The Top 5 WordPress Website Builders


Dani Nolan


2019 April 16th


In the early days of WordPress, there was only one default way to build your site - and it involved a whole lot coding and adjusting everything yourself.

But now, there is a number of 3rd party solutions available that you can install to WordPress and build your site with alternative tools and structure. The original tools will remain, but you’ll gain some new options to play with.

These solutions are known as ‘site builders’, and luckily for you, I’ve tested the most popular options over the last few years to find out which are the 5 best page builders for WordPress on the market. Here's the list in no particular order: 

  • MotoPress (WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editing experience)
  • BoldGrid (An intuitive page builder, created by InMotion)
  • Elementor (Advanced open source page builder)
  • The Divi Builder (Visual drag-and-drop page builder)
  • Beaver Builder (Responsive page builder with stunning templates)

1. MotoPress

Recommended for: professionals who want an intuitive front-end editing experience.

MotoPress Visual Page builder is an intuitive front-end WordPress editor that allows you to create websites in a WYSIWYG way. Using a drag-and-drop editor and a library of custom elements, MotoPress gives you complete creative freedom over any WordPress theme and is fully-responsive.


To begin the site building process, you can choose from a selection of pre-defined layouts. For users who enjoy a more hands-on approach, you can also create layouts from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor. The editor itself is extremely smooth, easy to use, and the row and column controls for creating custom layouts are responsive.

For users with an eye for design, you can create parallax and video backgrounds too. 

wordpress website builder motopress content element

Once you have your layout, you are free to build up the content of your website using the content elements provided.

With no programming skills or coding required, you can add and customize text, picture galleries, embed videos, widgets, and much more.

Each of these elements can then be customized, you can set colors, backgrounds, and borders.

The MotoPress Add-ons are there to extend the functionality and enhance the MotoPress Page Builder. You can integrate other MotoPress services including Google Maps add-on, countdown, pricing table, and many more.

And what's more, there are regular updates with new and improved features. On top of this, there is additional ticketing support, help forums and documentation for all of the MotoPress plugins.

In terms of the price, there are a number of options and prices. The prices for MotoPress Page Builder are $29.00 for one website, $47.00 for 5 websites, and $139.00 for unlimited websites. To purchase the page builder and all the MotoPress premium add-ons (excluding White Label so you can resell the builder like it's yours) it will cost you $69.00,  while including White Label it will cost you $179.00.


  • Front-end editor
  • MotoPress Add-ons
  • Additional support and help forums
  • Parallax and video backgrounds


  • Fewer template options

2. BoldGrid

Recommended for: users looking for a business WordPress website builder experience.

Created by one of America's top hosting providers InMotion, BoldGrid website builder offers a complete website builder experience. Separate with bundles for specific businesses, professional plugins, specialized customer support and hundreds of themes, this is a full package for pretty much everyone looking to make a website.

It's so extensive, you may even forget that all of this was made possible using WordPress!

Overall, BoldGrid aims to be the only WordPress website-building solution you will ever need. Especially for small businesses, less interested in learning the website development, and more focused on having a finished product.

With business-specific themes, such as themes for restaurants, musicians, real estate companies, photographers, and much more, many companies will find BoldGrid a perfect option for their online presence.

The editing process is going to be very simple. A clean drag-and-drop editor makes adding and removing elements very simple, and the extensive customization options will allow adjusting the website to anyone's exact liking.

wordpress website builder boldgrid seo

BoldGrid's own plugins are going to be a great bonus

, too. Covering various fields - posting, adding forms, selling online, and much more - these optimized programs will help you reach your business goals in no time.

For example, there's an SEO plugin you can get for free.

It gives you plenty of help while optimizing the content, so your posts rank high on search engine results.

With so many features though, you would be forgiven if you found this just a little bit intimidating. Well, no worries. Customer support is available 24/7, and a huge knowledge base is available for all users, answering most of the frequently asked questions.

Now - about the pricing. BoldGrid has a free plan available if you wish to give it a shot. Sadly, it's quite limited and even includes the company's own branding. If you wish to upgrade, it's going to cost you $60 a year.

The premium package is also available for free if you are a user of InMotion hosting.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Powerful plugins included
  • Bundles and themes for businesses


  • A more expensive option

3. Elementor

Recommended for: professionals with a strong focus on flexible, fun and fast web design.

Elementor is the world’s leading open-source WordPress page builder. This all-in-one solution allows you to control every aspect of your web design workflow. It's a simple, flexible and powerful alternative to built-in WordPress website building tools, and it works with almost any WordPress theme.

wordpress website builder elementor

There are over a hundred pre-built templates to choose from, while you also have the option to design the entire site yourself. To build the foundation of your website, Elementor uses a drag-and-drop editor with live editing and preview feature.

The options for customization stretch far beyond many other website builders that I have previously used. There are 18 shape dividers for creating eye-catching backgrounds, and a text shadow feature for adding depth to your text, allowing it to stand out against your website backdrop.

wordpress website builder elementor revisionOne of the key elements that caught my eye is the full revision history feature.

Full revision history saves the creation process at each stage of your design and allows you to retrace your edits with ease.

The only downside here is that there is no “undo” button, meaning that the revision history is really your only friend if you do happen to make a mistake.

For users who love their mobiles, there is a full mobile editing feature that allows you to tweak almost every element of your website on all smart devices.

If this still looks a little complex, there are video tutorials available that will guide you through everything you need to know. And unlike many tutorials I have watched, these tutorials require no existing knowledge of the Elementor website builder, making them helpful for even the most inexperienced user.

Now, for the pricing. Assuming that you’re ready to skip the free trial version of Elementor, the annual subscription for building one full website is $41; for three websites Elementor costs $84, and for unlimited websites, the total cost is $169. All of the plans include 50+ widgets, a WooCommerce builder, customer support for one year, as well as updates for a full 12 months.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • 100+ templates
  • Mobile editing
  • Intuitive interface


  • An overwhelming number of design options for smaller websites
  • No undo button (revision history is your only backup

4. The Divi Builder

Recommended for: beginners that want a professional website.

The Divi Builder is one of the most popular visual page builders for WordPress. Whether you have no coding experience at all or if you happen to be a champion of Custom CSS coding, Divi allows aspiring website builders of all abilities to enjoy a user-friendly building interface

wordpress website builder the divi builder

Once you have chosen your WordPress theme and downloaded The Divi Builder plugin, you are met with 46 content modules. Think of these modules as building blocks, and think of the process to be a little bit like Tetris. By combining and arranging these blocks, you are building up the content and appearance of your perfect website.

The modules include text, video sliders, a full-width portfolio, buttons, a gallery and much more. Also in your toolkit, you have the option to add custom CSS, which is a reassuring sight for any of you with stylistic coding experience, or ambitions to really customize the feel of your new website.

Perhaps one of the great frustrations that I came across when using The Divi Builder was the lack of a standard template library, like those you can expect from the other major website builders. It is, of course, possible to download and import hundreds of templates into The Divi Builder, but a ready-to-go library is not something that comes with this particular website builder.

The Divi Builder is a back-end tool, meaning you'll have to switch between tabs quite a bit to view your build from a visitors perspective. This isn't a huge problem, but it does take a little more time to build your website.

The picture below gives you a clear view of how the back-end interface looks compared to the front-end post.

wordpress website builder the divi builder backend

And that's not all...

One more impressive feature of this website builder is The Divi Builder Library, which becomes your very own templating collection, where you can store custom builder elements and premade layouts. You can then add these to new pages instantly with the copy and paste function.

In terms of Divi builder pricing, there are two options: yearly access which is $89 on a rolling basis, or lifetime access which is one fixed fee of $249. Both packages include premium support, free updates, and access to all available plugins and themes.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • 40+ modules
  • Works with every WordPress theme


  • Switching to the front-end editor to review your build can take time
  • No standard template library, only layout options

5. Beaver Builder

Recommended for: businesses with a little more budget to spend on a WordPress website builder.

Beaver Builder allows you to create the website you want without the need for any coding skills. An added benefit is Beaver Builder works with all WordPress themes.

wordpress website builder beaver builder

With prices starting at $99 per year, Beaver Builder is the most expensive builder in this list, but for a good reason. Suited for small businesses and busy professionals, it has all the tools you should need and is simple enough to enable you to build a website in only a matter of hours.

Beaver Builder is a front-end editor, unlike The Divi Builder. Not only does this give you a clear view of your website as you are building it, but it also saves time with the drag-and-drop function.

One of the key features of Beaver Builder is its selection of templates, all of which look great with any WordPress theme. All of the templates are fully-responsive, professionally designed, and highly customizable.

wordpress website builder beaver builder landing pageThe landing page templates are especially eye-catching, and there are bespoke themes to suit a variety of industries.

Much like Divi, you can also build your own custom templates and save them in your template library for future use.

To accompany this, if you decide to stop using Beaver Builder at any time, your content will get ported back to the WordPress editor. Meaning, even if you have a change of heart, you’re never at risk of losing your content.

As for pricing, Beaver Builder subscription plans range in cost from $99 to $399 on a rolling annual subscription basis.

The major value-add for the highest Beaver Builder package ($399 per year) is the White Labeling feature, and the Multisite Network Settings feature, meaning that you have full control of settings, templates, and layouts across your websites, all in one place.

Plus, for Beaver Builder users that stick with their subscription model, a 40% discount is applied to all annual renewals, rewarding you for your loyalty!


  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Front-end editor
  • World-class support
  • Great selection of templates
  • Significant discount upon renewal


  • No mobile app included
  •  Steep pricing

Which is the Best Page Builder for WordPress?

To help you make a decision, I have made suggestions of which website builders I believe will suit each respective user most. My conclusion is:

  • MotoPress is a good choice for users that want a front-end editor with a good selection of add-ons.
  • BoldGrid is a perfect as a professional WordPress platform for various businesses and organizations.
  • Elementor is best suited for users who have their mind set firmly on the design side.
  • The Divi Builder is for small businesses that want a professional looking website with plenty of modules to choose from.
  • Beaver Builder is for users with a little more cash to build a professional website easily

Overall, Beaver Builder stands out as the most versatile and professional platform. It has an excellent front-end editor that makes building a WordPress website smooth and efficient.

But there's still one thing people looking for a WordPress website builder may be wondering about...

Website builder vs WordPress?

Which one's better? This is the question on many peoples mind, but one which depends mostly on the user themselves. There are many significant differences in both the design and the interface of website builders and CMS.

WordPress is a CMS - it has a form editor that is flexible, but the learning curve is steeper. Website builders typically have a visual drag-and-drop editor, they are slightly less flexible, but are a lot easier to use.

When it comes to website builders, Wix is always mentioned amongst the best. For a good reason, too. It has beautiful templates and an easy-to-use page editor. However, it's not nearly as flexible as any of these WordPress website builder on this list.

They're a combination of ease of use and flexibility. For many users, it's a compromise very well worth taking.

With that being said, do you agree with the best page builder WordPress I have chosen? If not, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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