The Best Free WordPress Themes For Non Profit Organizations


Dani Nolan


2019 April 16th


For most non-profits, the goal is to spread the message - but do so on a budget, as the funds for the website creation are usually very limited.

Luckily, this is where WordPress nonprofit themes can help. A good looking theme can become a basis for a website that stands out and attracts attention to your organization. And on WordPress, there are dozens of free themes built specifically for non-profit and charitable organizations - these right here, in my opinion, are the best 5:

1. LT Charity

Recommended for: non-profit organizations who want a fully-responsive theme.

LT Charity is a non-profit WordPress theme with an eye-catching homepage. This theme is fully-responsive and translates well to almost any sized screen or device. LT Charity adopts a clean and tidy layout with plenty of white space for text and images.

wordpress themes for non profits lt charity

To tweak the overall look of your website, LT Charity uses a drag-and-drop builder and requires no coding skills. And for a free theme - it has some interesting design features.

wordpress themes for non profits lt charity portfolio There's a nice column layout with unlimited colors, typography, and header options to choose from. On top of this, there are page options including portfolio, blog, product page, and a giving page for donations.

Both the portfolio and blog pages are great ways to interact with your visitors and keep them informed of upcoming events.

You can categorize each blog post and your visitors can leave comments and view older posts in the archive page.

Overall, LT Charity is a good-looking theme with a nice layout and plenty of page options to promote your charity. I'd recommend this theme to users who post frequently and enjoy interacting with their visitors.


  • Blog and portfolio platform
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • The option to upgrade to premium


  • Lack of customization for experienced users

2. Zeko Lite 

Recommended for: users who a simple and responsive non-profit theme.

Zeko Lite is a free WordPress theme for non-profit and charitable organizations. This theme is a simplified version of the premium theme, Zeko. Although some of the key features have been removed in Zeko Lite, it's still a modern and responsive theme that looks great.

wordpress themes for non profits zeko lite

Zeko Lite has 2 template options, both of which are simple, clean, and have a strong header graphic - it is great for catching the attention of your visitors. Your web page can also easily be customized directly from the WordPress Customizer.

You can add widgets and social media icons to your website, which is great for social sharing and promoting your website. In addition to this, there are three-page options - (1) causes, (2) donate, and a (3) landing page.

wordpress themes for non profits zeko lite donationsThe 'Causes' page has a grid layout with a header image, which highlights the various causes that your charity is supporting.

The 'Donate' page is a single-page view of one of the particular causes, giving the user more details and a donation form with a donate button.

The landing page has a video background, a button to donate, and sponsorship and testimonial information.

Overall, this theme is a good choice for users who would like a minimal and clean website that still allows them to get creative.


  • Plenty of donation options
  • Social media icons


  • Lacks blogging features
  • No support available with this theme

3. GivingPress Lite

Recommended for: users who want a responsive theme with a funky design.

GivingPress Lite is a responsive and image orientated WordPress theme that is a simplified release of the more advanced premium 'Pro' theme. This theme has a simple but cool design with multiple page templates for displaying your content in a variety of ways.

wordpress themes for non profits givingpress

Once you have installed this theme, it will appear as it does in the demo with example content - that can be used as a guide. This ensures a simple and easy set-up process for inexperienced users.

The homepage features a large background image with a big donation button that can be linked with PayPal. You can select a featured page to appear at the bottom of the homepage, and you can add your brand logo too.

wordpress themes for non profits givingpress lite donationIn addition to this, the blogging page that comes with this theme has a clean and tidy layout with multiple heading options.

You can add new blog posts that feature text, images, blockquote and more.

The donation page is simple, minimalistic and has one large image with a donation button and social media icons. As well as being fully-responsive, GivingPress Lite is retina and translation ready.

Overall, GivingPress Lite is one of the coolest WordPress non-profit themes available.


  • Widget ready
  • Retina ready and fully-responsive
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Limited design features

4. Charitas Lite

Recommended for: users who want a well-trusted and highly-customizable theme.

Charitas Lite is one of the most popular free WordPress themes for nonprofits organizations. With a professional look and text-first approach, it is good for every nonprofit looking to have a blog on its website.

WordPress Gutenberg editor is included from the start, and it's a great editor for editors less experienced in the WordPress editing field.

wordpress themes for non profits charitas lite

On top of that, Charitas Lite has the best customization options - it even comes equipped with a fully customizable toolbar. With its clean and modern design, this theme is a great choice for users who want a more custom built website for telling a story and raising money.

wordpress themes for non profits charitas lite One of the key features is its homepage slider, which is a great way of highlighting particular causes and important events. On top of this, there are 5 widget areas for the homepage, allowing you to create something truly unique.

Thanks to the fully customizable toolbar - you can add multiple menus, social media buttons, donation buttons, and add up to four widgets in the footer section.

And for those of you who are looking to extend your reach on a global scale, Charitas Lite is multilingual ready - so in addition to the website itself, your blogs will also be able to reach audiences speaking various languages.

Overall, this theme really is suitable for those looking to grow into a large organization.


  • Advanced theme options
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Supports the simple WordPress Gutenberg Editor


  • Lack of blog feature
  • Not retina ready
  • Many features only available on expensive premium option ($87/year)

5. Charity Review

Recommended for: users who want full layout control.

Last but not least - it's Charity Review, a WordPress non-profit theme that is based on the most popular CSS framework - Bootstrap. Out of the box, this theme has everything you should need to build a modern and professional website that reflects your brand.

wordpress themes for non profts charity review

Charity Review features a homepage slider with plenty of donation buttons and a classic blog-like column layout. Users can tweak the appearance of their website choosing from multiple layouts, custom color schemes, typography, custom backgrounds, and various post types.

With Charity Review, creating a website that's true to your brand is not a problem, and neither is linking your social media accounts with the widgets available.

Another way to promote your organization is by creating a blog.

Charity Review has an excellent blogging platform that allows you to post images, text, blockquote, video, and audio. It has a clean and tidy layout which will suit users who post frequently and often.

A few other features worth mentioning are that this theme is fully responsive, translation ready, and has Jetpack plugin support.

Overall, Charity Review is a versatile theme with an excellent blogging platform.


  • Jetpack plugin support
  • Easy customization
  • Bootstrap framework
  • The option to upgrade to premium


  • Not Retina ready
  • Installation was slow in comparison to the other themes I tested

So, Which of These WordPress Themes for NonProfits Is the Best?

Well, that comes down to your personal needs - are you looking for a trusted non-profit WordPress theme that does the simple things well or a customizable theme with an excellent blogging platform? Do you plan to blog a lot, or are you more interested in a static website look?

Whatever your preference is, you can see my recommendations below:

  • LT Charity - for non-profit organizations who want blogging and grid information pages.
  • Zeko Lite - the best all-around theme for charity websites.
  • GivingPress Lite - for inexperienced users who want help setting up their website.
  • Charitas Lite - one of the most trusted non-profit themes with homepage slider.
  • Charity Review - for organizations that host a lot of events and want an excellent blog to interact with its visitors.

As a matter of fact - I think you can't go wrong with any of the themes displayed here. If used well, they can all make a great basis for your nonprofit website.

Think I've missed out a theme that deserves a mention? Please, feel free to comment in the box below.

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