so-famous drag-and-drop editor that you get with its desktop version - it's a pretty good match on the app too! Even on the smaller screen, it responded quite well.

The uncluttered look that Weebly has opted for actually gives it a  professional look and feel. Users can select from multiple colors schemes and templates, and can also add social icons to their Android site.

Better yet, this website builder is completely free to use - however, if you'd prefer not to have ads shown on your site than their first no-ad plan starts at $4 per month. 


  • Weebly app is free to download
  •  The drag-and-drop editor provides an easy to use platform
  • Edit color schemes and templates
  • Social media integration


  • You cannot create a separate mobile version

4. Jimdo

the-best-website-builders-for-android-OS-4Jimdo's Android app lets you create and edit websites which look great on all devices.

It is fairly easy to build websites using the Jimdo Android app - it feels uncluttered, and doesn't have an overwhelming amount of customization options.

Pages and blogs can also be created while adding text, images, photo galleries, and headings is straightforward too.

Some of the newer themes that were on offer are also appealing, which always makes the website building process easier for beginners.

However, there are some restrictions when it comes to editing with the Jimdo app compared to the desktop version.

For example, if you are using a multi-column theme with groups of text and images, you will not be able to edit these freely on the app. Unfortunately, the Android app can only edit one column of content.

And how much does Jimdo cost?

Well, sadly, a little bit more than Weebly and Wix.

The only real annoyance with Jimdo is that although it offers a free plan, you have to upgrade your account to the Pro plan in order to build a website that is optimized for mobile. This plan is priced at $6.50 per month. 


  • Jimdo can be used to create simple mobile websites
  • Pages and blogs can be created
  • Modern themes from Jimdo desktop look great on the app


  • For a mobile-optimized website, you will need to upgrade your account
  • Limited customization options compared to the desktop

Who Tops The Chart For Being The Best Website Builder For Android?

To help with your decision further, I have made a list of what (I believe) each one of these website builders for Android OS does best.

  • Wix Mobile App would make the best choice for users who a separate mobile version of their website with an intuitive interface.
  • GoCentral is best suited for users who want a mobile-friendly website with modern technology. 
  • Weebly would make a good choice for users who want simple to use the editor with a drag-and-drop feature.
  • Jimdo is suited to users who want an easy website building process with simple design features.

Overall, Wix may be the favorite option for the biggest number of people. Its beautiful templates and a mobile-first approach are both very pleasant. However, other platforms have a lot going on for themselves as well.

I think the Weebly app is a fair representation of the desktop interface - it has a nice design, and its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to edit and build your website. GoCentral is by far the easiest one to use and Jimdo also has several really interesting mobile-first templates.

However, your experience may be somewhat different - so many sure to give those Android website builders a shot. And if you have your own suggestions or think I have missed any good builders - then please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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