Website Speed Test Tool

Check the speed of any Internet website with our advanced website speed test tool. Unlike many speed tests available, this one not only checks the load time and gives a grade. Here you can set up many different variables to see how a page performs under certain circumstances. This is a great tool for many web professionals trying to find out why their websites perform the way they do.

Test location is adjustable - you may see how your website loads for the users from Europe, Asia, South and North Americas, Africa and Oceania. On top of that, you can also select a website speed check to be done from various devices - such as the most popular mobiles phones and tablets - and browsers - such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome. By choosing a connection type you will also be able to see the difference in loading tendencies for users with different Internet technologies.

Last but not least, every single thing tested will be shown in an advanced waterfall diagram. It is a handy tool which shows which exact things slow down a tested website. For developers, this Website Speed Test tool is a great way to see how their websites can load even quicker. If you want to check speed of website, this is a great place to do it - just type in an URL and see the results.