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Bart Keating


2019 March 19th


Modern education requires a modern approach.

If you're considering different ways to help prepare your students for a contemporary world, you may be considering technology-based education.

If you want to create an exciting teaching platform while helping your students build their own websites, Weebly for Education could be a great option for you.

It allows you and your students to easily build websites for classroom purposes and is an excellent way to introduce students to creating websites and online interfaces.

So let's explore this interesting platform in more detail.

What is Weebly for Education?

Weebly is a web builder that provides users with the ability to create extensive websites without technical programming knowledge.

While building a site using code may require years of practice, Weebly can help you develop a site in just a few minutes. Weebly is used by a variety of different bloggers and eCommerce business owners. It first opened in 2006 and currently has over 50 million worldwide users.

Weebly for Education Weebly

And Weebly for Education is a program meant to help students engage with technology - and become experienced in building websites.

Whether you want to host a website for your students to learn from, or you want your students to build their own websites for a class project, Weebly can help.

The program makes it much easier for teachers to set up and manage sites within an educational context.

Key Weebly for Education Features

If you're going to choose a website builder to utilize in your classroom, it's essential to select the right one. By looking at the critical features on offer from Weebly for Education, you'll be able to decide if this is the right platform for your students.

Weebly for Education Home

Let's outline the benefits of using Weebly for students.

Manage Your Own Classroom

If you want to control your classroom from a central website or portal, you'll have access to this feature via Weebly for Education. You can build a site to host educational information or content for your students. You can also provide your students with the ability to develop their own websites. In addition, it's possible to keep track of your students' progress from a central management system.

Yet another good feature is that you can set up student profiles to assess students individually. You can also password-protect websites and incorporate a range of additional safety features that will keep students secure online. I'll explore the exact pricing model for different classroom sizes later in this article.

Weebly for Education Classroom

Easy-to-Build Websites

Your students shouldn't have any problems getting to know Weebly's interface. Thanks to its drag-and-drop design options, students can begin designing their websites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

There is also a wide range of design elements and features that will help your students express their creativity. Alternatively, it's extremely easy for teachers to build classroom sites using these tools.

Weebly for Education Site Builder

Transparent Advertising Policy

If you're going to set up a website for education, or you want students to set up their own sites, it's essential to have appropriate advertising. You don't want negative attention because of unwanted ads on your site. Fortunately, Weebly for Education doesn't place any advertisements on education-based sites. This is an excellent feature that protects your school's reputation.

Online Homework Assignments

On top of building a general class website, you can create a platform for submitting assignments and homework. Weebly allows you to receive submissions from students via a Weebly for Education website. It's an excellent way to bring your class's homework assignments into the digital age.

Weebly Education Has Weaknesses, Too

As you can see, Weebly for Education offers plenty of advantages to its users. But it's still important to understand the shortcomings of this service prior to using it in your classroom.

Weebly's primary downfall is that it doesn't offer students a comprehensive understanding of web design. While it's perfect for allowing your class to show its creativity, it won't help anyone learn coding languages or technical skills.

Nevertheless, it's an excellent introduction to the world of tech, especially for younger students.

Just keep in mind that Weebly requires little to no programming skills, so your students will need to use a different platform if they want to learn the true techniques behind web development.

Weebly for Education Pricing

If you're trying to introduce technology to your classroom on a budget, Weebly for educators isn't a bad platform. The site builder offers free membership for those who only need limited benefits. On the free version of Weebly for Education, you can manage a student list of up to 40 classmates. Each student will be able to build their own customer site, free of charge.

If you upgrade to Weebly for Education Pro, you can expand your class size to above 40 members. Also, your students will be able to build up to 10 sites each, with unlimited pages per site. The Pro subscription also allows for a range of additional features, including more enhanced media integration. This plan will cost you $40 per month, so it's still an affordable option for most school budgets.

Weebly for Education Pro

Verdict: Education Weebly is Excellent for Basic Websites

If the purpose of your education platform is to introduce students to building websites, Weebly isn't a bad option. Your students won't need extensive web experience to get creative with their own online platform.

It's also an excellent tool to build a class site that you can use to educate students and keep parents informed. You can even allow for online homework and assignment submissions.

But if you're looking to help your students develop a deep understanding of web development, this isn't the right platform. Weebly should be viewed more as a creativity tool than a technical knowledge resource. Fortunately, there are tons of other online sites that provide students with the information they need to educate themselves on web development.

Do you use a different site builder for your classroom? If so, comment below about your experiences with your provider!

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