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Find tools you love the most - our personalised web tools help users examine their website or hosting provider.

About Our Website Tools

Our tools help web hosting staff and clients find some of the critical information faster and easier.

Check if Website is Down

Having troubles? See whether the website is down for everyone, or just you.

Web Hosting Comparison

Compare up to three hosting providers and find out how they stack up against one another.

Domain Name Generator

Out of ideas for a domain name? This AI-powered tool has all the options!

Base64 decode

Turn an image into a piece of base64 code. Handy for developers.

Speed Test

Test your Internet connection speed from various parts of the world.

Uptime Calculator

See through the promises of hosting providers. Calculate how much your website may be down.

URL Decoder Encoder Tool

Encode and decode URLs into simple, readable text.

Website Speed Test

This extensive website analysis will reveal the good and the bad of every given website.

What is my IP address

Not only check your IP - also do a geographical analysis of any IP in your possession.

Whois Tool

Find out what secrets and information hide behind a website's domain.